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The acclaimed NSA tapes that were released proving all yet not a single tape DURING THE ATTACK was released or even mentioned

Why aren’t tapes DURING THE ATTACK released? These are AFTER THE ATTACK Tapes! Where are they? Require the participants still alive to testify whether they remember the tapes.  And we’ll see who are the real “conspiracy theorists are. These selective tapes have been touted  as “proof” from ‘Top Gun” Cristol,  every Liberty apologist and pro-Israel “official version” dupe yet not a single tape DURING the attack. What happened to them? -jd

CNN:  USS Liberty attack tapes released

From David Ensor
CNN Washington Bureau  Thursday, July 10, 2003

WASHINGTON (CNN) –Tapes released by the National Security Agency shed new light on the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 Americans and is one of the most controversial mysteries in U.S. Navy history.

The attack, which took placein international waters off the Sinai Peninsula on June 8, 1967, during the Six Day War, also left 171 Americans injured.

The Israelis have always said the attack on the Liberty, which was monitoring communications in the war, was a tragic accident.

But some survivors and senior U.S. officials at the time have said they believe the attack was a deliberate effort to stop American surveillance of Israeli activities during the conflict.

The NSA on Tuesday released audiotapes of Israeli pilots and ground control speaking in Hebrew, along with English transcripts.

The recordings were made by a nearby American surveillance aircraft in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

“For your info, it is apparently an Arab ship,” says ground control.

“Roger,” says the pilot.

“It is an Egyptian supply ship,” says ground control.

“Roger,” comes the response.

The NSA released the tapes and transcripts under the Freedom of Information Act in response to a request from Miami Judge Jay Cristol.

An author of a book on the attack, Cristol said the tapes show it was a tragic accident in a time of war — that the Israelis mistook the ship for an Egyptian one.

“I don’t think there’s any question that anyone who reads these tapes would be absolutely convinced there was the fog of war out there,” Cristol said.

Later on the tape, the Israelis sound confused and concerned. Ground control orders the helicopter pilots to look for survivors and to check their nationality.

“If they speak Arabic — Egyptians — you’re taking them to Al-Arish. If they speak English — non-Egyptians — you’re taking them to Lod. Is that clear?” says ground control.

“Roger,” says the pilot.

James Bamford, the author of a history of the NSA, believes the tapes suggest the Israelis may have deliberately attacked the U.S. spy ship, perhaps fearing — for some reason not known — that it was spying on them.

“Here the transcripts are saying, ‘Well, you know, there may be people speaking English on this ship,’” Bamford said. “Why would you say that if it’s an Egyptian ship, carrying horses?”

On the tape, after the rescue helicopter pilot tells ground control he sees an American flag on the ship, he receives an order in return.

“They request that you make another pass and check once again whether it is really an American flag,” ground control says.

The order suggests the Israelis were surprised at word of a U.S. flag, but it also runs counter to what Israeli fighter pilots and torpedo boat crews have always insisted: That they could not see an American flag.

“Clearly the flag was there,” Bamford said, “because the intercepts show that the helicopter pilots saw it immediately, before they ever even got up to the ship.”

The ship’s flag now hangs in the National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Meade, Maryland, adjacent to NSA headquarters.

“I think this is probably the most important link in the evidence that ought to bring closure to this matter,” Cristol said.

Surviving members of the Liberty crew argue that — far from putting the matter to rest — the tapes only underline the continuing need for a full, public U.S. investigation.

“A simple investigation — that’s all they have to do,” said Joe Meadors, a Liberty survivor. “Find out what happened. If anybody did anything wrong, punish them.”

In a letter to Cristol, the NSA said that contrary to rumors there was no U.S. submarine in the area watching, and the Liberty itself made no relevant recordings.

Israeli Embassy spokesman Mark Regev said the tapes are “further evidence that the Liberty incident was a terrible and tragic case of mistaken identity.”

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  1. JDavis says

    Thanks for the comments. jd

  2. Jaques says

    “By deception thou shalt wage war”….a prime example is the USS Liberty and he abandoned and sacrificed crew. It is inconceivable that the USS Liberty could be mistaken in identity as pilots and navigators learn such identification. It is an ignominy that today the lies are still left as truth. That Johnson’s orders were obeyed whilst americans were being massacred by Israelis is itself an indictment of the military system which acts as automatons when from time to time it should act as though it has personal integrity.

    I have only a little to say here on an incident in which the baseness of men in power is exemplified in conspiracy to kill their own men. Information released on Pearl Harbour shows a similar tragedy and there are more recent examples.Johnson had already conspired with Israel, one of three groups involved in the assassination of Kennedy by the most expert false-flag operators of the middle east, yes, but which also used two other groups which pervade the electing of American Presidents.

    Mark Regev, who’s deception on these tapes is highlighted here is a notorious liar representing a team of liars and still used by the USA as its mantra master in spreading deception. Israel was founded in deception and has been in control of US policy since WW11 and been the recipient of at least US400 billion in “aid”. Viktor Ostrovsky exposed the deep espionage and interference by Israel in US policy, military, hospital systems and a raft of US assets Israel uses in assassination and espionage. This include the transferring and substitution of military and hospital personnel and files. The US perseveres in doing nothing irrepsective of Israel’s activities. They are not alone, this characterises the “west”, seemingly mesmerised by a regime which has been evil and conspiratorial, particularly with the reich, since before its implimentation as a “State”

    I doubt Israel was trying to hide its vile atrocity on the Egyptians as is commonly suggested. More likely is that Johnson and Mc Cain were but two of a group which conspired with Israel to sacrifice Liberty in a false-flag attack, in which Liberty would be sunk with all hands to draw US into the 1967 war ,begun on Israeli deception, now exposed by some senior officers of the time, so as to attack the Arab states.

    Ari ben Menashe exposed in 1981, that Mossad had for many years required the USA to attack the Arabs “to kill as many as possible to keep them off our borders”…..whatever borders that means as they have stolen most of Palestine. Israel maintained, in the intervening years that USA would, without doubt attack the Arab states on Israel’s behalf, it was simply a matter of “when”. Many will remember the exposure in the Kneset ” Don’t worry about America, we own America, it does what we want it to do”…and so on.

    Mc Cain demanded silence of the remaning crew, Cristol took the Israeli line, Johnson betrayed and sacrificed American servicemen,a smaller act some might think than his betraying Kennedy but for me every man there on Liberty was as valuable as Kennedy.

    Without enumerating them further it is crystal clear there was a conspiracy between Johnson and Israel to permit the men to be killed so that Johnson could fulfil Israel’s wishes as he fulfilled the wishes of the alien owned US Reserve Bank and Israel immediately he was invested with power.

    It is an indictment that the American people tolerate these reptiliian governments which treat its people as serfs…cannon fodder and paying taxes for the benefit of the barons being the extent of their real value….and thus permit such reptiles to be inflicted on the whole of the world. Hopefully the commemoration of the USS Liberty on 30 May 2010 on board a Free Gaza ship will raise public awareness of this nightmare web of lies created in our time of US history, which dates for most of us older folks, the commencement or purported “ending” of WW11. In fact WW11 has never ended and war has been fought ever since. Israel however does not fight wars so much as enact genocide. Paletinians stuffed into Gaza, hundereds of thousands murdered, 4 million dispossessed and provocation relentless in trying to use the Paestinians for propaganda purposes. Without the caged Palestinians there is no one to blame for Israel’s excess and vile behaviour towards the world it controls. Its crimes extend not only to a litany of espionage abuses including using Palestinians, some dissident jews and poor black Africans at Sowheto as guinea pigs in their chemical and bilological experiments. They have been well exposed in stealing US military plans, building the equipments and tendering it at lower prices but in taking US intelligence and returning nothing, of which Mossad boasts.Nothing is done.Israel is responsible for he empowerment of Hamas through its assassination of Arafat and emonises it and those who resist the Israeli jackboot. Israel also demonises Hezbollah yet it actually created it for its own deception of Lebanon.

    America could not but know of the sickening extent of Israel’s 63 years of exposed crimes against humanity yet it is still subservient to Israel and all post WW11 Presidents have required Israel’s blessing to become Obama and McCain and Clinton recently showed yet again. Israel aso conspired with Reagan to bring down Carter.

    It’s time, as millions of lives have been horribly exterminated or reduced to ruin by the US/Israeli conspiring, that the American people not only have truths revealed, and act on the truth, demand the truth concerning every Presidential act, and turn against liars….and Israel is the mother of all always has been and is currently under examination for its theft and misappropriation of the land and property of holocaust victims, the ones it claims so indecently dishonestly, to represent.

    It’s time for dramatic change and for the people to rise up and say “enough!!”. It’s very possible that this Gaza trip, already fraught with conspiracy between Israel and US and Israel and Cyprus commemorating so profoundly today the USS Liberty abomination and tragecy could be the trigger.

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