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US support for Israel in Gaza – Reminders of the USS Liberty attack

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US support for Israel in Gaza – Reminders of the USS Liberty attack

By Ian Brockwell

Although most world leaders are trying to encourage Israel to halt its military action in the Gaza Strip (some more enthusiastically than others), the US seems evermore determined to show its support and recently blocked a UN Security Council Action on Gaza.

The UN General Assembly president, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, criticized the US for protecting Israel over the years from meeting its obligations under various UN resolutions to end its occupation of Palestinian lands.


Israeli ground strike on Gaza
Israeli ground strike on Gaza

As a result of many biased reports in the Mainstream Media, who most know lean in the direction of the government and their policies, the public are being “brainwashed” into supporting Israel as well. This tactic was used very effectively after the 9/11 attack and a very strong hatred for anyone (or anything) remotely “Arab” in nature has developed.  

Just recently 9 Muslims were removed from a plane for saying something “inappropriate”. Had these people been well dressed white folks and not dressed in more traditional Islamic clothing, the other passengers would have either ignored the comment or taken it as a joke. To assume that all “Arabs” are potential terrorists, is a bit like assuming all Blacks were born in Africa and that all Aids victims are homosexual!

Perhaps those who have written articles (or sent comments) suggesting that Hamas deserve everything they are getting and should be killed, might want to take a look at this video “The attack on the USS Liberty” (there is also a video there of a boat rammed by the Israeli Navy).

The “Liberty” video provides accounts of the attack by Israel on the ship presented by some of the survivors. It lasts about one hour, but I urge you to try and watch it all as it has relevance to what is happening today. Israel claim it was an “accident” and thought the Liberty was an Egyptian ship (much smaller), but the US flag was clearly visible and there could be no mistaking it was an American ship. Yet it was subjected to the fiercest attack imaginable by air and sea, with the clear intention of sinking the ship and leaving no survivors!

The Liberty managed to send a distress signal and planes were launched to assist, but these were recalled following instructions from Washington. Some of the survivors believe the attack was to stop the Liberty from monitoring the action of the Israeli’s in their “pre-emptive” strikes on Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Gaza Strip (The Six Day War). However, watch the video yourself and then decide whether you think the US government (or yourself) is doing the right thing by not offering any criticism of Israel’s actions.

I’m not saying that Hamas are free of blame, of course they are not, do they honestly think they have any chance against the Israeli armed forces? But why does Israel feel it is necessary to take such strong action against the people in the Gaza who are short of food, water and other essential supplies. Hamas are no match for Israel.

It has been suggested that others might (or should) help those in Gaza (perhaps Hezbollah, or maybe even Iran), but could the attack on Gaza be designed to do just that, in order to provide an excuse to widen the conflict? There is very little support for an attack on Iran, mainly because the “talk” of them building nuclear weapons can not be proved. However, should Iran get involved in the conflict, Israel, and probably the US, may feel that is sufficient grounds to make a strike and receive world support?

Although some claim to know what is going on in the Gaza Strip, in reality we just don’t know. The only reports being received are from Palestinians and we can not be sure of their accuracy, and those issued by Israel (which may not be that accurate either). As far as we know, more than 460 Palestinians have been killed and perhaps 2,000 wounded (up to Saturday) and 3 Israeli’s killed. Unfortunately, the Israeli military has prevented foreign journalists from entering the Gaza Strip making it difficult to verify this.

In one report we hear that the Israeli forces have been dropping leaflets telling residents to evacuate their homes “for their own safety”, but where should they go? The border between Gaza and Egypt is blocked and Israel is not allowing them to leave!

Some question why Egypt does not open its borders to Gaza and accept refugees, but perhaps they too are frightened of the consequences? They perhaps remember how their Air Force was wiped out by Israel in 1967.

This latest conflict is no longer just about rockets being fired at Israel, it is about the excessive use of force against an opponent that has no hope of defending itself and the humanitarian tragedy that is sure to result. Israel have asked, and been given, sympathy and understanding for the suffering Jews received in the Holocaust. The world is now asking for the same treatment for the people in Gaza, what’s your answer going to be Israel?

The following extract is from the Israel Defense Forces site:

Human Dignity - The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to protect human dignity. Every human being is of value regardless of his or her origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position.

(oh brother….every murder is always an “accident”….when pigs fly -jd)

Amen to that. Let’s hope these are not just words.

Ian Brockwell writes straight talking, honest stories that engage readers. Contact Ian through NewsBlaze or his News Page.

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