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A. Jay Cristol, Israel’s Pitch Man

A fraud, a typical disloyal 'Israel First' American, USS Liberty apologist and liar.

It is in my opinion, and based upon, amongst other evidence, the aforementioned time line, that Ahron Jay Cristol, a Jewish-American citizen, has to be a USS Liberty apologist whose sole motive through his writings and actions is to promote and sustain the “official” Israeli and US government versions of the June 8th, 1967 attack. In other words, to perpetuate the USS Liberty cover up, to counter and marginalize dissent, negate awareness through a dubious interpretation of events, people and history and to deliberately deceive in protecting Israel.

“…the fact that the Israeli government and its surrogates in the United States have worked so long and hard to prevent an inquiry itself speaks volumes as to what such an inquiry would find.” 1

Key concepts to remember:
Lying by omission: “One lies by omission by omitting an important fact, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception. Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions. An example is when the seller of a car declares it has been serviced regularly but does not tell that a fault was reported at the last service. Propaganda is an example of lying by omission.” — Wikipedia, Types of Lies: lying by omission

Lies of Omission: “To lie by omission is to remain silent and thereby withhold from someone else a vital piece (or pieces) of information. The silence is deceptive in that it gives a false impression to the person from whom the information was withheld. It subverts the truth; it is a way to manipulate someone into altering their behavior to suit the desire of the person who intentionally withheld the vital information; and, most importantly, it’s a gross violation of another person’s right of self-determination.” — The Art of Lying

The Biggest Lie About Lies — A Lie of Omission Is Not a Lie!
“A lie of omission is the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie, have conned themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up is not a lie at all. In spite of overwhelming evidence that their silence deceives, misleads, and often causes untold grief and misery, they refuse to speak the truth.” — The Art of Lying

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” The famous call out from the old “The Shadow” radio show of the 1930’s and 1940’s. George W. Ball 2 Presidents Kennedy and LBJ’s under-secretary of State knew very well when he wrote about Israel 3 and the USS Liberty in 1992

During the [Six Day] War, Israel attacked the USS Liberty. The Liberty was an American intelligence-gathering vessel, then sailing in international waters off Egypt’s coast and reading the radio transmissions on both sides. It flew the American flag and was painted in US Navy colors, complete with number and name.

On the fourth day of the war [June 8, 1967], with both Jordan and Egypt routed, the Israelis turned their attention to Syria, the original cause of all this trouble. Guns mounted on the Golan Heights had subjected Galilee to sporadic bombardment for years and the Israelis had every intention of capturing those Heights before hostilities were over. Meanwhile, the United Nations had adopted a cease-fire resolution and they feared there might not be enough time to accomplish this objective without, as it were, going into overtime.

The USS Liberty’s presence and function were known to Israeli leaders. They presumably thought it vital that the USS Liberty be prevented from informing Washington of their intentions to violate any cease-fire before they had completed their occupation of the Golan. Their solution was brutal and direct.

Israeli aircraft determined the exact location of the ship and undertook a combined air-naval attack. Apprised of Israel’s plans from various sources, the US Navy Department faced a delicate problem. Due regard for the lives of America’s naval personnel should have impelled the Navy to urge the State Department to warn off Israel in no uncertain terms; meanwhile, the Navy should have alerted the USS Liberty to its danger and dispatched ships or planes for its protection. But none of these actions were taken in time.

There has, for years, been a continuing argument about the tragic lapse. Some say that a warning to Israel might have exposed U.S. sources of secret intelligence. Whatever the motive, the President or one of his aides took the decision to risk the ship and its crew, and merely ordered them, without explanation, to steam west at top speed. Unhappily, that notice was too little and received too late. Israeli ships and planes attacked, killing 34 American sailors. The sequel was unedifying. The [Johnson] administration tried vigorously to downplay the whole matter. Although it silenced the crew, injuries to the sailors and damage to the ship could not possibly be concealed.
Thus, an elaborate charade was performed.

The United States complained pro forma to Israel, which reacted by blaming the victims. The ship, they rejoined, had not been clearly marked but looked like an Arab ship — which was definitely untrue. Nor did the Israelis even pretend that they had queried the American Embassy in Tel Aviv regarding the status of the well-marked ship. In the end, the Israelis tendered a reluctant and graceless apology; indemnities for the victims and damaged ship were both parsimonious and slow in coming. The sordid affair has still not been erased from the history books; an organization of devoted survivors has kept the cause alive over the years by publishing
a newsletter and holding well-advertised meetings.

“Yet the ultimate lesson of the Liberty attack had far more effect on policy in Israel than America. Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they might do would offend the Americans to the point of reprisal. If America’s leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens, it seemed that their American friends would let them get away with almost anything.” 4 — The Passionate Attachment: America’s Involvement With Israel, 1947 to the Present, George Ball, Douglas Ball, (1992), pg. 57-58

It is a pretty accurate description of the consequences that Ball describes. What is the ‘Liberty expert’ A. Jay Cristol’s response in his book ‘The Liberty Incident’ after his 14-16 years of research? Absolutely nothing. Not a word. Ball is conveniently ignored, nor discussed or mentioned in Cristol’s book, which came out ten years after Ball’s ‘The Passionate Attachment: America’s Involvement With Israel, 1947 to the Present.’

Cristol never discusses it. Ask yourself why? Does it brazenly fly in the face of his pro-Israel and apologist agenda? Implying that a cover up could really exist? This is what A. Jay Cristol and the pro-Israel – Liberty apologist’s agenda are all about.
Cristol provides excuses, interference, confusion, avoidance, obfuscations, and selective use of facts to deflect doubt for Israel’s benefit. ‘Trust us, move along, nothing to see here” has gone on long enough. He continually claims it has been investigated thoroughly, (10 times by the US government alone) yet never explains why 246 crewmen on The USS Liberty out of the 260 surviving were not allowed to testify for the record and still aren’t. Sixty USS Liberty crew members alone were refused to add written statements to a predetermined kangaroo naval court of inquiry.

Again, ask yourself why?
Because they were eyewitnesses and their version of the truth does not match the US and Israeli governments’ official conclusions? Why does such fear continue to this day? Why a need for not allowing public discourse or never wanting a Congressional investigation to happen for what is disingenuously “etched in stone” in the halls of Capitol Hill as a “friendly fire accident?”, an “accident”?

Is it done to protect the economic interests, agendas and policies of Israel and because the consequences of the exposure and confirmation of a cover up and the pandering to Israel and her US/ Israeli supporters would threaten the much hyped “very special relationship”?

Given the gargantuan pile of irrefutable evidence there is no other rational alternative to explain the US’ dysfunctional reaction regarding the wanton killing and murder of her citizens and armed forces at the hands of the ‘only democracy in the ME’’. Why this continuous adamant refusal to openly investigate what happened on that bloody day, June 8th, 1967? Logically one wonders, why does Israel continue to deserve this protection from a case of “mistaken identity” and ‘incident’ that took place forty three years ago?

One cannot honestly separate the USS Liberty attack and its aftermath and isolate it from the Israel-US “special relationship”. It seemed the Rubicon had been crossed and neither government, whatever the reasons, could stomach the admittance that a premeditated injustice was desired, committed and “sold” to the American public for the benefit of a foreign country at the expense of 34 murdered US servicemen. Of course Jay Cristol is not solely responsible for the present day US-Israeli ‘relationship,’ but he chose to be a pitch man in protecting it when it concerned the USS liberty attack and aftermath for his dual ideas of truth, honesty, accuracy and loyalty which will be further and in-depth explored and explained in the pages to come.

Part 3 – Dual Truths – The Israeli Lobby

Footnotes1 – From the formal war crimes complaint filed and still ignored by the US Government and mainstream media, War Crimes Committed Against U.S. Military Personnel June 8, 1967, pg 34, USS Memorial Website

2 – George Wildman Ball, 1909-1994. Biography, Wikipedia

3 – Long a critic of Israeli policies toward its Arab neighbors, Ball co-authored The Passionate Attachment. The 1992 book argued that American support for Israel has been “morally, politically and financially costly.” In Memoriam: George Ball’s Mideast Views Were Muffled by U.S. Media, Richard H. Curtiss, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, July/August 1994, pg. 20

4 – The Passionate Attachment: America’s Involvement With Israel, 1947 to the Present, George Ball with Douglas Ball, W. W. Norton & Co, 1992, pgs. 57-58

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