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Justice Still Missing for Liberty

Justice Still Missing for Liberty

By on Fri, Jun 15, 2012

ON JUNE 8, 1967, Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats attacked in international waters the American intelligence vessel USS Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 174. American carrier planes were launched but immediately recalled by President Lyndon Johnson, who said that he did not want to “embarrass my ally,” who at the moment were strafing the Liberty’s life rafts.

Despite the National Security Agency withholding tapes and documents that bear on the matter, there is overwhelming evidence, including NSA intercepts of the pilots’ transmissions, that this was a deliberate attack, seemingly designed to keep the U.S. from knowing of Israel’s impending attack on the Golan Heights, which Washington opposed. The Liberty sailors were ordered to be silent on pain of court martial, and the Navy conducted a superficial investigation, admitting that its purpose was not to “assign culpability.”

To this day the official position of the Israeli and American governments is that the incident was an accident, which is about as likely as the attack on Pearl Harbor being accidental.

It makes me ashamed to be an American.



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Washington Report

1902 18th St NW — Washington, DC 20009 | (800) 368-5788 — Fax: (202) 265-4574

May 30, 2012

Please Give a Long-Awaited “Welcome Home” to USS Liberty Survivors

This past Memorial Day, President Barack Obama offered Vietnam veterans a “welcome home” that many feel the nation never gave them. Obama commemorated the 50th anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC on May 28.We strongly urge President Obama to commemorate a group of Vietnam-era veterans who have been given the silent treatment “or worse” ever since they returned home 45 years ago. Survivors of Israel’s June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, which killed 34 Americans and wounded 174 more, were forbidden to discuss Israel’s attack or the subsequent recall of the U.S. aircraft sent to assist their stricken ship. It is the only such naval incident never to have been investigated by the U.S. government or Congress.USS Liberty

  1. Please call for an investigation to help bring closure to the sailors and their families who have suffered and felt betrayed by their country for 45 years.
  2. Sign the “” petition calling for an investigation. The petition will be delivered to President Obama, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.
  3. Join the memorial service for the USS Liberty victims on June 8, 2012 at noon at the Mass Grave #1817, Section 34, in Arlington National Cemetery.
  4. Encourage your member of Congress to draft a statement to be read at the USS Liberty Memorial service. A file with an example is:
  5. Watch the confrontation about the USS Liberty with Sen. John McCain on Memorial Day 2012:”i=bae_1338255873.
  6. For more information about the USS Liberty see:

  7. Please read some of the articles about the USS Liberty published by the Washington Report over the past 30 years.  On Jan. 12, 2004 the U.S. State Department held a highly charged panel discussion on the attack, and prevented survivors and military experts who played a role in the tragedy from speaking (see Washington Report, March 2004, pages 9-11,

It’s past time for a serious discussion with USS Liberty survivors and other experts. It is the least these unsung heroes “and all Americans” deserve.

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Remembering the Liberty: 45 Years Later and Still No Answers

Remembering the Liberty: 45 Years Later and Still No Answers

45th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty 
by Gilad Atzmon
Back in 2009, in Houston Texas, Mimi Adams, a distinguished Palestinian solidarity & human rights activist, gave me a present- a USS Liberty baseball cap. She put it on my head and said,

“Gilad, in the next two weeks, make sure you have it on your head everywhere you go in America. You will see what happens.”

It was around midnight, I was tired and jet-lagged, I couldn’t really understand the significance of the baseball cap, I just wanted make my way to my hotel room and catch some sleep.  
At 7 AM in the airport on my way to the gate with a USS Liberty baseball cap on my head, just before boarding on a flight to San Francisco, I noticed an older guy chasing me. He was breathless and agitated.
“Sorry to bother you, were you on the USS Liberty” he asked.
No” I said, “I was actually four years old in 1967.” Amused I admitted that the  Baseball cap was given to me by a friend in a Palestinian solidarity gathering just a few hours ago. I asked him what did he know about the USS Liberty.

“I was a 6th Navy’s pilot” he said. “We were deployed to the Mediterranean Sea. On that day in June 1967, we heard it all, the sailors on board of the Liberty, they were begging for help, it was a real agony, we were fuming, we wanted to get on the planes, we were about 10-12 minutes away, we wanted to save our brothers, but they didn’t let us onto the deck.”

On June 8, 1967 USS Liberty, an American auxiliary technical research ship, a military vessel specialised in gathering intelligence, was attacked by the Israeli forces. It was subject to an 18 hours combined air and sea raids that left 34 American crew-members dead (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and one civilian) and 170 injured. The attack also severely damaged the ship.  Like the Mavi Marmara, at the time of the attack, the ship was in international waters, north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 50 km northwest from the Egyptian City of El Arish.


uss_liberty_hat-p148465615588824146en7ph_210Phil Tourney is a USS Liberty Survivor, & like many of his friends who were lucky enough to survive that hot day in June 1967; the event changed his life. 
I met Phil in Aspen last March. I spent some good hours together with the great man and his lovely wife. We shared our personal stories and thoughts about Israel, America and the Jewish Lobby with a few friends and listeners. 
When it was time to depart Phillip left me with ‘What I Saw That Day’ a devastating biographical account written by Phil  and the courageous truth teller journalist  Mark Glenn.
The book is the life story of a man who survived a murderous Israeli aggression, but it is also the story of a man who has witnessed four decades of deceit. The event, which Phil ‘saw that day’ is something most of us have failed to see for decades.

“What I Saw That Day” is a story of America turning its back on its service-men. It is a story about Israelis slaughtering in cold blood American sailors on the high sea. But it is also a story about a man who battles with wounds and scars that have refused to heal for forty five years.  It is a book about the American serviceman being deceived and neglected by American political and military elite. “What I Saw That Day” is also a personal painful account of the tragic consequences of Israeli and Jewish lobby domination in America.

The survival of the USS Liberty was nothing but a miracle. The ship was an old WWII ‘one goer’ that was converted into a military intelligence vessel. It wasn’t built to stand a combat, it wasn’t structured to take any penalty. And yet, it somehow survived hours of heavy Israeli raids.
It was hit by napalm bombs and torpedoes, by the end of that horrid day it was soaking with young American blood, but it refused to go down. It didn’t sink. 
The USS Liberty is  there to remind us, our leaders, the Israelis and their lobbies that the memory of this massacre is not going to sink either. Like the Nakba and the Holodomour, USS Liberty bounced back. Seemingly, injustice cannot be suppressed, it always wait patiently for humanity to transform history into a moral lesson.

This horrendous story has been silenced for decades, but not anymore. What Phillip Tourney saw that day was just a glimpse into the magnitude of Western immorality and barbarism. Since then many Americans soldiers lost their life in Zionist global wars. Millions of Muslims and Arabs have been slaughtered in wicked interventionist conflicts.

To save our homes, families, friends, dignity and the world as we know it; is to stand up for the truth and to call a spade a spade.

To buy on Phillip Tourney  on Click here
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Waterloo sailor recalls fatal ’67 U.S.-Israeli skirmish

“Waterloo sailor recalls fatal ’67 U.S.-Israeli skirmish”

Posted: Monday, June 4, 2012
Joe Carpenter. (Courier File photo)

WATERLOO, Iowa — Joe Carpenter has more questions than answers about what happened on June 8, 1967 — but no question about the valor of his shipmates.

Carpenter, a 1965 West High School graduate, was a crew member of the USS Liberty. The U.S. Navy ship was attacked by Israeli forces during the 1967 Six Day War, in which Israel defeated a host of Arab nations and captured the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.

Thirty-four of Carpenter’s shipmates were killed and 174 wounded — two-thirds of the crew of 294. Carpenter himself was reported to have been severely wounded when he was mistaken for another “J. Carpenter” on the ship.

Friday is the 45th anniversary of the Liberty incident. Peace organizations are planning observances in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Carpenter wants no part of anyone’s political agenda.

“Some of the guys on the ship got consumed with this,” he said. “I didn’t do that.”

He believes his shipmates — particularly those who fought fires, kept the ship afloat and tended to the wounded — should be remembered for their heroism along with those wounded or killed.

Though the U.S. was officially neutral in the conflict, Israel and the U.S. traditionally had been considered friends. Initially Carpenter thought the attack was from an Arab nation.

“Myself, I thought it was probably Egypt,” Carpenter said. But the attacking planes and torpedo boats were identified as Israeli.

It was ironic, given the pro-Israel sentiments of much of the Liberty’s crew

“We could see the war on the coast. We could see the planes,” Carpenter said. “We were cheering the Israelis … and then they came out and shot at us.”

Israel claimed the Liberty was mistaken for an Egyptian vessel. Others have suggested the attack was deliberate. U.S. official reports say the Liberty was flying an American flag.

Now, 45 years later, Carpenter thinks the truth may never be known despite numerous investigations by both sides.

He believes Congress should have held hearings, “but the principals who were involved are all dead,” Carpenter said.

“I would have liked to have seen McNamara grilled,” Carpenter said. Robert S. McNamara, U.S. defense secretary under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, died in 2009.

Some have suggested U.S. officials downplayed the incident to preserve relations with Israeli — and may even have been negligent in a military response to support the Liberty.

“It was a spy ship” for the U.S., Carpenter said, conducting surveillance on the war in international waters near Gaza and the Sinai. Carpenter was a communications technician, transmitting encrypted messages.

But the Liberty was alone and significantly outgunned.

“We had four .50 caliber machine guns,” Carpenter said, going up against French-made Israeli Mirage fighter jets and torpedo boats.

“It was pretty chaotic, to be sure,” said Carpenter. He may have missed death by moments. He and a friend had just left an area of the ship when it was struck by an Israeli torpedo that was responsible for most of the deaths on board.

Much of the crew’s efforts were spent putting out fires and keeping the ship afloat. Carpenter recalled one sailor who got separated from the group Carpenter was with and was killed by the attacking planes.

Carpenter enlisted in the Navy at age 17 upon graduation from West and had planned to re-enlist .

“That was before June 8, 1967,” said Carpenter. He is now close to retirement from Tyson Fresh Meats in Waterloo.

Forty-three sailors received medals for heroism in the incident. Ship commander William McGonagle received the Medal of Honor.

Read More:–israeli-skirmish/article_e7d331f5-593b-5b0b-b33d-49be04eb6f29.html#ixzz1wx7W84uM

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USS Liberty veterans await attack inquiry

By Shams Ghoneim

USS Liberty turning while under attack by Israel in international waters . Attacked without warning.

As we recently celebrated Memorial Day honoring all U.S. past and present veterans, we must never forget those officers and men of the USS Liberty.

On June 8, 1967, the unarmed U.S. Navy Intelligence ship USS Liberty dialing at less than 5 knots, was suddenly attacked without warning or prior contact in international waters by the air and naval forces of the state of Israel.

The USS Liberty was surveyed for more than nine hours by Israeli aircraft overflights and radar tracking before the unprovoked attack. It was an American ship, hence neutral during the June 1967 Israeli/ Arab war. It remained in International waters at all times on that fateful day. During the attack, the USS Liberty crew had difficulty contacting Sixth Fleet to request assistance because of intense communication jamming.

Out of 294 officers and men, including three civilians, 34 Americans were killed and 174 were wounded. The ship, a

$40 million state-of-the-art signals intelligence platform, was later declared unsalvageable and sold for scrap.

Survivors reported that Israeli torpedo boat crews swept the decks on the USS Liberty, any crew members above decks, and inflated lifeboats with continuous machine gun fire.

The defenseless crew had only themselves to rely upon and fought heroically to save themselves and their ship. They were later awarded collectively one Medal of Honor, 2 Navy Crosses, 11 Silver Stars, 20 Bronze Stars (With “V” device), nine Navy Commendation medals and four Purple Hearts. The USS Liberty was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

The Israeli investigation later concluded that the attack was an unfortunate accident and no one was ever reprimanded or held accountable. Even though the Johnson administration did not accept that result, it also, without reasonable explanation, never sought justice for the dead and injured Americans or pursed a thorough investigation of the attack.

Near universal consensus continues to be that the attack was made with full knowledge that the USS Liberty was a U.S. Navy ship.

In his capacity as assistant to the president, Clark Clifford Reported to Lyndon Johnson that claiming the USS Liberty was mistaken for the Egyptian supply ship El Quseir was unbelievable. The El Quseir had one-fourth the displacement of the Liberty, was 180 feet shorter and was very differently configured.

Virtually every knowledgeable American official except for Robert McNamara has been quoted on record that the attack was deliberate.

On June 8, 2005, the USS Liberty Veterans Association filed a formal report with the Department of Defense of war crimes committed against U.S. Military Personnel by elements of the Israeli military forces (see

The ship’s survivors have been forbidden for more than 40 years to tell their story.

The United States is obligated by law and by international treaty to investigate all such reports by or against U.S. forces. Unfortunately, veterans and their supporters are still waiting for such investigation some 45 years later.

The USS Liberty website, its membership, supporters, and survivors are committed to uncover the truth while abhorring any racist and extreme positions taken by anti-Semites, Holocaust denials or others who seek to use this most tragic incident for their own purposes.

The Cedar Rapids commemoration event for the USS Liberty is scheduled for 6 p.m. June 8 at May’s Island in Cedar Rapids, followed by a dinner at 7 at the Cedar Rapids Muslim Center.

Shams Ghoneim of Iowa City is Coordinator, Muslim Public Affairs Council-Iowa Chapter. Comments:

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What Did We Learn From Israel’s Sneak Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty?


What Did We Learn From Israel’s Sneak Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty?  (May 28, 2012)

USS Liberty after Israeli sneak attackThe U.S.S. Liberty after the Israeli sneak attack which murdered 34 Americans and wounded 171 others.

Memorial Day is to honor the American military and in particular those members of the military who’ve died or were wounded in battle.


By Bob Johnson


Editor’s note:  Today, Vice President Biden said that if you attack the United States we will hunt you down.  We are waiting, Mr. Vice President.

There are 33 American military members and one American civilian contractor who died terrifying horrific deaths and 174 Americans who were horribly wounded due to Israel’s sneak attack on the virtually unarmed American intelligence ship the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967.

These dead and wounded men were deemed useless to the U.S. political whores in Washington. That is why the cowardly war-mongering Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, after ordering American fighter jets that were on their way to save the Americans on the U.S.S. Liberty from their Jewish butchers back to their carriers said, “President [Lyndon] Johnson is not going to go to war or embarrass an American ally over a few sailors.”

The tragic case of the U.S.S. Liberty should teach any American who is in the military or who is thinking about joining the military about who is really running the show and who they really are or will be fighting for. The politicians owe the only thing they care about, their meaningless political careers, to the Israel lobby and the Jewish dominated media. They look at Americans in the U.S. military as pawns they can use to promote their political careers. Not only will the U.S. military be used to advance Israel and its stooges in the White House and Congress with no regard for the welfare of American military personnel, the politicians will NOT use the American military to protect American citizens from Israeli violence.

America has not learned its U.S.S. Liberty lesson. Things have actually gotten much worse. Now, instead of one American ship being

neocon war pig wolfowitz signs autograph for wounded soldierNeocon war-pig Paul Wolfowitz signs an autograph for a naive wounded soldier at a steak dinner in Washington. The Iraq War was fought for Israel’s and U.S. politicians’ benefit.

attacked by the terrorist state of Israel, our entire military is used to fight wars for Israel’s benefit. Case in point is Iraq. The Iraq War was spurred forward by the Jewish neoconservative Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. He was the one who first suggested it to goy-boy George W. Bush. And Wolfowitz had the gall to play wounded American vets for fools by buying them stake dinners in Washington and signing autographs (as shown at right) for the trusting and unsuspecting pawns.

Today we are coming very close to showing that we are still just as unthinking and naive as ever by moving closer to a war that will greatly benefit Israel and harm America and the rest of the world. This time the war will be with Iran. Currently the politicians are going through the same routine as they did in the build up for the unnecessary war for Israel’s benefit with Iraq. They are holding talks with the Iranians over Iran’s nuclear program. Even though it takes uranium enrichment of 90 percent to be usable for a nuclear weapon and Iran hasn’t come anywhere close to that, the media and government are squawking that Iran already has enough enriched uranium to build five nuclear bombs! Add to this the fact that Israel already has a growing nuclear stockpile, submarines to deliver them virtually from anywhere on the globe and also has biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction and no U.S. politician or any politician in Europe, Canada or Australia is calling for open inspections of Israeli REAL AND EXISTING WMD and it becomes painfully crystal clear that we have learned absolutely nothing from the Israeli sneak attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. We have not learned that Israel’s inhumane brutality and raw aggression exhibited on the men of the U.S.S. Liberty instructs thinking minds that Israel should NEVER be allowed to have WMD of any kind. If America had learned its lesson from the martyrs of the U.S.S. Liberty we would not only immediately cut all aid and support for the Jewish state, we would go in an disarm it.

Below is a list of the dead from the Israeli sneak attack on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967. We owe it to each and everyone of them to learn from this avoidable mistake.

LCDR Philip McCutcheon Armstrong, Jr. Navy Cross
LT James Cecil Pierce
LT Stephen Spencer Toth, Silver Star
CT3 William Bernard Allenbaugh
SN Gary Ray Blanchard
CT2 Allen Merle Blue
QM3 Francis Brown
CT2 Ronnie Jordan Campbell
CT2 Jerry Leroy Converse
CT2 Robert Burton Eisenberg
CT2 Jerry Lee Gross
CT1 Curtis Alan Graves
CTSN Lawrence Pasul Hayden
CT1 Warren Edward Hersey
CT3 Alan (NMN) Higgins
SN Carl Lewis Hoar
CT2 Richard Walter Keene, Jr.
CTSN James Lee Lenau
CTC Raymond Eugene Linn
CT1 James Mahlon Lupton
CT3 Duane Rowe Marggraf
CTSN David Walter Marlborough
CT2 Anthony Peter Mendle
CTSN Carl Christian Nygren
SGT Jack Lewis Raper, USMC
CPL Edward Emory Rehmeyer, III, USMC
IFCN David (NMN) Skolak
CT1 John Caleb Smith, Jr.
CTC Melvin Douglas Smith
PC2 John Clarence Spicher
GMG3 Alexander Neil Thompson, Jr.
CT3 Thomas Ray Thornton
CT3 Philippe Charles Tiedke
CT1 Frederick James Walton

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“LBJ and Israel”, The Israeli press version of an American President selling out the United States, it’s people and laws for Israel First above all else.

LBJ and Israel

By: Jason Maoz
Published: August 27th, 2008

Lyndon Baines Johnson, born 100 years ago this week, came from a part of the country where Jews were about as common as a herd of cattle in Manhattan.

But in 1939, while still a young and relatively powerless congressman, Johnson was moved enough by reports of Jewish suffering in Europe to begin raising money and pulling whatever strings were necessary – not all of them legal – to save as many Jews as he could from the Nazis. Over the next few years, hundreds of Jews were issued counterfeit passports and visas and brought to Johnson’s home state of Texas, where they began new lives in the safety and security of America.

Two decades later, in December 1963, shortly after he became president, Johnson was in Austin to dedicate a new synagogue. Many of the Jews he saved during the war were on hand, and time had not dimmed their gratitude. Dry eyes were scarce that day, and Mrs. Johnson proudly recorded in her diary that “Person after person plucked at my sleeve and said, ‘I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him. He helped me get out.’”

Johnson’s affinity for Jews stemmed from early familial influences – his paternal grandfather and a number of other relatives were members of the Christadelphian movement, a group of fundamentalist Christians who believed the Jews would one day return to Palestine and create a new Jewish state. His grandfather would admonish young Lyndon to “Take care of the Jews. Consider them your friends and help them any way you can.”

To a Jewish group in 1968, Johnson said: “Most if not all of you have very deep ties with the land and the people of Israel, as I do. The Bible stories are woven into my childhood memories as the gallant struggle of modern Jews to be free of persecution is also woven into our souls.”

Johnson’s rise to prominence in Washington – he went on from the House to the Senate where in 1955 he became the youngest majority leader in history – coincided with Israel’s birth and early years. Johnson was one of Israel’s strongest backers in Congress, never more so than during the Suez crisis and its aftermath in late 1956 and early 1957, when President Eisenhower distanced himself from Israel and demanded that it immediately return the just-captured Sinai to Egypt.

Though the prevailing mood in Washington favored a bipartisan foreign policy – as a popular adage had it, “politics stops at the water’s edge” – Johnson fought the administration from day one of the crisis, and soon others in Congress, Republicans as well as Democrats, followed his lead. Ultimately, Eisenhower prevailed and Israel withdrew from the Sinai. There soon followed, however, a distinct softening in the administration’s public demeanor toward Israel – a change many believe attributable, at least in part, to Eisenhower’s desire to avoid another bruising battle with Johnson over Middle East policy.

Jews active on behalf of Israel in those years, particularly the Washington-based lobbyists, valued Johnson’s outspokenness and consistency. Si Kennen, director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) during that period, echoed the sentiments of his colleagues when he offered this succinct evaluation of Johnson: “Front-rank, pro-Israel.”

* * * * *

The Kennedy-Johnson Democratic presidential ticket of 1960 was purely a marriage of convenience. Merely disliked by President Kennedy, Johnson was despised by the president’s brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Convinced of their cultural superiority, the Ivy League types in the Kennedy inner circle laughed at everything from Johnson’s Texas accent to the schools he’d attended to his wheeler-dealer persona – and thought it just terribly gauche and lowbrow that his wife, born Claudia Alta Taylor, was known to one and all as Lady Bird.

Behind the condescension, however, was a very real sense of insecurity. The Kennedy brothers feared Johnson for his political acumen and his intimate relationship with Washington’s movers and shakers, particularly FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who knew all the secrets and scandals that lurked beneath the capital’s pristine fa?ade, including the very dark side of John Kennedy that would remain hidden from the public for years after Kennedy’s death.

In its Middle East policy the Kennedy administration made little effort to change the evenhanded approach pursued by its predecessors. As part of an all-out effort to win the affections of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Kennedy pushed hard for large increases in aid to Egypt and, in early 1962, following an Israeli retaliatory strike in Syria, instructed his UN ambassador to vote to condemn Israel in the Security Council.

Kennedy also constantly prodded Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion on the issue of Arab refugees – Secretary of State Dean Rusk wanted Israel to agree to take back at least 10 percent of the total number of Arabs who had left Israel since 1948 – and even more so on Israel’s nuclear ambitions.

The true scope of Israel’s nuclear program was far greater than Ben-Gurion was prepared to let on, and the Israeli government had its hands full as it tried to allay the Kennedy administration’s growing unease. When, after much wrangling and delay, the White House finally agreed to sell anti-aircraft missiles to Israel – the first arms deal between the two countries – one of the conditions the U.S. insisted on was that it be allowed to conduct a close inspection of Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona.

The Israeli government finally acquiesced, but inspection of the actual plant was avoided by an elaborate – and costly – sleight of hand. As Israeli journalists Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman describe it, “False walls were erected, doorways and elevators hidden, and dummy installations were built to show the Americans, who found no evidence of the weapons program secreted underground.”

* * * * *

Once the trauma of Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963 began to wear off and Johnson settled in as president, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel quickly soared to new heights. In The Bomb in the Basement, his history of Israel’s procurement of nuclear weapons, Israeli author Michael Karpin writes that “as soon as [Johnson] entered the White House the pressure on Israel on the Dimona issue ceased.”

And while Kennedy’s final budget, for fiscal year 1964, allocated $40 million in aid to Israel, Johnson’s first budget, for fiscal year 1965, set aside $71 million – an extraordinary increase of 75 percent. The amount nearly doubled in 1966, to $130 million.

Beyond the numbers, the precise nature and terms of the aid signaled a dramatic break with past American policy. Development loans and surplus food had constituted the extent of U.S. aid under Eisenhower and Kennedy, and the anti-aircraft missiles sold to Israel by the Kennedy administration required a cash payment. Johnson changed all that: Not only did he become the first American president to sell offensive weapons to Israel (the missiles from Kennedy were defensive), but from now on the Israelis would be permitted to buy American arms with American aid money, which meant no funds would have to leave Israel’s hard-pressed government coffers.

As a result of the new arrangement, the percentage of American aid to Israel earmarked for military expenditures rose dramatically, more than tripling between 1965 and 1967. By the middle of 1966, the Israelis were purchasing military hardware the type of which would have been unthinkable under prior administrations, including four-dozen Skyhawk bomber attack planes and more than 200 M-48 tanks (despite the objection of Pentagon officials, who told Johnson they’d prefer Israel buy its tanks from the British or the Germans).

Meanwhile, responding to a large increase of Russian military aid to the radical regimes in Egypt, Syria and Iraq, the Johnson administration armed what at the time were regarded as the more conservative, anti-Soviet Arab states in the region: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco and Libya. Ironically, supplying arms to some Arab nations made it that much easier for Johnson to deal with those in the foreign policy and defense bureaucracies who objected to selling sophisticated weaponry to Israel. He would point out to them that he was simply maintaining the Arab-Israeli balance of power.

* * * * *

In mid-May 1967, as Israel marked its 19th anniversary, Nasser in quick succession massed the Egyptian army in the Sinai Peninsula; demanded removal of the United Nations Emergency Force that since 1957 had kept the peace on the Egyptian-Israeli border; and blockaded the Straits of Tiran to ships bound to and from the Israeli port of Eilat.

The latter constituted a technical act of war and capped a period of increasing tension in the region as Johnson ordered the Sixth Fleet to the eastern Mediterranean. There followed two weeks of frenzied diplomatic maneuvering, with Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban hopscotching across Europe and the United States in an effort to diffuse the situation by diplomatic means.

Elected president in his own right by a historic margin in 1964, Johnson had seen his popularity and stature steadily diminish in the wake of his overreaching Great Society domestic programs and the widespread sense that America was mired in a no-win war in Vietnam. Now Johnson had to turn his attention from Southeast Asia to the Middle East and try to prevent a crisis from becoming a war.

The administration took pains to appear neutral. Johnson repeatedly warned the Israelis against striking first, but was unable to come up with a successful alternative strategy. Meanwhile, Israel had mobilized its reserves and each passing day took another devastating bite out of the country’s already precarious economy. The Arab world, for its part, was caught up in war fever as Jordan’s King Hussein, following the example set by Syria six months earlier, signed a mutual defense pact with Nasser

“Johnson,” said Ephraim Evron, the influential minister at the Israeli embassy in Washington, “tried to organize an international naval force [to break the blockade], but it didn’t work. He also sent letters and envoys to Cairo to persuade President Nasser to reduce the tension by returning to the status quo ante, but in vain. We knew that, in the end, we would have to shatter the blockade ourselves.”

What Johnson knew, thanks to highly classified CIA and armed-forces intelligence reports, was that U.S. defense experts were predicting a swift Israeli victory in the event of war. General Earle Wheeler, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, would later recall: “I told [Johnson] that our best estimate was that if there was a war, that the Israelis would win it in five to seven days. He asked me to go back and check this out and talk to him again. I did, and I came back and told him exactly the same thing – that there’s just no question; that the way the two sides lined up in the air and on the ground, the Israelis would win.”

This was an assessment shared by Israel’s own military leaders, who pushed hard for Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, a cautious man by nature, to give the word for a pre-emptive strike. That word finally came on Sunday, June 4, and the Israeli air force went on the attack early the next morning, destroying nearly all of Egypt’s serviceable military aircraft as they sat on their runways. Subsequent bombing runs against Jordanian and Syrian air bases sealed Israel’s victory even as fierce ground combat commenced on three fronts.

One incident that marred Israel’s victory and threatened the country’s relationship with the U.S. was the deadly attack by Israeli forces on the USS Liberty, an American electronic surveillance ship operating off the Sinai coast. During the assault, which Israel afterward called a terrible mistake, the Liberty was torpedoed and strafed for more than an hour. The final casualty count totaled 34 Americans dead and 171 wounded.

Just how livid the Americans were can be gauged by the reaction of Johnson adviser Clark Clifford, for decades as staunch an advocate of Israel as they came in Washington (and the man chiefly responsible for keeping Harry Truman on a pro-Zionist course in 1947 and ’48). Clifford thought “it was inconceivable that [the attack] was an accident” and urged the president to respond to the incident “as if the Arabs or the Russians had done it.”

Despite his own doubts about the Israeli version of events, Johnson downplayed the tragedy even as Clifford and several other top aides urged him to at least insist the Israeli government punish those responsible. Israel made a formal apology and paid several million dollars in compensation to the families of the dead Americans, but the U.S.-Israel relationship suffered no significant damage.

After the war, Johnson resisted international calls to pressure Israel into relinquishing the vast swaths of territory it had just captured.

* * * * *

If there was one thing that threatened Johnson’s amicable relationship with American Jews – and, by extension, Israel – it was the vocal opposition of Jewish liberals to the war in Vietnam. Johnson felt Jews, of all people, should have understood that South Vietnam, like Israel, was a small nation in constant peril. He complained that Jews “want me to protect Israel, but they don’t want me to do anything in Vietnam.”

At one point during an otherwise friendly discussion with Abba Eban toward the end of his presidency, Johnson remarked, with considerable bitterness, “A bunch of rabbis came here one day in 1967 to tell me that I ought not to send a single screwdriver to Vietnam – but on the other hand should push all our aircraft carriers through the Straits of Tiran to help Israel.”

It was, of course, Vietnam and its poisonous effects on American society that would lead Johnson to forgo seeking a second full term of office. He left the White House in January 1969 a broken man, vilified as perhaps no president in American history up to that time. He died four years later, not yet 65 but looking like a man two decades older.

Whatever else can be said of Lyndon Johnson, he proved to be a true friend of the Jews and Israel. He proved it as a young lawmaker when, with limited clout and resources, he did everything he could to get as many Jews as possible out of Europe; he proved it as one of Israel’s strongest and most important backers in Congress during the Jewish state’s early years; and he proved it as president by granting Israel then-unprecedented levels of financial and military aid and by refusing, in marked contrast to Eisenhower’s actions after the Suez crisis of 1956, to force unilateral concessions on Israel following the Six-Day War.

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Iran: real threat or just hype?


Iran: real threat or just hype?

April 20,2012

Iran hasn’t invaded another country in over 200 years. So why change?

Iran isn’t a threat to us, and neither was Iraq. Yet how many American kids died or got maimed in that war?

The people who lead us into these unnecessary wars are not the ones on the firing line.

We made Israel a nation in 1948. How many friends has it made since then? And how many enemies?

Who coined the phrase “preemptive strike”?

When people call Israel our staunchest ally in the Middle East, they defile the graves of the US seamen who died on USS Liberty.

As a veteran, I get sick when their deaths have no meaning.

Ron Paul is the only honest man telling the truth about the Middle East, yet our media ignore him.

Iran knows that any country that has the bomb will not be obliterated.

Meanwhile, Israel is blowing smoke, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants our kids to die for his country.

Henry Mitchel

Staten Island

Read more: LINK

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Israel and its Subservient US Christian Zionists Won’t Achieve Victory Over Iran and the Muslim World

By Mark Dankof ,  April 16, 2012


“And given the ersatz American patriotism of John Hagee, Franklin Graham, and Company, why is their absolute silence on the nature of Jesus Christ’s teachings about the Kingdom of God in the New Testament accompanied by their identical AWOL status on Deir Yassin, the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate’s relationship to the Zionist State, the Lavon Affair, the Kennedy Assassination, the USS Liberty attack, and the laundry list of Israeli espionage operations against the United States since 1948 including the Pollard spy case and the PROMIS affair? Will following the money trail provide the answers?”


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Panetta’s Terrorism Error RE: USS Liberty attack


Excluding the National Actors


Panetta’s Terrorism Error

by CHRISTIAN SORENSEN, March 22, 2012


…One need not dwell on Israel’s affinity for terrorism, although a few examples, among many, are elucidating. Menachem Begin, Israel’s sixth Prime Minister, was intricately involved in the bombing of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel in 1946. Over 90 individuals of various nationalities perished in this terrorist act.

In 1967, Israeli aircraft attacked the USS Liberty in a false-flag operation, designed to draw America into fighting in the Six-Day War against Egypt. Over thirty Americans died in this act of terrorism, with over 150 wounded.

In 1996, the Israeli military shelled a United Nations compound in Qana, Lebanon, killing over 100 civilians and injuring 100 more. During the winter of 2008-2009, the Israeli military killed hundreds of civilians in Gaza. Today, the Mossad assassinates Iranian scientists. This list doesn’t even include Israel’s history of ethnic cleansing, abuse, and murder of Palestinians. Terrorism knows no other definition….


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“With friends like Israel, we have no need of enemies!”
The USS Liberty Memorial!

Blood stains from the attack and a continuing cover up

On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas an international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. Since I was at the time the Intelligence Operations Officer of the 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, I was the one to bring this sad story to Colonel Antero Akkula, who immediately ordered me to bring this sad story to the attention of General Sherrer, our commanding General. As I raced up the flight of stairs to the General’s office, I was struck by the perfidy of our Israeli “Ally”. When I stood silently in the General’s doorway, I heard him say: With friends like Israel, we have no need of enemies! The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells the story of Israeli betrayal. The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells the story of Israeli betrayal, and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died. After surveiling USS Liberty for more than nine hours with almost almost hourly aircraft overflights and radar tracking, the air and naval forces of Israel attacked the Liberty in international waters without warning. USS Liberty was identified as a US naval ship by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft nine hours before the attack and continuously tracked by Israeli radar and aircraft thereafter. Sailing in international waters at less than five knots, with no offensive armament, the Liberty was not a military threat to anyone. The Israeli forces attacked without warning and without attempting to contact the ship. Thirty four Americans were killed in the attack and another 174 were wounded.

by Wolfgang P. May, April 03, 2012
from John Gidusko’s USS Liberty Newsletter #585    April, 06 2012
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Israel Apologists Always Working To Hide Truth About High Seas Massacre

 “We’re getting older,” Tourney stressed, “and the government is just waiting for us to die off.”


Israel Apologists Always Working To Hide Truth About High Seas Massacre

March 31,2012,  Victor Thorn, AFP


USS Liberty turning while under attack by Israel in international waters . Attacked without warning.

Created over a century ago and boasting more than 140,000 members, the prestigious U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) describes itself as a non-profit professional military association, “with no government support, that does not lobby for special interests.” Located on the grounds of the Naval Academy just outside of Annapolis, Md., the organization has been in operation since 1873 when it was first established by a group of naval officers who sought to further a legacy of “the knowledge of sea power, and to preserve our naval and maritime heritage.”

In its mission statement, the organization’s goals are “to provide an independent forum to those who dare read, think, speak and write in order to advance the professional, literary and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to national defense.”

On the surface, such sentiments sound noble. But recently when the USNI was approached by Bart Van Ness, a lifetime member of AFP’s  READERSHIP COUNCIL, to review the book What I Saw That Day: Israel’s June 8 1967 Holocaust of U.S. Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty and Its Aftermath, the organization’s true allegiances were revealed.

What I Saw That Day by Phil Tourney is the provocative, no-holds-barred book that tells the truth about Israel’s bloody attack on the USS Liberty.

Once one begins examining USNI’s board of directors, an unsettling picture emerges. For instance, the honorary chairman of the board is none other than John Lehman, an infamous Project for the New American Century (PNAC) signatory and member of the trumped-up 9-11 Commission.

Lehman cut his teeth during the Nixon administration as a National Security Council senior staff aide to none other than Henry Kissinger. He also formed ties with another shady operator—Richard Perle—during his stint in the Navy. Lehman has also owned a company named Abington Corporation, and his partner was the so-called “Prince of Darkness” himself, Perle.

Dr. Michael Saba, an international relations consultant, wrote of this partnership in the Arab News on June 26, 2004. “In 1983, a mysterious package of materials in an unmarked envelope was allegedly delivered to New York Times investigative reporter Jeff Garth. The materials led to a major Times story about then-U.S. Secretary of the Navy John Lehman. The materials pointed out that Lehman had supposedly taken payments from an Israeli arms company while he was secretary of the Navy.”

Saba continued, “Perle, who was also a U.S. government official during this period in 1983, had also allegedly received money from the same Israeli arms company.”

British journalist Claudia Wright reiterated these charges. “Well known in Israeli military circles, [Lehman] sat on the board of a Philadelphia think tank run by American supporters of Israel, and operated a highly profitable defense consulting company with business ties to the Israeli arms industry,” wrote Mrs. Wright. 

Lehman’s ties to Israel become even more sinister when we consider the infamous case of Jonathan Pollard, a civilian analyst who betrayed our country by stealing secrets and passing them along to our supposed ally. In his article, “9-11 and the Neo-Cons,” independent journalist Tom Wilson wrote: “When Pollard’s espionage was exposed, the following individuals were suspected by then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger’s office of being Pollard’s co-conspirators: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and John Lehman.”

None of these revelations should surprise anyone because Lehman and his neocon colleagues have had a long history of traitorous behavior against the U.S. in favor of Israel. They have also been doing the Zionists’ dirty work for decades by pushing a pro-military agenda in the Middle East that advances war against Israel’s enemies.

Lehman has been in the thick of this since the early 1970s, yet somehow he was considered “independent” enough to be on the 9-11 Commission.

In the early 1990s Lehman joined the Committee on U.S. Interests in the Middle East. This organization’s purpose was to lobby for U.S. tax dollars for the nation of Israel. Its organizers were notorious pro-Israeli U.S. officials Perle, Douglas Feith and Elliott Abrams.

Lehman was also deputy director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, where he was closely associated with Paul Wolfowitz and Perle. He was also a member of PNAC, which has been described as the most influential warmongering group since the Committee on the Present Danger, another Lehman group.

PNAC, of course, achieved infamy by producing two particularly notorious letters: One was sent to President Bill Clinton, while the other went to President George W. Bush, 11 days after the 9-11 terror attacks. In each of these letters, the signatories—including Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby, Abrams, Donald Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz—urged the then-presidents to engage in one specific act—an acceleration of America’s plans to invade Iraq.

As we all know by now, the Bush neocon administration immediately embarked on these plans only hours after the 9-11 attacks.

Author of Book on 1967 Attack Fights Top-Level Censorship

By Victor Thorn

Despite receiving a cold shoulder from the Navy, State Department and Congress in regard to conducting an authentic investigation of Israel’s murderous 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, survivor Phil Tourney acknowledged a longtime ally. 

“Ever since Willis Carto paid my way to speak at a conference in Washington sometime around 23 or 24 years ago, we’ve been friends,” said Tourney. “AFP and The Spotlight have been some of the only people to ever help us. They’ve always been—bar none—our strongest supporters.”

During a March 21 interview with this writer, Tourney described how he’s been brushed off for the past 30 years. Once, at a 2003 State Department conference that had cover-up artist Jay Cristol and three other Jewish individuals on its panel—as well as author James Bamford—Tourney rose to address the speakers during a question-and-answer session. But instead of hearing him out, the organizers cut off Tourney’s microphone. When other attendees objected, demanding, “Let him speak,” the conference abruptly ended.

“It was one of the biggest disappointments of my life,” Tourney confided. Fortunately, there did exist a silver lining, as Phil explained. “10 minutes before the conference began, Bamford received a faxed letter from Capt. Ward Boston, who said the naval investigation was a sham. In essence, Boston insisted that our crewmen were left out there to die in order to protect Israel.” 

The 45-year news blackout extends all the way to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). 

Tourney told AFP, “His father, John McCain Sr., demanded that Boston could not speak to any of the IDF pilots or torpedo captains.”

At this same conference, Tourney told of how the State Department’s Marc Susser repeatedly pushed the Board of Inquiry’s “mistaken identity” angle by claiming that Israel thought Liberty was actually an out-of-service Egyptian horse carrier, the El Quseir

Of course, legitimate researchers have debunked this smokescreen long ago. Or, as Boston wrote in his October 2003 affidavit: “The evidence was clear. Both Adm. Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack, which killed 34 American sailors and injured 172 others, was a deliberate attack to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew.”

Despite the obstacles facing him, Tourney still refuses to quit. “I wrote to Colin Powell, but never heard back from him. This government right now is beholden to Israel, more than it’s ever been. The ADL and AIPAC are very demanding. They put a lot of pressure on Congress. Everyone is afraid to push back. At a USS Liberty Memorial Library ceremony, the Navy wouldn’t even send a color guard. A SWAT team had to protect the Liberty crewmen because they thought someone would kill them.”

Sadly, time is running out for these brave men.

“We’re getting older,” Tourney stressed, “and the government is just waiting for us to die off.”

The Man That Officially Codified the Lies

A fraud, a typical disloyal 'Israel First' American, USS Liberty apologist and liar.

Following the 2003 release of his scurrilously deceptive book, The Liberty Incident, the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) added insult to injury by seeming to solely promote Jay Cristol’s version of events to the exclusion of all others. In the June 2003 issue of USNI’s official magazine, Proceedings, David C. Walsh endorsed many of Cristol’s dubious claims, such as the “mistaken identity” theory and how Israel’s attack—which he claims only lasted for 22 minutes—resulted from a mere “communications gaffe.”

Cristol—formerly a federal judge and a Naval Reserve captain—cleared Israel of any intent. Rather, Cristol asserted, due to the “fog of war,” both sides—Israel and the U.S.—must share blame for the incident.

In the aforementioned June 2003 article entitled “Friendless Fire,” Walsh wrote, “The author [Cristol] surmises that most survivors—some of whom openly criticize Israel’s domestic policies and its formidable Washington lobby—have a political ax to grind.”

Piling on even more venom, Walsh says of Cristol, “The judge is dubious of naysayers [who] rely on ‘conjecture, hearsay and plain wishful thinking,’ flawed or traumatized memories, and ‘various conspiracy theories.’”

Even former Secretary of State Dean Rusk said, “There was every reason to believe that the USS Liberty was identified, or at least her nationality determined, one hour before the attack.” 

Cristol, USNI and Proceedings should be ashamed of themselves for continuing this cover-up, and the blood of every murdered, wounded or disfigured Liberty crewmember will forever be on their hands until they correct this miscarriage of justice—and that is the truth.

Cover-Up a Slap in the Face of All U.S. Vets

By Victor Thorn 

An 80-year-old Maryland resident and lifetime AFP READERSHIP COUNCIL member, Bart Van Ness is an American patriot who still believes everyday citizens can make a difference. He also feels that all of us as individuals should stand up for what we believe is right, especially if an egregious crime has been committed against our fellow countrymen.

During a March 21 interview with AFP, Van Ness told this writer, “As long as I can physically do it, I’m going to keep fighting for America.”

As a 52-year Golden Life member of the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI), Van Ness has recently taken a courageous stance to expose the truth about what happened on June 8, 1967, when Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats assaulted the USS Liberty for nearly two hours, killing 34 and injuring 172. His efforts reveal that even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable odds, nothing can defeat persistence.

Van Ness described how, over the years, he had read possibly every book and watched every documentary produced on the Liberty attack. But after the Naval Institute published an article by arch-disinformation agent Jay Cristol in 2005, Bart wrote a letter to the editor asking USNI to consider covering Tito Howard’s film Attack on the Liberty. He never heard back from them.

Fast-forward to 2011, where Van Ness picks up the story.

“After I read Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’s book, What I Saw That Day, I sent a book review on July 13 to Proceedings, which is USNI’s official magazine,” said Van Ness.

Due to some purported miscommunication, Van Ness re-sent the review in September 2011, whereupon he spoke with Adm. Peter Daley, who is USNI’s CEO and a member of its board of directors.

At first, prospects seemed positive. Van Ness recalled: “Daley told me: ‘Let us answer John Adams’s call. Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people. Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.’”

Encouraged, on Jan. 11 Van Ness wrote a letter to Daley in regard to the Tourney book review.

“I feel very strongly that this should be published so people will not only be made aware of what happened [to the USS Liberty], but in memory of the 34 crew members killed and 172 wounded that day,” Van Ness said.

Two weeks later, on Jan. 24, editor Liese Dougherty responded, informing Van Ness that USNI had chosen not to use his review.

Taking time to cool off and approach this matter with a level head, on Feb. 14 Van Ness sent a letter to Daley informing him that he was giving up his 52-year Golden Life membership.

Van Ness told AFP: “The reason I resigned was because I lost respect for the Naval Institute. They don’t have any guts. Their cover-up is a slap in the face of every Liberty crewmember.”

When learning of USNI’s decision, author Tourney told Van Ness, “They not only insulted the Liberty, they insulted you, too.” 

Still upset about the Naval Institute betraying their brethren, Van Ness said with conviction: “What they’re saying to me in so many words is, to hell with you. This stance reflects the arrogance, intellectual dishonesty, lack of integrity and hypocrisy of this organization. Why don’t they look at the facts?”

Refusing to surrender, Van Ness is now taking his campaign to the media, specifically AFP 

“I’d like every reader to contact CEO Peter Daley at the USNI’s address below and express their displeasure over their decision not to run a review of Phil Tourney’s book,” said Van Ness.

AFP fully stands behind Van Ness and his efforts to expose the protection racket that our government is running for Israeli murderers that deliberately attacked a U.S. Navy ship floating in international waters. Together, maybe all our voices can be heard.

Daley can be contacted at U.S. Naval Institute, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, Md. 21402.




Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of over 30 books.




What I Saw That Day


• Gripping book recommended reading for all patriots

By Bartow Van Ness III

Phil Tourney's book

What I Saw That Day details the experience of crewman Phil Tourney, while on the USS Liberty (GTR-5), during the attack by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, resulting in the deaths of 34 American servicemen and 170 wounded. It is a story of extreme heroism on the part of the ship’s company, resulting in the Liberty incident being brought to the attention of the American people.


From a first-hand account the author brings forth the viciousness of the attack on a ship that had a large American flag displayed, the carnage inflicted on her crew and the tremendous damage done, which included over 820 bullet and shrapnel holes and areas burned by napalm and a torpedo hole the size of a house.

The book is quite disturbing because of not only the attack by our supposed ally, but also that it exposes the fact that our own government has tried to keep the truth from the American people for 45 years.

Tourney pulls no punches when he describes how the crew was treated by Adm. Isaac Kidd, with threats of court-martial and imprisonment “or worse” if they told anyone what they saw.

The surviving crewmembers were later broken up and dispersed to other ships and told not to discuss the incident with anyone, including their own families. Many never said anything for at least 20 years, for fear of reprisal. As time went on, crewmembers started to come forth and talk.

High-ups in the U.S. government, including President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and admirals John S. McCain and Kidd, were energetically involved in trying to keep the truth from being told. 

In October 2003, Capt.Ward Boston, outraged at the cover-up, came forth and issued a legal affidavit that he had been ordered by Johnson to conclude that the attack on Liberty was a case of mistaken identity and that he was given one week to gather information when he estimated that a proper court of inquiry for an official Navy investigation would take at least six months to complete, due to the magnitude of the attack. 

Tourney was given a free trip to Naples and Rome, all expenses paid by the Navy, while the investigation was being conducted when Liberty was in dry-dock in Malta being repaired. This was done because he was one of the key witnesses to the attack, and he was wanted out of the way.

A group of Liberty survivors were invited by President George H.W. Bush to visit with him concerning Liberty and were kept waiting for two hours by him, and then told he was too busy. Many of the group of 50 had traveled long distances for the event. The captain of Liberty was almost at the point of tears. Tourney describes this in no uncertain terms as being “bushwhacked.”

Many prominent figures have questioned the findings of the court of inquiry concerning Liberty and have been staunch supporters of the crew. They include former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Thomas Moorer, Adm. Merling Staring, former Congressional Reps. Pete McCloskey, John Hostettler and Cynthia McKinney, CIA officer Philip Giraldi, Ambassador Richard Peck, Israeli dissident Mordecai Vanunu, former Under Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, former director of the Army War College Alan Sabrosky and many others.

Tourney very succinctly states that by the crew saving Liberty, WWIII was prevented, because Egypt would have been blamed for the attack. He also states the attack on Liberty was a forerunner to Sept. 11, 2001.

Bart Van Ness is a lifetime AFP READERSHIP COUNCIL member, a naval history buff, and an avid fisherman and hunter.




This is by far the best book ever produced on the 1967 massacre . . .


When U.S. Navy sailor Phil Tourney saw Israeli planes circling the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, he and his crewmates thought nothing of it. The Israelis waved at the crew and the Liberty crew, waved back. The USS Liberty was a unique vessel, unlike any other in the world, with a large tower and radar dishes used for eavesdropping, so the chance it could be mistaken for an “enemy” vessel were zero. The huge U.S. flag and the large ID numbers painted on the ship also made identification of the ship possible from miles away. Imagine the shock and horror when the Israelis attacked the lightly armed intelligence gathering vessel in broad daylight. A torpedo was fired and struck Liberty dead on. Israeli aircraft strafed the men aboard and dropped napalm on the decks. Torpedo boats machine-gunned the crew as they tried to rescue wounded U.S. servicemen. They even shot up life rafts to prevent any escape. The attack lasted for hours. And Phil Tourney witnessed every second of it.

Here is his story. A complete description of the attack, everything he saw that day, and details of the ensuing threats from U.S. military officers and government officials to shut up or face the consequences. Phil and co-author Mark Glenn also recount the brave men who have tried to break the wall of censorship that has surrounded this event. It also details the personal toll inflicted upon Phil and the crew—the years of harassment from Israeli agents and high-level U.S. government lackeys and the trauma of the events. Readers of this book have called it the best book ever written on the USS Liberty attack. And if you’ve read books or seen films about it in the past, these readers say this book picks up where those left off, revealing intimate details of the event that none other has dared touch. Many have been brought to tears by Phil’s story. But he seeks no profit, no glory, no accolades. This book was written and dedicated to those men who were killed and wounded that June day in 1967—and to the myriad lives that were changed by one of the most treacherous acts in modern history.

Read the book and judge for yourself. If you do not agree it is the best book ever written on the attack on the Liberty, we will refund your money. WHAT I SAW THAT DAY (softcover, 282 pages, #WIS, $30 plus $6 S&H inside the U.S.) from AMERICAN FREE PRESS, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, #100, Washington, D.C. 20003. Call AFP toll free at 1-888-699-NEWS to charge a copy. FREE USS LIBERTY REPORT WITH EVERY ORDER. For bulk distribution opportunities or more than one copy call 202-547-5585.

Books, DVDs and a Report on the USS Liberty 

The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship

James Scott is the son of a surviving Liberty officer. Here he recounts the story of the horrifying attack and the impact it had on the lives of the crew. He shows how political considerations trumped demands for justice from the survivors, the military and Congress. Drawing on interviews and declassified documents, he demonstrates that Israel’s claim that the attack was a mistake is a lie. Hardcover, 374 pages, $30.

Ship Without a Country: Eyewitness Accounts of the Attack on the USS Liberty

Edited by Victor Thorn and Mark Glenn. The reason for the silence surrounding the Liberty attack is simple. It didn’t go off as planned; the ship was not sunk. More importantly, the nation responsible for this attack was the most sacred of all cows—Israel. In this book you’ll find facts that have been kept hidden for nearly half a century. You’ll hear directly from the survivors of the attack as well as high-ranking U.S. Navy and government officials who were witness to the massacre and the cover-up. Softcover, 76 pages, $15.

DVD—Loss of Liberty: Attack on the USS Liberty

This important documentary about the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by Israel is an excellent film. The video documents the courage, drama and tragedy of that treacherous attack. The crew was forced into silence after the event by the U.S. government, and many of the crewmembers have never been fully recognized for their valor. This film will touch the heart of every patriotic American and is an absolute must buy. DVD, 100 minutes, $30.

DVD—USS Liberty Dead in the Water

During the Six Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty. Thirty-four American servicemen were killed in the two-hour assault by Israeli naval and air forces. Israel claimed it was all a tragic accident. For more than 40 years many people have scoffed at the official explanation but have been unable to rebut it. Now, Dead in the Water uses startling new evidence to reveal the truth behind the seemingly inexplicable attack. Interviews include President Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. DVD, 60 minutes, $25.

AFP ReportRemember the USS Liberty

AFP correspondent Mark Glenn and filmmaker Tito Howard have helped expand this report to 12 pages with interviews of USS Liberty survivors and others who were witnesses to the treachery of Israel—and the U.S. government—in regard to the brutal June 8, 1967 attack on the lightly- armed but highly sophisticated U.S. intelligence gathering vessel operating in international waters. Officials in D.C. have been covering up the massacre ever since. Get the word out. Receive bulk copies of AFP’s Remember the USS Liberty report to hand out. COST: 1-5 copies are $4 each. 6-39 are $1.85 each. Forty to 499 copies are 60¢ each. 500+ are 55¢ each.

ALL FIVE OF THE ITEMS ABOVE for $100. Order from AFP 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #100 Washington, D.C. 20003. Call toll free 1-888-699-6397 to charge. S&H not included in above prices: Add $4 S&H on orders up to $25; add $6 S&H from $25.01 to $50. Add $8 S&H from $50.01 to $75. Add $10 on orders over $75. Outside U.S. email for S&H. Bulk distribution opportunities available: Call 202-547-5585.

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Capt. Ward Boston’s (Lead Counsel of the USS Liberty Court of Inquiry, 1967) daughter, Anne will recollect on Sunday regarding her father’s particpation. MUST HEAR!

Guest for Saturday’s upcoming YOUR VOICE COUNTS! program, hosted by
USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney, will be Captain Boston’s daughter, Anne  Parish.

Ward Boston, Jr. (1923-2008). Lead Counsel for the USS Liberty Court of Inquiry

Captain Boston was the counsel for the Naval Board of
Inquiry held immediately after the attack. This should be a very
important show to the crew of the Liberty and like-minded people. 
It is a part of our history only Anne can talk about — her daddy’s
story, her story and what she knows about the coverup.  Saturday Mar.  31 at 7PM (Eastern) LISTEN LIVE at:






A fraud, a typical disloyal 'Israel First' American, USS Liberty apologist and liar.



from John Gidusko’s USS Liberty Newsletter #582  (3/26/12)

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Memorial Day: Remembering The USS Liberty Attack

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by NowPublic Staff | May 31, 2010

USS Liberty Conspiracy: The Truth Behind The Attack By Israel Defense Forces in 1967: 34 Soldiers Killed

Two recent events demand that we recall that awful day in 1967 when the U.S.S. Liberty, a Navy intelligence ship, was attacked by the Israel Defense Force killing 34 American soldiers and injuring 171 during the Arab-Israel 7 Day War.

The first incident of course is Memorial Day. The soldiers who died aboard the ship deserve to be remembered and their story needs to be told.



The second incident is the Israel Defense Forces storming the Gaza and killing more than 10 people. The Gaza Flotilla was reportedly attempting to deliver aid to the blockaded Gaza strip – though Israel charges the aid group behind the Flotilla has terrorist connections.

Nonetheless, the attack on the aid ship illustrates how Israel responds when questionable actions involving its military occur – which takes us back to 1967 and the sinking of the USS Liberty.

USS Liberty Attack Background

The USS Liberty was an intelligence Navy ship which reportedly intercepted electronic communication, perhaps including that of Israel’s.

Israel claims that that USS Liberty attack was accidental, that the military though it was an Egyptian ship – The U.S. military and the government at the time accepted Israel’s explanation and quietly muzzled the story. But accounts by surviving veterans aboard the USS Liberty flatly contradict the official version of events.

At 1400 hours, while approximately about 17 nautical miles off the northern Sinai coast and about 25 nautical miles northwest of El Arish, USS Liberty’s crew observed three surface radar contacts closing with their position at high speed. A few moments later, the bridge radar crew observed high speed aircraft passing over the surface returns on the same heading.  Within a few short moments, and without any warning, Israeli fighter aircraft launched a rocket attack on USS Liberty. The aircraft made repeated firing passes, attacking USS Liberty with rockets and their internal cannons. After the first flight of fighter aircraft had exhausted their ordnance, subsequent flights of Israeli fighter aircraft continued to prosecute the attack with rockets, cannon fire, and napalm.


Simply put, the veterans say it would be impossible for Israel NOT to know they were attacking an American military ship. The Navy conducted a superficial investigation into the death of 34 of their own. Congress decided it would be best not investigate the USS Liberty attack, the military and the  government have consistently stonewalled any efforts to investigate what happened.

The USS Liberty Veterans and some journalists were persistent in their charges however.

Recently documents regarding the USS Liberty Attack have been declassified but they have been heavily redacted.

Israel says that it was a mistake, and the persistent questioning of its motives are anti-semitic.  The veterans say they know anti-semitic forces have latched onto the story and they condemn those forces.

“Americans who volunteer for military service effectively write a blank check, payable to the United States of America for an amount “up to and including my life.” The United States, in turn, promises to spend these checks responsibly. That bargain implicitly includes a promise by the United States to protect them and to seek retribution against anyone who harms them. In the case of USS Liberty, the United States has failed to keep its end of the bargain.”



Continue reading at Memorial Day: Remembering The USS Liberty Attack | NowPublic News Coverage

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Israel’s Unprovoked 1967 Attack on the USS Liberty

I recently posted the following on my blog. As it now stands, 43 years after the fact, the U.S. has learned relatively nothing beneficial from the horrific attack on the USS Liberty. According to their testimony, the survivors do not appear to be aware of Christian Zionism’s sordid impact on Middle East affairs during the past 100 years. My hope is that soon, before many of these men are dead and gone, the congress will launch a full-scale honest investigation into this most despicable event.


Israel’s 1967 Attack on the USS Liberty
You be the judge whether “mistaken identity” was even a remotely plausible excuse for the murder of 34 servicemen and the injuries of 174 more. In the videos to follow, watch the testimonies of the courageous men who survived this horrific unprovoked attack. Under Secretary Ball’s concluding comment (below the first of five videos), will forever ring in my ears. Will we learn nothing from this tragic event? To what degree has our Middle East policy been shaped by this attack? And to what measure does the Israeli mindset, KNOWING that “they can get away with almost anything” without retribution. shape the Middle East today, some 43 years later? Our consistent acquiescence and insistence that their acts (like the one detailed below) are fully protected and empowered by the sovereign hand of God, is leading us in every direction but the Promised Land.
George Ball(1909-1994), the Under Secretary of State of Economic affairs during the Kennedy & Johnson administrations, wrote:”The ultimate lesson of the Liberty attack, was that it had far more affect on policy in Israel than in America. Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they might do would offend the Americans to the point of reprisal. If America’s leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens, it seemed clear that the American friends would let them get away with almost anything.”

Comments from the surviving decorated heroes of the USS Liberty:”If we could get the truth of the Liberty out, it would change the history of this country.”

“I can’t understand why the American newspapers and TV people have helped cover this up by not covering our stories.”

“Never before has the U.S. Navy ignored eye witness testimony of American Military, to accept on faith the story told by their attackers.”

“There should be a congressional committee, both senate and house, to examine all the data…and it’s getting late to do this, because like McGonagle, God bless, he’s gone.”

“To me that was one of the worst cover-ups in American history. How low can our government go?”

“So I will never buy the idea that some of the pilots thought this was another ship.”

“We didn’t know who was attacking us. They didn’t know who was attacking us. I don’t know how Washington can say, “Don’t go, because they’re friends of ours. That’s the thing that’s always bothered me, right there.”

Any time anyone even questions Israel, the immediate cry is racism and anti-Semitism. Let it be clear that I am neither. I love the Israeli people. and they desparately need the Gospel of Christ. However, they have not been well served by their Zionist leaders who seemingly stop at nothing to further their cause. As Christians, we simply can no longer stand by and blindly accept Israel’s every action. Clearly they are an ally, but then again, what did that mean for the crew of the Liberty?
Forty three years after the vicious and sustained attack on the USS Liberty, the testimonies of the survivors and the blood of the dead speak cl…. We can squabble about motives all day long but the fact is that this was no mistake in identity.
Therefore, if Israel was capable of the ethnic cleansing that took place in the late 1940′s throughout the 50′s, (see “Blood Brothers“), and the attempting sinking of an ally’s $40m intelligence ship in international waters, what else are they prepared to do?
The following quotes are from the book, The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship (2009, Simon & Schuster), by James Scott, a longtime journalist living in South Carolina, whose father was an officer on the Liberty.[]
  • [With the Liberty] the United States had the capability to intercept and decipher VHF and UHF radio frequencies, common frequencies used for government and military communications…

  • In the case of the Liberty, the White House, afraid of offending Israel’s domestic backers at a time when it needed support for its Vietnam policy, looked the other way….

  • Hints of disbelief did emerge, often from small newspapers outside the Beltway. Many puzzled over how Israel’s exceptional military could make such a blunder…

  • [T]he overall lack of criticism of Israel baffled some senior government leaders. The dogged press corps consistently challenged the administration on its Vietnam policy and ambitious social programs. In the case of the Liberty, the press aimed most of its critical questions at the American government. Israel in contrast enjoyed a reprieve. Reporters soon adopted the phrase ‘accidental attack,’ a description that frustrated Pentagon officials, who felt it minimized the ferocity of the sustained assault that had killed or injured two out of every three men on board…

  • “We were quite convinced the Israelis knew what they were doing,” [Thomas Hughes, director of the State Department's Intelligence office] later said. “It was hard to come to any other conclusion.” Other senior staffers agreed, believing that Israel did not want the United States reading its wartime message traffic….

  • Despite Jerusalem’s close ties with Washington, many State Department officials–and others in the intelligence community–believed the Jewish state’s survival instinct was so strong that, if necessary, Israel would attack a close ally in the interest of self-preservation….

  • [According to William Wolle, former State Department:] “The feeling of those of us at the working level in NEA [State Department Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs] was that the Israelis had deliberately done this so that we couldn’t read all of their communications, etc. We are their ally but they are not going to trust us when it comes to a wartime situation in terms of what information might get out, what we might pass along to someone. We all felt it was no accident.”…

  • Soon after the Liberty attack, [National Security Agency director Lieutenant General Marshall] Carter appeared before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee to discuss the Liberty. [Deputy Secretary of Defense] Cyrus Vance joined him… “Cy Vance just told me to keep my mouth shut,” [Gerard] Burke [Carter's chief of staff] recalled his boss telling him…. “There was absolutely no question in anybody’s mind that the Israelis had done it deliberately,” Burke said. “I was angrier because of the cover-up… The only mystery to me was why was the thing being covered up.”…

  • Some of President Johnson’s advisers later regretted the handling of the attack. “We failed to let it all come out publicly at the time,” said Lucius Battle, the assistant secretary of state for near eastern and south Asian affairs. “We really ignored it for all practical purposes, and we shouldn’t have.” George Ball, the former undersecretary of state prior to [Nicholas] Katzenbach, wrote that the Liberty ultimately had a greater effect on policy in Israel than in the United States. “Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they migth do would offend Americans to the point of reprisal,” Ball wrote. “If America’s leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens, it seemed clear that their American friends would let them get away with anything.”

  • ” . . . an act of military recklessness reflecting wanton disregard for human life.”

    Then Secretary of State Dean Rusk in a 10 June 1967 diplomatic note to the Israeli Ambassador.

  • But I was never satisfied with the Israeli explanation. Their sustained attack to disable and sink Liberty precluded an assault by accident or soem trigger-happy local commander. Through diplomatic channels we refused to accept their explanations. I didn’t believe them then, and I don’t believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous.” Rusk, As I Saw It, W…Norton, 1990. p 388

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War crime: Attack on the USS Liberty

One of the finer honest newspaper accounts comparable to The Chicago Tribune’s John Crewdson expose on the attack and the cover up. . -jd


What is Congress afraid of?

Could it be due to the fact that AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) donates very heavily to so many of our Senators and Congressmen?

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that between the years of 1990-2004, pro-Israel groups gave $56.8 million in campaign contributions to U.S. politicians.

On this, the 44th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty, please take a moment to remember those killed and injured on that day, and also, take the time to contact your Congressman and Senators to demand an official investigation into this tragedy.

To the USS Liberty survivors and the families of those lost…You have not been forgotten.”

War crime: Attack on the USS Liberty

        This week marks the 44th anniversary of a ruthless, unprovoked and as yet, unpunished attack on an American warship in international waters which resulted in a tremendous loss of life and left many sailors permanently injured. The attack was perpetrated by a country which our government labels a staunch ally, though the men who survived the attack know a different story.

The attack

On June 8, 1967, the surveillance ship USS Liberty was on duty in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula, when it was attacked by Israeli forces. Though the ship was clearly marked Israel claimed the act of war to simply be a case of “mistaken identity.” Despite the loss of 34 American sailors, there has never been a meaningful investigation into the attack.

That morning, many Liberty sailors were enjoying some down time sunbathing on the deck, and began watching Israeli planes make over-flights of the ship. The crew counted a total of 13 such flights which were so low that they could see the faces of the Israeli pilots and even exchanged waves.

At 2:00 pm Israeli jets began hitting the Liberty with rocket and cannon fire, the decks were then napalmed, and the ship was then hit with a torpedo from an Israeli attack boat. By the time the attack had ended, the Liberty had sustained over 800 rocket and cannon strikes, 34 sailors were dead and 172 injured, even the Liberty’s life boats had been shredded by Israeli machine gun fire (a war crime).

Such a dastardly and deliberate attack should have brought down the full wrath of the U.S. military upon the perpetrators. However, not only were there no retaliatory strikes ordered but the Johnson administration would not even allow nearby U.S. Navy forces to come to Liberty’s aid and put a stop to the attack.

Once the Liberty could establish radio contact, they hailed the Sixth Fleet for assistance.

Twice, F-4 Phantoms were launched from the USS Saratoga and the USS America and both times Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered the planes to return. After the second recall, Rear Adm. William Geis called the Pentagon. During that phone call, President Johnson himself reportedly came on the line and ordered the planes to return.

Years ago, Cdr. David Lewis (USS Liberty survivor) stated that Adm. Geis told him in confidence that President Johnson said: “I do not care if every man drowned and the ship sank, we will not embarrass an ally.”

The Israelis claimed it was a case of “mistaken identity.”

The ‘investigation’

Following the attack, a U.S. Navy Board of Inquiry into the incident convened. Though the amount of evidence was immense and there were several dozen interviews to conduct, the Court of Inquiry was given only a week to complete their work. The Court was not even allowed to consider sworn declarations from more than 60 still-hospitalized Liberty sailors.

Chief Legal Counsel to the Board of Inquiry Capt. Ward Boston and president of the Court Adm. Isaac C. Kidd felt it necessary to travel to Israel and interview those who had taken part in the attack. They were rebuffed in that effort by Adm. John S. McCain Jr., then serving as Commander-in-Chief, Naval Forces Europe. Adm. McCain would not allow the two any contact with the Israelis.

In a sworn affidavit, Capt. Ward Boston (ret.) made the following statements concurring with the cover-up of the USS Liberty attack:

“I know from personal conversations I had with Admiral Kidd that President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Admiral Kidd told me, after returning from Washington D.C. that he had been ordered to sit down with two civilians from either the White House or the Defense Department, and rewrite portions of the court’s findings.

Admiral Kidd also told me that he had been ordered to ‘put the lid’ on everything having to do with the attack on USS Liberty. We were never to speak of it and we were to caution everyone else involved that they could never speak of it again.

I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement as I know that the Court of Inquiry transcript that has been released to the public is not the same one that I certified and sent off to Washington.

Finally, the testimony of Lt. Painter concerning the deliberate machine gunning of the life rafts by the Israeli torpedo boat crews, which I distinctly recall being given at the Court of Inquiry and included in the original transcript is now missing and has been excised.”

On Jan. 8, 2004, Capt. Boston concluded: “The evidence was clear. Both Adm. Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack…was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. It was our shared belief that the attack could not possibly have been an accident. I am certain that the Israeli pilots [and] their superiors were well aware that the ship was American.”

In 2003, an independent committee comprised of retired high-ranking military officers and a former U.S. Ambassador to the Middle-East formed to examine the attack on the Liberty and the subsequent cover-up. On October 22, 2003, the group came to Capitol Hill to release their findings and ask Congress for an official investigation.

Member of that independent committee and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Thomas Moorer made the following statement: “Congress has never investigated the recall by the White House of U.S. Navy aircraft sent to rescue the Liberty while the ship was still under attack. The White House cancellation of the Navy’s attempt to rescue the Liberty is the most disgraceful thing I have witnessed in my entire military career.”

He continued: “Why would our government put Israel’s interests ahead of our own? Does it continue to do so?…This is an important issue that should be investigated by an independent Commission of Inquiry, the findings have grave implications for our national security and for the American people. In order to confront this problem, the American people and our elected officials will need to overcome their fear of the pro-Israel lobby in the United States.”

In 1991, Adm. Moorer told the Washington Post: “To suggest that they [the IDF] couldn’t identify the ship is…ridiculous. Anybody who could not identify the Liberty could not tell the difference between the White House and the Washington Monument.”

Why did it happen?

Israel claimed that they mistook the Liberty for the Egyptian horse carrier El Quseir. The El Quseir was only 275 feet long as compared to the 455 foot length of the Liberty. It was later learned that the El Quseir was actually in port at Alexandria for the duration of the Six Day War.

The USS Liberty was well marked and flew a large American flag atop her mast. In fact, the official Navy Board of Inquiry report contains the following statement: “The Navy inquiry confirms testimony of five members of the crew that they had personally observed the [American flag] was hoisted. Hull markings were clear and freshly painted.”

Despite the official Israeli story of mistaken identity, two Israeli pilots radioed base and clearly identified the ship as American. They were ordered to attack the ship anyway, both refused. The pair was immediately arrested upon returning to base.

In 1982, an Israeli pilot who took part in the attack, Evan Toni, spoke extensively with Rep. Paul McCloskey (R-CA). He told McCloskey that his superiors told him to ignore the markings and U.S. flag. Toni claimed that he and another pilot radioed base and clearly identified the ship as American. Both refused and were immediately arrested upon returning to base.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Dwight Porter, confirmed the pilot’s account. Porter told columnist Robert Novak that he heard the exchange as radio transmissions were being monitored from the embassy.

There are two prevailing theories as to why Israeli forces attacked the Liberty. One is that they would sink the ship and blame it on Egypt, thus prompting the U.S. to enter the war on the side of Israel. That theory is supported by Capt. Ward Boston. The other is that Israel did not want the U.S. to know about the unprovoked attacks their troops were carrying out. Shortly after the liberty was nearly destroyed, Israeli troops began attacking Syria.

Israel’s ‘payment’

In 1980, Sen. Adlai Stevenson III (D-IL) held a press conference at which time he announced his belief that the Israeli attack on the Liberty had not been a tragic accident but a deliberate act. In his last year in the U.S. Senate, Stevenson promised a formal investigation.

Many pro-Israel groups began pouring money into the campaign of Stevenson’s opponent and he was subsequently defeated.

However, shortly after Stevenson’s announcement, the Israeli government contacted the Carter White House. They offered to settle the damage claims for a rather insulting $6 million. Vice-President Walter Mondale readily accepted the deal.

It was obvious to most that the only reason Israel agreed to pay anything was due to Sen. Stevenson’s interest in the case.

Israel did pay the $6 million in three annual payments of $2 million. Though the  payments meant nothing, as Congress simply increased the amount of aid given to Israel by $2 million each of those three years. The American taxpayers were actually billed for the damages inflicted upon their own sailors.

The victims

For his actions during the attack, USS Liberty’s Capt. William McGonagle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor at a private Washington Navy Yard ceremony. However, on the very same day that Capt. McGonagle received the medal, President Johnson held a very public White House ceremony honoring other CMH awardees. McGonagle’s citation does not mention that his ship came under attack from Israeli forces.

Perhaps, more maddening than crucial facts deleted from a medal citation is what is omitted from the tombstones of the 34 USS Liberty crewmen who lost their lives as a war crime was committed against them. Their headstones simply read “Died in Eastern Mediterranean.”

The names of the USS Liberty crewmen who were killed while under attack from Israeli forces on June 8, 1967 are as follows:

Lcdr. Phillip McCutcheon Armstrong Jr.
Lt. James Cecil Pierce
Lt. Stephen Spencer Toth
CT3 William Bernard Allenbaugh
SN Gary Ray Blanchard
CT2 Allen Merle Blue
QM3 Francis Brown
CT2 Ronnie Jordan Campbell
CT2 Jerry Leroy Converse
CT2 Robert Burton Eisenberg
CT2 Jerry Lee Goss
CT1 Curtis Alan Graves
CTSN Lawrence Paul Hayden
CT1 Warren Edward Hersey
CT3 Alan Higgins
SN Carl Lewis Hoar
CTS Richard Walter Keene Jr.
CTSN James Lee Lenau
CTC Raymond Eugene Linn
CT1 James Mahlon Lupton
CT3 Duane Rowe Marggraf
CTSN David Walter Marlborough
CT2 Anthony Peter Mendle
CTSN Carl Christian Nyguen
Sgt. Jack Lewis Raper, USMC
Cpl. Edward Emory Kehmeyer III, USMC
IFCN David Skolak
CT1 John Caleb Smith Jr.
CTC Melvin Douglas Smith
PC2 John Clarence Spicher
GMG3 Alexander Neil Thompson Jr.
CT3 Thomas Ray Thornton
CT3 Philippe Charles Tiedthe
CT1 Frederick James Walton

Will the truth ever come to light?

The only thing more outrageous than the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel is our own government’s apparent compliance in the cover-up. Despite bombshell revelations by career naval officers, an Israeli pilot, and a U.S. Ambassador…Congress continues to ignore the facts of the Liberty attack as well as the pleas for an investigation.

What is Congress afraid of?

Could it be due to the fact that AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) donates very heavily to so many of our Senators and Congressmen?

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that between the years of 1990-2004, pro-Israel groups gave $56.8 million in campaign contributions to U.S. politicians.

On this, the 44th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty, please take a moment to remember those killed and injured on that day, and also, take the time to contact your Congressman and Senators to demand an official investigation into this tragedy.

To the USS Liberty survivors and the families of those lost…You have not been forgotten.

war crimes| June 6, 2011

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WikiSpooks – USS Liberty Incident……OUTSTANDING!

Antidotes to the narcotic effect of Official Narratives    – ♦ –    Answers to the question: What is REALLY going on?

USS Liberty Incident

USS Liberty 24 hours after the attack

The USS Liberty Incident of 1967, was an attempt by the Israeli military to sink a United States spy ship. The ship had no significant armaments and instead bristled with radio antennas.

For reasons never admitted, President Johnson’s administration refused to interfere while the attack was in progress and both Israel and the U.S. government have treated the incident as an accident ever since.

Account of the attack

The day is June 8, 1967. The Arab-Israel war (later known as the Six-Day War) is in progress. The place is 14 miles off the Egyptian Sinai coast in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The U.S. government, ever unwilling to mind its own business, has the USS Liberty deployed there, passively monitoring the progress of the war over radio communication channels, with emphasis on finding out if Egypt is colluding with the Soviets.

The day is bright and clear, “visibility infinite.” Hoisted above the Liberty is a new American flag in a 12 knot breeze. “USS LIBERTY” is painted on the stern; the English letters “GTR-5″ on the bow. The ship is several times the size of any Egyptian horse freighter, and has a profile – one feature of which is a huge satellite dish – that easily distinguishes it from such a ship even were size discounted. And it has no cannon, distinguishing it from a war ship.

One glance and the ship is not Egyptian, another glance – hardly necessary – and it is American, and also incapable of shelling anyone.

Israeli reconnaissance planes fly over the ship. In daylight over a period of several hours they fly over at least eight times. One plane is propeller driven. They come so close that the crewmen of the ship and the pilots of the planes wave to each other. A Liberty radio operator hears the pilots repeatedly radio Israeli headquarters that the ship is American. The last of the planes departs not long after noon.

Suddenly at 1:58 pm three Mirage fighter jets, unmarked, zoom in and immediately begin firing rockets at the ship. The rockets punch eight inch holes through the hull, deck, and any men in their path. Mystere fighter jets (like the Mirages, French made) zoom in and drop napalm (jellied gasoline) bombs that splatter goop that sticks and burns where it lands. The crewmen, many of whom are on deck, are totally unprepared, scores are killed and injured. This goes on for twenty minutes.

The Liberty tries to radio the Sixth Fleet for help, but the attacking aircraft had fired rockets into the base of every antenna. They manage to repair one antenna.[1] The radio operator then discovers that their radio frequencies are being jammed. Eventually he finds a clear frequency and makes contact. The U.S. aircraft carrier Saratoga responds by launching several fighter aircraft and notifying the White House. The Liberty receives the message that help is on the way.

When the U.S. fighter planes are within minutes of the Liberty, Rear Admiral Lawrence Geis – commanding the Six Fleet carriers – receives an order from Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to recall the planes. Admiral Geis calls the White House personally to confirm the insane order. McNamara comes on the line, then President Lyndon Johnson. Johnson confirms that the aircraft are to return, saying that he will not have Israel embarrassed. Admiral Geis – and it is hard to judge him considering the ingrained obedience to a chain of command that makes the military – recalls the aircraft.

Meanwhile the Israeli aircraft fly off as three Israeli torpedo boats make toward the Liberty. Several miles distant they begin firing torpedoes at the ship, five in all. One torpedo hits amidships, drowning about two dozen crewmen. The captain gives the order to abandon ship. The torpedo boats then approach within 100 feet and circle about the ship. With “USS Liberty” on the hull of the ship in full view, not to mention the American flag on the mast, they fire machine guns at anything on deck that moves. They strafe the life rafts on deck and those being lowered into the water by crewmen. The torpedo boat phase of the attack lasts about an hour

Then the Israelis abruptly stop. 34 crewmen of the Liberty are dead or dying and about 170 others are injured, victims of rocket fire, gunshot, fire, and drowning – 70 percent of the crew.

One can only conjecture why the Israelis halted their attack. Probably they think, along with the Liberty’s crewmen, that U.S. fighter planes will arrive shortly.

The torpedo boats do not leave the area. For about an hour they just sit there and watch the ship, again with “USS Liberty” and the American flag in full view. Then in an apparent about-face they signal to the Liberty: “Do you need help?” According to bridge Lieutenant James Ennes, Captain William McGonagle’s reply is “a rude one.” The boats eventually depart.

Liberty puts out the fires and though riddled with holes and without motive power, remains afloat. At 3 p.m. the sixth fleet launches a U.S. rescue mission a second time, only to be recalled a second time. Still the Liberty does not sink.

Finally, dawn the next day, fifteen hours later, U.S. help arrives. The Liberty eventually makes rendezvous with a U.S. destroyer and heads to Malta, a group of islands south of Sicily.

Subsequent Cover-up

USS Liberty / El Quisar and US / Egyptian flag comparisons

At the behest of the Secretary of Defense and the White House almost everyone involved is ordered not to discuss the incident with anyone, and the Liberty crewmen are transferred to stations far apart from one another, no two at the same place.

Israel’s reaction follows the dictum: If you can’t be good, you can at least be stupid. They claim the attack was the result of a string of innocent errors. The testimony of the Liberty crewmen, and the ship’s log, can be discounted. Israel does not do such things, why would it, America is our ally, etc. The Israelis claim that they mistook the USS Liberty for an Egyptian horse carrier – the El Quisar – a ship which was barely a quarter the size of the Liberty and with a strikingly differtent outline/appearance.

Suppose, for a moment, in defiance of the facts we take the Israelis at their word. There is only one way such a mistake could have been made. Instead of their deliberately attacking an American ship we have them totally disregarding the possibility the ship they would attack might be an American ship. By their own admission they didn’t honestly care if it was American. They didn’t sincerely try to identify it.

But of course they did identify it.

As the years went by the former Liberty crew began to speak out publicly. The most articulate was Lt. James Ennes, in his book Assault on the Liberty. The big brass began to speak out as well. Former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer summed up the Liberty incident concisely:

“It’s ridiculous to say this was an accident. There was good weather, she was flying the U.S. flag[,] and the planes and torpedo boats attacked over a long period of time.”[2]

As for the cover-up, one of the military lawyers in the Court of Inquiry, Captain Ward Boston, recently came forward. The following is from his sworn written declaration. He refers to the late Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who was the president of the Court of Inquiry. When he says “attempts to rewrite history” he refers to Jay Cristol’s recent (2002) pro-Israeli book The Liberty Incident. I have combined some of the paragraphs:

“For more than 30 years, I have remained silent on the topic of USS Liberty. I am a military man and when orders come in from the Secretary of Defense and President of the United States, I follow them. However, recent attempts to rewrite history compel me to share the truth. “In June of 1967, while serving as a Captain in the Judge Advocate General Corps, Department of the Navy, I was assigned as senior legal counsel for the Navy’s Court of Inquiry into the … attack on USS Liberty, which had occurred on June 8th.” … “The evidence was clear. Both Admiral Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack … was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. … It was our shared belief, based on the documentary evidence and testimony we received first hand, that the Israeli attack was planned and deliberate, and could not possibly have been an accident. I am certain that the Israeli pilots that undertook the attack, as well as their superiors, who had ordered the attack, were well aware that the ship was American.” … “I am outraged at the efforts of the apologists for Israel in this country to claim that this attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity.’ In particular, the recent publication of Jay Cristol’s book, The Liberty Incident, twists the facts and misrepresents the views of those of us who investigated the attack. It is Cristol’s … attempt to whitewash the facts that has pushed me to speak out. “I know from personal conversations I had with Admiral Kidd that President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. “Admiral Kidd told me, after returning from Washington, D.C. that he had been ordered to sit down with two civilians from either the White House or the Defense Department, and rewrite portions of the court’s findings. Admiral Kidd also told me that he had been ordered to ‘put the lid’ on everything having to do with the attack on USS Liberty. We were never to speak of it and we were to caution everyone else involved that they could never speak of it again. “I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement as I know that the Court of Inquiry transcript that has been released to the public is not the same one that I certified and sent off to Washington.”

He describes a phone call from Jay Cristol in 1990 requesting an interview. He refers him to Admiral Kidd (ret.), still alive at the time.

“Shortly after my conversation with Cristol, I received a telephone call from Admiral Kidd, inquiring about Cristol and what he was up to. … “At no time did I ever hear Admiral Kidd speak of Cristol other than in highly disparaging terms. I find Cristol’s claims of a ‘close friendship’ with Admiral Kidd to be utterly incredible. I also find it impossible to believe the statements he attributes to Admiral Kidd, concerning the attack on USS Liberty.”[3][4][5]

Israel’s defenders reply to this literature with a snowstorm of details, making much of tiny flaws while ignoring the essential points. And by lying, as above.[6]

Why did the Israelis do it? Obviously the intent of their sneak attack was to silence the Liberty and sink it leaving no survivors, but why? Here we enter the realm of conjecture. Admiral Moorer describes one possible reason – and while reading keep in mind this is the same Israel capable of the Lavon terrorist attack:

“I am confident that Israel knew the Liberty could intercept radio messages from all parties … to the ongoing [Arab-Israel, or Six-day] war, then in its fourth day, and that Israel was preparing to seize the Golan Heights from Syria [while pretending, as they later did, that Syria had attacked them] … “And I believe Moshe Dayan [commander of Israeli forces] concluded that he could prevent Washington from becoming aware of what Israel was up to by destroying the primary source [means] of acquiring that information[,] the USS Liberty.”[7]

And as in the false flag Lavon Affair (in which Israel concealed its attacks on the US for 51 years in order that Egypt be blamed) if this two-hour attack had succeeded in killing all Americans on board, Israel might even have dragged the US into the war on their side.

Much has been made of the possible motive for an attack intended to sink a US vessel with all hands but it need not concern investigators trying to decide if actions carried out were accidental or deliberate.

Wikispooks Documents

Wikipedia bias

The “Friendly Fire” article at the Wikipedia makes no mention of the USS Liberty Incident.

Does it matter? Well, it’s a large and very detailed article that has an entry for the Six Day War. But the entry consists only of one strange and entirely unreferenced claim: “Israeli aircraft bombed an Israeli armored column in the Sinai after it was mistaken for an enemy column[citation needed]. (The main article here does mention this “incident” but in an entirely different location, the West Bank).

Buried in the TalkPage of the USS Liberty Incident article, a well-regarded editor of the Wikipedia claims there is no evidence for there having been any such attack on an armored column.

The earliest and only [emphasis in original - ed] mention I can find of this outside of wikipedia is a 1991 article by Hirsh Goodman in “The Jerusalem Report” which says:
“Mistakes are not uncommon in war. The day before the Liberty was attacked, Israeli warplanes bombed and strafed an Israeli armored column near Jenin in the West Bank. During the Lebanese war, in June 1982, over 20 Israeli servicemen were killed when a Phantom jet pilot mistakenly identified Israeli tanks as Syrian. In May 1987, in the Gulf, the USS Stark was accidentally hit by Iraqi warplanes, killing 37 servicemen. An Iranian civilian airliner was shot down by an over-anxious American battleship crew in May 1988, killing all 290 passengers on board. So it was with the Liberty”.
While the other friendly fire claims are documented, there is nothing anywhere that supports that first claim. Wayne 06:05, 14 November 2008.

So the Wikipedia isn’t recording history to the “Reliable Sources”, as it claims, but is near enough creating it. Both of these Wikipedia articles have been deliberately biased by the insertion of what might as well be fiction, while the hugely significant USS Liberty incident has simply been written out of their history of “Friendly Fire”.

Naturally, the Wikipedia is only the latest in a long string of Zionist fabrications on the internet concerning this incident and many others. The survivors reference an early (1997) example and plead to be heard: “The survivors ask: LET US TESTIFY UNDER OATH! If Mr. Roth has knowledge of the attack, we would be pleased to hear his sworn testimony.” More fiction appears in the Wikipedia with completely baseless smears levelled against the character of Captain Ward Boston. His crime? The man who was senior counsel to the original US Court of Inquiry, infuriated by fresh attempts (“case-closed”) to white-wash Israel over the USS Liberty, swore a quite startling declaration. 35 years after the case he was turning whistle-blower and renouncing what he’d been forced to do but the Wikipedia hates him for it.

In case readers are still not convinced that the bias at Wikipedia is deliberate, then have a look at the extreme bias and impossible conditions under which editing of Wikipedia articles is carried out eg here. The first of the Israeli-Firsters speaking in that case is an obvious banned user (later banned again), his supporter is the Number one top administrator at Wikipedia, a very, very determined Zionist who is not going to let his project publish even what’s reached the western Main Stream Media.


  1. “Sailor Awarded Silver Star for ’67 Actions” by Bryant Jordan, May 29, 2009
  2. There was good weather, she was flying the U.S. flag Quoted in “USS Liberty: Eyewitness Account” by James M. Ennes, Jr., Aug. 13, 2001.
  3. Declaration of Ward Boston, Jr., Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret.), Counsel to the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry’s investigation into the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, January 9, 2004.
  4. Ward Boston first gives sworn testimony a few months earlier. “New Charges vs. Israel in ’67 Ship Attack” UPI, Oct. 24, 2003.
  5. “Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty” October 22, 2003
  6. Review of “Assault on the Liberty” by James M. Ennes, Jr. (Random House 1980, Reintree Press 2002), see Israel’s defenders in action. For example, though the ship sustained 800 hits, as evidenced by as many holes, there was no “‘extended’ attack.”
  7. “Memorandum: Attack on the USS Liberty June 8, 1967″ by Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, June 8, 1997.
  8. 2008 Wikipedia editors discussion. “The earliest and only mention I can find of this outside of wikipedia is a 1991 article by Hirsh Goodman in “The Jerusalem Report”. A Wikipedia editor politely points out that they are publishing the very most unreliable evidence – while elsewhere in the same TalkPages there are numerous complaints that much information in “Reliable Sources” has been omitted or distorted.

Further Reading

  • Attack on the USS Liberty “Dissenting History VS Official History” By John Borne, Ph.D., doctoral dissertation published June 1995.
  • “The Zionist Connection” 2nd Edition by Alfred Lilienthal Chapter 17. “The Attack on Liberty”
  • They Dare to Speak Out, a chapter in Paul Findley’s book describes the Zionist reaction to Mr. Ennes’ book: “The Assault On Assault”
  • “Body of Secrets” by James Bamford Chapter 6: “Blood” comments that the Israeli rescue helicopter transmissions (in the NSA transcripts) reported seeing a flag. This confirms the testimony of the surviving Liberty crewmen and tends to dispute the official Israeli position.

Reliable Sources all say that Israel knew what it was doing

Editor Book with publisher, date In descending order, number of citations by Scholar. Green for accident, Red Not an Accident. Orange for sources that are prominent but are not cited and/or may not be RS (also for potential conflict of interest by author).
Bamford “Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency”, 2001 Anchor, Doubleday x 2, Arrow, Century. (+ “The puzzle palace”, 1983 various publishers inc Penguin). Various publishings cited 149 times + 202 to “The Puzzle Palace” includes similar claim) “Despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel attacked the ship and killed American servicemen deliberately, the Johnson Administration and Congress covered up the entire incident.” Find Articles.
John Ranelagh “The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA” 1986 Weidenfeld & Nicolson Cited by 113 Details unknown, but Michael Oren says of this book “describes the attack as intentional and malicious” and/or “argues that the truth has been obscured by a massive cover-up conducted by Israel and its advocates abroad.”
Michael Oren “Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East”, 2002 by “OR ZARUA BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP”, also Random House. OR ZARUA cited 92 times + Random cited 8 From his JVL article Case Closed “there were breakdowns in communications between the Israeli navy and air force … none of these amount to the kind of gross negligence of which the Israelis have been accused.” (Possible COI: Oren was media relations to IDF and is the Israel ambassador to the US. The book acknowledges the Shalem Center where he is a senior fellow, in a program described as “promoting the research and writing of agenda-shaping work.” Shalem’s journal “champions … a strong, free and Jewish State of Israel”)
Green, Stephen “Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relations with a Militant Israel”, 1984 Morrow, Faber, Amana Cited by 34 “Sometime in the late afternoon or early evening of June 7 … the NSA learned, from an intelligence report emanating from the Office of the US Defense Attache in Tel Aviv, that Israel was planning to attack the Liberty if her course was not changed.” p.215, cited by Ennes at
Richard Helms, CIA director in 1967 (with William Hood) “A look over my shoulder: a life in the Central Intelligence Agency”, 2004, editions by Presidio, Random House and ?another Cited by 29 “one of the most disturbing incidents in the six days [war] … Israeli authorities subsequently apologized for the accident, but few in Washington could believe that the ship had not been identified as an American naval vessel.” WRMEA.
Andrew and Leslie Cockburn “Dangerous liaison: the inside story of the US-Israeli covert relationship” 1991 HarperCollins Cited by 21 Michael Oren says of this book “describes the attack as intentional and malicious” and/or “argues that the truth has been obscured by a massive cover-up conducted by Israel and its advocates abroad.”
A Bregman “Israel’s Wars, A history since 1947″ 2002, Routledge (+ others, eg “A History of Israel” 2003, Palgrave Macmillan, “The Fifty Years War: Israel and the Arabs”, 1998, Penguin) Cited by 17 “Since 1947″ (+ 13 cites to “History” + 13 cites to “50 years”) “A short but significant recording of a conversation over the radio link between Israeli pilots and the Air Force headquarters during the attack on Liberty, published here for the first time, shows beyond doubt, that the Israelis did know, even in the initial stages of their strike on Liberty, that this was an American vessel.”Preface to 2002 edition, p.xiii of “Israel’s Wars A history since 1947″
EM Hammel “Six days in June: how Israel won the 1967 Arab-Israeli war” 1992 Scribner Cited by 19 Details unknown, but probably accepts the attack as an accident.
Richard Deason “The Israeli Secret Service” 1977 Hamish Hamilton Cited by 18 Michael Oren says of this book “describes the attack as intentional and malicious” and/or “argues that the truth has been obscured by a massive cover-up conducted by Israel and its advocates abroad.”
JM Ennes “Assault on the Liberty: The True Story of the Israeli Attack on an American Intelligence Ship”, 1979 – Random House Cited by 16 “US Air Force intercept operators heard Israeli jet being vectored to “the American ship” which they were ordered to sink quickly. Those who have seen these transcripts insist that they leave no doubt that the Israelis knew they were attacking an American ship.”
Donald Neff “Warriors for Jerusalem: The Six Days that Changed the Middle East” 1984 Simon & Schuster Cited by 14 Michael Oren says of this book “the charge of Israeli premeditation” features prominently.
John Loftus “The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People” St. Martin’s Griffin, 1997 No cites to hardback of 1995, 10 cites to 1997 paperback. A relatively well-cited book from a pro-Israel perspective (perhaps with mixed reviews?): “Israel’s attack was justified because ‘the Liberty was gathering electronic information … relayed to the Arabs.’”, a claim for which they fail “to present incontrovertible evidence” according to one admirer and “This is why the Israelis knocked out the American surveillance ship the USS Liberty Synopsis/review by Deane Rink.
William B. Quandt “Lyndon Johnson and the June 1967 War: What Color Was the Light?” 1992, The Middle East Journal Cited by 8 Note 80 on page 225 says: “80. Clark Clifford was asked to determine who was responsible for the Liberty attack. According to the notes of the NSC Special Committee meeting on June 9, 1967 (declassified August 12, 1985), Clifford reported that it was “inconceivable that it was an accident.” A marginal note says, “President agreed 100%.”
Lewis “Operation Cyanide: How the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War Three”, 2003 Vision # Hardcover: 288 pages ISBN-13: 978-1904132196. cited by 3 “Peter Hounam reveals that the attack was part of a clandestine plan between the US and Israel known as “Operation Cyanide,” designed to ensure victory for Israel in the Middle East. By blaming the attack on the Arab world, retaliation on a grand scale would be justified.”
John E Borne “The USS Liberty: dissenting history vs. official history” 1993. Reconsideration Press (as Ph.D 1995 excerpts). Cited by 3 Borne examines the “making” of history and says that the arguments of survivors and the USG have been consistent, while “The Israelis and their American supporters have been far less consistent”. In “Realpolitik gone Haywire” 1995 by Richard D. Lee, Jr., LCDR, USN p.25 cites Borne as having said “The USDAO in Tel Aviv apparently sent a message warning that USS LIBERTY would be attacked if the ship patrolled off the Gaza.”
H Goodman, Z Schiff “The Attack on the Liberty” Atlantic Monthly, September 1984. Cited by 3 Post-Ennes article by two Israelis defends “accident” theory. Few other articles on this topic are cited, this one perhaps because it is the only source for “the day before the Liberty was attacked, Israeli pilots accidentally bombed one of their own armored columns.”
Fishel, Reverdy S “The attack on the Liberty: an ‘accident’?” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 8, no. 3 (Fall 1995): 345-352. Cited by 2 in Scholar, despite only being an article(!). Fishel calls Loftus and Aarons’ book, “a collection of preposterous and demonstrably false theories and allegations. With regard to the Liberty attack, the only significant detail they get right is that it was deliberate.”[1] Fishel also quoted by JVL with 1995 “… trend towards acceptance of Israeli guilt …”
AJ Cristol “The Liberty Incident: The 1967 Israeli Attack on the US Navy Spy Ship” google-book 2002 version on web. 1 cite is to web-version at Google books. (Book is “The Liberty Incident” published by Brassey, never cited). “Ten official U.S. investigations and three official Israeli investigations have all concluded that the attack was a tragic mistake or that there is no evidence to establish that it was not a tragic mistake. Seven U. S. Presidents, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan, Bush, and Clinton have all accepted the conclusion that the attack was a tragic mistake.”
Moorer Report, independent investigation of 2003. Admiral Thomas H. Moorer former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Raymond G. Davis, former Assistant Commandant of The Marine Corps. Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, former Judge Advocate General of US Navy. Ambassador James Akins former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Not recognised by Scholar. “… after eight hours of aerial surveillance, Israel launched a two-hour air and naval attack against USS Liberty … there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew … there has been an official cover-up … to the present day and is a national disgrace”.Moorer Report.
James Scott “The Attack on the Liberty” 2009 – Simon & Schuster. James is a South Carolina investigative reporter, son of survivor John Scott Released in June 2009, 0 cites in Aug 09 but James Ennes says: “my book must yield first place to James Scott in that hierarchy of USS Liberty investigative literature.” “Even President Lyndon Johnson believed it was a deliberate attack … Israel’s inquiry showed that a positive identification of the ship was made hours before the attack. This information, allegedly because of a miscommunication, was not relayed to the Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boat.” Seattle Times and “pilot reports from the attack scene made clear to key individuals at command HQ that the ship was likely American and probably USS Liberty. Nonetheless, the attack continued.”
Alan Hart Zionism The Real Enemy of the Jews v.2. WorldFocus, 2007. ITN reporter on 1967 war. Not in Scholar, though the author is cited 36 times for “Arafat: terrorist or peacemaker?” p.138 “At about 2200 hours … Israeli jets were homing their rockets … The Office of the U.S. Defence Attache in Tel Aviv …. telegramme in code the message was that the IDF was planning to attack the ‘Liberty’ if the ship continued to move closer to the Israeli coast!”
Joseph Daichman “History of the Mossad” (Russian) Not in Scholar and perhaps never will be. Russian book alleged by Russian submariner Captain Nikolay Charkashin to state “Israel was justified in attacking the Liberty.” UnitedStatesGovernment.Net

Genuine massacres, straw-man motive for attack

In 1995 the mass graves of up to 1,000 unarmed Egyptian civilians and prisoners of war were discovered outside El-Arish and the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Jewish Telegraph Agency, and many other respected press organs both in the U.S. and Israel reported that IDF veterans had admitted that there had been mass-murders during the 1967 War.[1] Deputy Foreign Minister, Eli Dayan even offered compensation to the victims families in 1995, but explained that Israel was unable to pursue those responsible due to the statute of limitations.[2] (A further mass grave of 30 Egyptian soldiers is reported to have been found in the Sinai peninsula in 2008, though they could have been regular casualties.[3])

In 2001, James Bamford published a book on the National Security Agency called “Body of Secrets” and in one chapter discusses the USS Liberty Incident (which this famous and highly regarded author treats as a deliberate attack, see above). In an excerpt of the book available at History News Network he says “This and other war crimes were just some of the secrets Israel had sought to conceal since the start of the conflict. An essential element … to hide much of the war behind a carefully constructed curtain of lies … Into this sea of deception and slaughter sailed the USS Liberty”.[4]

Bamford’s book resulted in a new storm of denial – but much of it ignored the detailed specifics and criticism of Israel for the attack on the USS Liberty. Instead, Israeli-firsters turned the words above into an easily demolished “straw-man” argument that Bamford had explained the attack on the Liberty as a means to cover up these massacres. The claim there had been massacres was then refuted, often in unconvincing ways. Michael Oren argued that one of the witnesses (Israeli reporter Gabriel Bron, a former IDF soldier) had subsequently told him “The one hundred and fifty POWs were not shot, and there were no mass murders” but that they were helped by the Israeli soldiers who “gave them water, and in most cases just sent them in the direction of the Suez Canal.” Oren had more to say about the character and integrity of Bamford including “there are a lot of reasons to question Bamford’s credibility, starting with his rather curious reading of Middle Eastern history. For example, Bamford says Israel initiated hostilities against Syria and Jordan, when it happened the other way around.”[5]

Another author, survivor James M. Ennes, Jr. (author of the 1979 The True Story of the Israeli Attack on an American Intelligence Ship[2]) mysteriously appeared to give this argument more credence in 1996, the year after the discovery of the mass graves. In reference to war-crimes and with particular attention to those he believes were committed against him and his ship he asked: “Recent reports in the Israeli and Egyptian press suggest another powerful possibility. … How would [senior Israeli officers] have reacted to the knowledge that USS Liberty was nearby and might have heard incriminating radio traffic?”.[6] His words have been used as support for the argument that Israel would kill over 200 of the most highly qualified American sailors and intelligence operatives and deprive the US of its spy ship in order to conceal the unpunished (and likely unpunishable) killing of 1000 or so Egyptian POWs.

  1. Memo: James Bamford refutes criticism and notes that The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Jewish Telegraph Agency, and many other respected press organs both in the U.S. and Israel had reported a massacre of Egyptians carried out in 1967, Bamford provides excerpts from some of them. 1995.
  2. Ibrahim, Youssef Egypt Says Israelis Killed P.O.W.’s in ’67 War, New York Times 21 September 1995.
  3. Egypt soldiers found in mass grave near Israel uniformed “bodies of 30 Egyptian soldiers believed killed in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War were found in a mass grave” between El-Arish and Rafah by a Bedouin. 09 Jan 2008
  4. Excerpt “This and other war crimes were just some of the secrets Israel had sought to conceal since the start of the conflict. An essential element in the Israeli battle plan seemed to have been to hide much of the war behind a carefully constructed curtain of lies: lies about the Egyptian threat, lies about who started the war, lies to the US president, lies to the UN Security Council, lies to the press, lies to the public. Thus, as the American naval historian Dr Richard K Smith noted, “any instrument which sought to penetrate this smoke screen so carefully thrown around the normal ‘fog of war’ would have to be frustrated”. Into this sea of deception and slaughter sailed the USS Liberty, an enormous spy factory loaded with the latest eavesdropping gear”. Excerpt from Body of Secrets by James Bamford at History News Network. 2001.
  5. Unfriendly Fire review of Bamford’s “Body of Secrets” by Michael Oren. “There are a lot of reasons to question Bamford’s credibility, starting with his rather curious reading of Middle Eastern history. For example, Bamford says Israel initiated hostilities against Syria and Jordan, when it happened the other way around.” December 26th, 2002.
  6. “USS Liberty: Did Israel Commit One War Crime to Hide Another?” “Recent reports in the Israeli and Egyptian press suggest another powerful possibility. … Could our operators have heard voice radio messages revealing these killings? Did senior Israeli officers sanction the murders, or did they learn of them? How would they have reacted to the knowledge that USS Liberty was nearby and might have heard incriminating radio traffic? Would they have been desperate enough to attack an American ship? ” Survivor James Ennes, Washington Post Report on Middle East Affairs, May/June 1996.


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Israel’s Escalating Rhetoric

By following Israel in lawlessness, the US is sullying its own constitution

Israel’s Escalating Rhetoric

by Abolala Soudavar

…….4- The attack on the USS Liberty – On June 8th, 1967, in the midst of Six-day-war, the US vessel Liberty was attacked by Israeli war-planes and torpedo boats. Israel claimed innocence and purported that the attack was a mistake, while congressional investigations, which dragged on for several decades, proved that there were multiple attacks and they were deliberate. As several books on the subject have demonstrated, Israel believed that the SS Liberty, which was primarily equipped with eavesdropping material, had intercepted Israel’s communiqués to its commanders, ordering them to capture the Golan Heights of Syria despite a cease-fire that had been declared, which the Israeli government had officially accepted. The SS Liberty was an obstacle, and had to be eliminated, even though it was an American vessel. 34 crewmen were killed and 171 more men were wounded defending their ship against Israeli aggression. But such was the complacency of US politicians towards Israel, that for years no one dared to investigate the matter, and it was only after 13 years of hard work by the victims of this blatant aggression that Israel accepted to pay the family of the victims a modicum of compensation. The sense of betrayal among certain US patriots is nowhere more evident than in the memoirs of the then CIA director, Richard Helms. He was totally dismayed that the NY Times had treated the killing of 34 US servicemen as a minor incident, and tucked the reporting of this major incident in a minor space of its inner pages, to never address it again……


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Re-open the USS Liberty Case: 44 years after attack, US Politicians still cover for Israel

“The truth about this attack and cover-up continues to be officially concealed from the American people, although many of those who have since retired from political, military and diplomatic circles have acknowledged it. However, to no ones surprise, the mainstream media to this day have largely maintained an unofficial blackout policy on the subject.

Now is the time for speaking truth to power. It is a very opportune moment to revive the issue. Over the years there have been numerous attempts to press the US government to come clean and to hold the Israeli government accountable.


Re-open the USS Liberty Case: 44 years after attack, US Politicians still cover for Israel

by Ed Hunt for

The event will be observed at noon on Portland’s waterfront.

USS Liberty after being struck by Israel
USS Liberty after being struck by Israel

(PORTLAND, Ore.) – A year after the bloody Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish humanitarian aid ship bound for Gaza, I am reminded of an earlier Israeli attack on another ship that took place several decades ago.

The 8th of June marks a little noticed anniversary date that should live in infamy in the annals of modern US history. It was the day, during the 1967 war, that the Israel attacked the US spy ship, the USS Liberty, off the coast of Egypt. Thirty four US servicemen were killed and one hundred seventy two were wounded in this well documented, unprovoked attack.

“Accidental” is what Israel, and her defenders proclaim. It was an Egyptian ship, they “mistakenly” thought. Specifically, an out-of-service Egyptian horse carrier, the Israeli government later explained, with the most ‘heartfelt regret.’ It’s their story and they’re sticking to it. How many Egyptian vessels were flying an oversized US flag (riddled with bullet holes from Israeli weapons fire) the Israelis are at a loss for words.

According to the ‘Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Attack on the USS Liberty’, this accidental air and naval attack lasted two hours “during which time unmarked Israeli aircraft dropped napalm canisters on the Liberty’s bridge, and fired 30mm cannons and rockets, causing 821 holes, more than 100 of which were rocket size; survivors estimate 30 or more sorties were flown over the ship by a minimum of 12 attacking Israeli planes which were jamming all five American emergency radio channels.”

This ‘accident’ happened after only eight, yes eight, hours of aerial surveillance, on the Liberty, which had unmistakable American markings.

Amazingly, the response of the US government to this attack has been unprecedented. The Johnson White House recalled a Sixth Fleet military rescue en route toward the scene while the attack was still in progress. The victims, the survivors and their families were betrayed by their government. Surviving crew members were threatened with “court-martial, imprisonment or worse” if they revealed the truth, and the USS Liberty “incident” was the subject of an official cover-up by the Johnson administration. Every US administration since has given Israel a free pass on the attack and no standing administration, including the Obama administration, has even uttered a word publicly about it.

The truth about this attack and cover-up continues to be officially concealed from the American people, although many of those who have since retired from political, military and diplomatic circles have acknowledged it. However, to no ones surprise, the mainstream media to this day have largely maintained an unofficial blackout policy on the subject.

Now is the time for speaking truth to power. It is a very opportune moment to revive the issue. Over the years there have been numerous attempts to press the US government to come clean and to hold the Israeli government accountable.

Due to the influence of the pro-Israel lobby, the White House and/or the Congress, no matter which party is in charge, have continued to shield Israel, from any measure of accountability. Perhaps it’s time to turn up the volume, and turn on the spotlight, in a very public way.

We’ve armed Israel, provided billions of dollars in aid and shielded them diplomatically for decades. US taxpayers have been subsidizing the occupation of the Palestinian Territories since the beginning.

President Barack Obama’s statements about returning to the 1967 borders were dismissed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the recent AIPAC (American Israeli Public Action Committee) Convention. It seemed clear as always, that no voice in the US with the capability of speaking out will ever find the task of helping Palestine to be a simple one. In the meanwhile, Jerusalem continues to be the scene of ever expanding settlement construction.

I suspect that there is far greater diversity of opinion on the Israel-Palestine conflict among the US public than is tolerated in the US Congress. I would venture to predict that if the details of the USS Liberty case were be placed before the US public, we might see a drastic rise in opposition to the billions in US aid that Israel rakes in every year. It might be just what the Congress needs to find its backbone and the courage to snub the powerful pro-Israel interests that continue dictate US Middle East policy.

On this occasion of the 44rd Anniversary of the Israeli attack on the Liberty, I will be contacting my US Senators and my Congressperson. I will bring them up to speed on the Liberty case, so that they cannot claim lack of knowledge of this atrocity. I will make clear that their failure to support the re-opening of the Liberty case will be an affront to the memory of the victims of Israel’s murderous assault. Politicians love to posture as to how much they love the troops. With your help, we can break down what has seemed like an insurmountable obstacle: Israel’s untouchable status in US politics. In the process, perhaps we can get a little recognition and justice for the crew and families of the Liberty, as well as justice for the Palestinians, who have been denied a homeland for far too long.


Ed Hunt is a veteran labor activist who follows political developments in the Middle East and in international affairs. He has visited Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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Unveiling the Attack on the USS Liberty

“Kidd told the crew, ‘You are never, repeat never, to discuss this with anyone, not even your wives. If you do, you will be court-martialed and will end your lives in prison or worse.’”  The Johnson Administration had clearly ordered RAdm. Kidd to swear the survivors to silence in order to hide the truth of what transpired on June 8th.”


Unveiling the Attack on the USS Liberty


By Andrew Holliday  :  Fri, Jan 8, 2010

“The attack on the USS Liberty was intentional and mishandled.”


On June 8th, 1967, in the midst of the Arab-Israeli Six Day War, the USS Liberty came under attack by Israeli air and naval forces in an event that would come to be known as ‘The Liberty Incident.’ The USS Liberty was a technical research vessel of the US Navy charged with collecting and processing foreign communications between Soviet and Arab militaries during the Six Day War. Official government reports from both Israel and the U.S. claim that the attack was non-deliberate and completely accidental.

USS Liberty
USS Liberty (AGTR-5) underway in Chesapeake Bay, 29 July 1967, upon her return
from the Mediterranean Sea. She had been attacked and seriously damaged by Israeli
air and surface forces while operating off the Sinai Peninsula on 8 June 1967, during
the “Six-Day War”, and was subsequently repaired at Malta. :: US Navy photo

While on a surveillance mission 15 miles off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) aircraft and motor torpedo boats at about 2 in the afternoon when a torpedo boat commander falsely identified the Liberty as the Egyptian freighter El Quseir. The commander quickly ordered an airstrike on the ship, and following the aerial attack, allowed for torpedo boats to close in and inflict further damage upon the Liberty, leaving a hole 40 feet wide in the hull of the ship. Ultimately thirty-four Americans were killed and 174 Americans wounded in the attack. Israel later apologized for the incident, explaining that its air and naval forces had simply mistaken the Liberty for the El Quseir, a much smaller Egyptian ship, and so the United States found no reason to continue probing such a matter. Several highly disputed aspects of the incident arising from such claims that a US flag was visible on the USS Liberty, the speed and size of the Liberty distinguished it from most ships native to the local waters of the area, and distinct ship markings on the Liberty’s hull made it a clear U.S. vessel, have continued to stir however, making the unveiling of such a tragic “accident”, to this day, all the more necessary.

“ For anyone, especially
trained IDF Naval Officers
to mistake a refitted cargo
ship like the USS Liberty for a
ship capable of shooting shells 20
miles to El Arish is unbelievable.”


According to the survivors of the Liberty, the ship was “flying the Stars and Stripes before, during, and after the attack except for a brief period when one of the flags was shot down and replaced with a larger flag.” In an official US Navy Court of Inquiry, the Israeli pilots responsible for the aerial attack denied seeing a flag though America survivors claimed that the flags were visible due to clear weather. The Court concluded that due to the lack of wind and slow speed of the Liberty (5 knots or 6 mph), simply flying the flag may not have been enough for fighter pilots from the air to identify the flag’s colors. In 2003 however, 42 years after the attack, it was noted in the Moorer Commission which took place on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. that “new evidence of intercepted radio communications between attacking Israeli pilots and the Israeli War Room, recorded by a U.S. Navy EC-121 spy plane, in which the Israeli pilots report seeing Liberty’s American flag flying, had been collected by investigative author James Bamford – for 9 years the Washington Investigative Producer for ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings”. Such a report reveals that the Israeli pilots had, 42 years earlier, lied to the US Navy Court. In addition, and this is hypothetically speaking, even if the pilots were unable to see the flag in full because of the ship’s speed and lack of wind, the torpedo boat officers, at sea-level, should have had no problem with properly identifying the ship before commencing an attack. As trained naval officers, they would have had adequate training in at-sea ship identification and therefore should have been able to identify the Liberty. To counter this reality, Israeli officers involved in the attack made another questionable claim – that after receiving reports that El Arish was under artillery fire from the sea, which was when the Israeli Central Coastal Command sent three torpedo boats to investigate, the torpedo boat officer had reported that the Liberty was moving at 30 knots (approx. 35mph/55kph) upon changing course headings – so as to justify the Israeli fleet’s suspicion of (and therefore attack of) the U.S. vessel. This goes against previous evidence found by the US Court of Inquiry, however, stating that the Liberty was traveling at a languid 5 knots (approx. 6mph/9kph) and had kept a steady course westward. Interestingly enough, disregarding both reports, the USS Liberty’s top speed was officially recorded by the Navy to be around 18 knots, therefore invalidating both the torpedo boat officer’s claim and the U.S. Court’s claim.
USS Liberty/El Quseir Ship comparison

In further defense, Israel claimed that the USS Liberty and the El Quseir, the Egyptian freighter they thought they were attacking, were not very distinct from each other. This claim stems from the fact that the USS Liberty, like the El Quseir, was a civilian freighter before it was refitted for military service. Upon closer examination however, it is clear that the USS Liberty and El Quseir were clearly distinguishable from each another. The most obvious difference is the size of the two ships; the El Quseir was 83 meters long whereas the USS Liberty was 139 meters long. The size difference alone should have made the IDF realize that a mistake had been made. Additionally, the El Quseir’s on-deck apparatus such as smokestacks and pole-masts were slanted backward whereas the USS Liberty’s apparatus were vertical, making the distinction between the two ships furthermore noticeable. Again, while the pilots could have mistaken the USS Liberty for the Egyptian ship from certain angles in the air, the torpedo boat captains were knowledgeable IDF naval officers who should have been able to realize their error, thus preventing the attack. And considering the fact that the initial reason for the Israeli boats’ dispatch was to investigate an unidentified ‘enemy’ ship that was possibly shelling El Arish from the sea, for anyone, especially trained IDF Naval Officers, to mistake a refitted cargo ship like the USS Liberty for a ship capable of shooting shells 20 miles to El Arish is unbelievable.

Furthermore, the USS Liberty had very distinct markings on her hull. In large letters were the symbols “GTR-5″ which identified the USS Liberty as a National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence vessel on the morning of the attack. Having knowledge of a US ship in the area, the pilots of the Israeli fighter bombers should have double checked to make sure they weren’t attacking an ally. According to the Clifford report which was directed by Chairman of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Clark M. Clifford, “the Liberty’s U.S. Navy distinguishing letters and number (GTR-5) were painted clearly on her bow.” Also in the report was the statement that “the Liberty’s name was clearly painted in English on her stern… [and so] the ship’s configuration and her standard markings were clearly sufficient for reconnaissance aircraft and waterborne vessels to identify her correctly.” If the ship’s markings had been clear and legible as stated in the Clifford report, the officers aboard the torpedo boats should have been able to identify the USS Liberty as an American vessel before commencing such an attack, especially since the El Quseir would have had written on its hull, letters in Arabic.


WWhat's most horrific is the fact that President Johnson directly prevented the US Navy from assisting the crew of the USS Liberty during the attack. According to crew reports, the IDF fighter bombers jammed the Liberty's radio signal, preventing the crew from identifying themselves as Americans. After the Liberty restored contact with the rest of the Sixth Fleet, it sent an urgent SOS requesting air support. According the Lt. Commander David E. Lewis, the senior intelligence officer on board the Liberty, planes were sent by Rear Admiral (RAdm.) Lawrence R. Geis of the Sixth Fleet on two occasions. The first flight was called back by Secretary of Defense McNamara and the second by President Johnson. Unable to believe that the White House would let the USS Liberty sink, Geis asked for confirmation on the aircraft recall to which Johnson said that he "didn't care if every sailor died and the ship sank but would not have his allies embarrassed." This interaction between RAdm. Geis, Secretary McNamara, and President Johnson shows that the Johnson Administration clearly put Israel's interests ahead of US interests. Particularly disturbing are Johnson's words that he would rather have every sailor die than send a rescue flight. When the USS Liberty limped its way back to Malta to dock, a "total news blackout was imposed and RAdm. Kidd told the crew, 'You are never, repeat never, to discuss this with anyone, not even your wives. If you do, you will be court-martialed and will end your lives in prison or worse.'" The Johnson Administration had clearly ordered RAdm. Kidd to swear the survivors to silence in order to hide the truth of what transpired on June 8th.
from John Gidusko's USS Liberty Newsletter #576 (3/09/12)
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