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Israel’s Escalating Rhetoric

By following Israel in lawlessness, the US is sullying its own constitution

Israel’s Escalating Rhetoric

by Abolala Soudavar

…….4- The attack on the USS Liberty – On June 8th, 1967, in the midst of Six-day-war, the US vessel Liberty was attacked by Israeli war-planes and torpedo boats. Israel claimed innocence and purported that the attack was a mistake, while congressional investigations, which dragged on for several decades, proved that there were multiple attacks and they were deliberate. As several books on the subject have demonstrated, Israel believed that the SS Liberty, which was primarily equipped with eavesdropping material, had intercepted Israel’s communiqués to its commanders, ordering them to capture the Golan Heights of Syria despite a cease-fire that had been declared, which the Israeli government had officially accepted. The SS Liberty was an obstacle, and had to be eliminated, even though it was an American vessel. 34 crewmen were killed and 171 more men were wounded defending their ship against Israeli aggression. But such was the complacency of US politicians towards Israel, that for years no one dared to investigate the matter, and it was only after 13 years of hard work by the victims of this blatant aggression that Israel accepted to pay the family of the victims a modicum of compensation. The sense of betrayal among certain US patriots is nowhere more evident than in the memoirs of the then CIA director, Richard Helms. He was totally dismayed that the NY Times had treated the killing of 34 US servicemen as a minor incident, and tucked the reporting of this major incident in a minor space of its inner pages, to never address it again……


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