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Dec. 3, 2008  Phillip F. Tourney

As I lay here in my hospital bed, cheating the grim reaper once more and as bad as I feel, I must write this article. I think back to June 8, 1967 aboard the USS LIBERTY when the terribly wounded men had not a comfortable bed to lie on, only the comfort of a steel deck on a hard mess table to give them comfort. The heroic Doctor Keipher could only do so much for so many. We as a crew are eternally grateful for his life saving skills.

As you may or may not know, our ship was savagely attacked by air and sea in a sneak, murderous, venomous, and brutal attack by the government of Israel, our only “ally” in the Middle East. We were in international waters on the high seas with our colors flowing in the wind for all to see. The government of Israel had positively identified our clearly marked ship as the USS LIBERTY, an American intelligence gathering ship, the most sophisticated listening platform in the world at that time.

In this two hour attack, Israel attacked us with French mirage jets with the Star of David painted over to mask the identity of our attackers. The air assault lasted 30 – 40 minutes, dropping napalm on us, shooting us with rockets, canons, machine guns, whatever ordinance they had on those planes they used on their American friends, slaughtering and maiming as many of Americas’ sons as possible. We got out a S.O.S. to the Sixth Fleet within 15 minutes into the attack that we were being attacked by unknown jet aircraft, may-day, may-day!

Captain Tully scrambled conventionally armed aircraft from the USS SARATOGA to come to our aid. Even before the lifesaving planes hit the horizon they were recalled. Captain Tully was dumb-founded that his rescue aircraft had been recalled. He then launched a second strike force to come to our aid – same results- return to base.

We were left out there to fend for ourselves when the United States Government knew we were under attack. This came from the chain of command from Admiral John McCain, Jr. up to LBJ. The bastards left us out there alone to die.

The torpedo boats then showed up to finish us off, firing 5 torpedoes at us from three motor torpedo boats. One torpedo hit the starboard side, murdering 25 of America’s greatest stars in the intelligence field.

The torpedo gunmen would shoot at our fire fighters, stretcher bearers, and anything else that moved. The Israelis were having the time of their lives, causing this murder and mayhem.

Two Israeli helicopters hovered over our ship for awhile with commandos at the doors, ready to board our ship and finish us off. But they suddenly left. We didn’t find out until later the reason they left was they had picked up a false message that help would be there soon. But, just like before, help never did come to our aid. Over 800 canon and rocket holes were in our ship, thousands of rounds of 50 caliber armor piercing bullets riddled the ship and a hole left in her side was so big we thought our ship was going to roll over on us and there we would be at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, 34 Americans murdered and 174 wounded.

I think about when the PUEBLO crew had met the same fate, only to be captured and tortured by the North Koreans for a year before their release. I can’t imagine what those heroes went through serving their country then being thrown away as the LIBERTY crew had been. I wonder how I would have handled name, rank, and serial number only with torture awaiting me at any moment. When we were interrogated by our government about the attack, we all expected a hardy well-done, sailors! You saved your ship! I’ll tell you what our ungrateful government did to us without torture but with intimidation from LBJ to Admiral John McCain, Jr. on down. Our ship had just come through one of the most miraculous arts of seamanship in the history of naval battle and our government ordered us to cover it up for the Israelis, never to breath a word about the attack or we would go to jail or die. Admiral McCain’s son, Senator John McCain signed off on a book called “The Liberty Incident”, which was a bunch of lies, as true facts. Like father like son.

Our government left us out there to die and when we all didn’t die they ordered us to lie! We gave our information freely and willingly. Our government broke our hearts, they broke our trust. They broke us like match sticks and threw us all to the wind. The United States Government is just as guilty of murdering Americans as the Zionist murderers are. All of them from LBJ to the new president should be brought up on charges of aiding and abetting murderers.

They did that to us and they will do it to you! The crew of the LIBERTY should have stuck to name, rank, and serial number, only, when we were being interrogated by Israel’s Zionist thugs calling themselves Americans.

If the LIBERTY murders are so easily explained away, then haul the survivors in front of the senate panel and let’s get history straight once and for all. Then we will see who the real patriots of this government are. They are definitely not the Zionist flunkies in congress who do Israel’s bidding and have been doing so since June 8, 1967. That’s for sure.

Phillip F. Tourney is a three time president of the USS LIBERTY VETS ASSOC.

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