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Iran: real threat or just hype?


Iran: real threat or just hype?

April 20,2012

Iran hasn’t invaded another country in over 200 years. So why change?

Iran isn’t a threat to us, and neither was Iraq. Yet how many American kids died or got maimed in that war?

The people who lead us into these unnecessary wars are not the ones on the firing line.

We made Israel a nation in 1948. How many friends has it made since then? And how many enemies?

Who coined the phrase “preemptive strike”?

When people call Israel our staunchest ally in the Middle East, they defile the graves of the US seamen who died on USS Liberty.

As a veteran, I get sick when their deaths have no meaning.

Ron Paul is the only honest man telling the truth about the Middle East, yet our media ignore him.

Iran knows that any country that has the bomb will not be obliterated.

Meanwhile, Israel is blowing smoke, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants our kids to die for his country.

Henry Mitchel

Staten Island

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