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The Brookings Institution: The Attack on the USS Liberty: Lessons for U.S. National Security

The Attack on the USS Liberty: Lessons for U.S. National Security

…”to this day there is a long record of distinguished officers and journalists who take strong exception to this view believing that the attack was deliberate. Indeed the attack on the Liberty is the only maritime incident in U.S. history where our military forces were killed that was never investigated by the Congress.

While few would dispute that the United States and Israel share vital strategic interests, all too often it has been Israeli intransigent policies rather than U.S. interests which have dominated our bilateral relationships”

Arab-Israeli Relations, Israel, International Relations, Foreign Policy, Sanctions, USS Liberty Cover Up

Charles K. Ebinger, Director, Energy Security Initiative, The Brookings Institution

June 08, 2010 —

      It is ironic that the Israeli Defense forces attacked a flotilla of relief ships bound from Europe to Gaza in international waters in a manner all too similar to its assault against the USS Liberty also in international waters on June 8 forty-three years ago. It is even more tragic and a national disgrace that in the immediate aftermath of Memorial Day there is scant remembrance of the 34 crew members comprising naval officers, seamen, two marines and a civilian who were killed in the attack along with the 171 crew members who were wounded. While the official inquiries by both nations found the attack to be a case of mistaken identity of the Liberty, to this day there is a long record of distinguished officers and journalists who take strong exception to this view believing that the attack was deliberate. Indeed the attack on the Liberty is the only maritime incident in U.S. history where our military forces were killed that was never investigated by the Congress.

While few would dispute that the United States and Israel share vital strategic interests, all too often it has been Israeli intransigent policies rather than U.S. interests which have dominated our bilateral relationships. As a global superpower, the U.S. has strategic interests in the Middle East that go far beyond our bilateral relations with Israel—regional political stability, access to oil, control of sea lanes, etc. However so lopsided have our bilateral relations become that even after scandals such as the Pollard spying case in the 1980s came to light, high level officials and lobbyists in both Washington and Israel went out of their way to downplay the significance of the information Pollard passed to both Israeli and Russian intelligence (in order to keep Jewish immigration to Israel alive), despite testimony by four retired admirals who had served as Directors of National Intelligence that Pollard’s revelations had been devastating to U.S. national security and that any premature release would be “irresponsible.”

Again in 1973, it was the decision by the United States to resupply Israel’s military following the outbreak of war that led to the OAPEC oil embargo transforming the Geopolitics of Oil as the world’s economy was sent reeling owing to the spike in the price of oil. The 1973-1974 war by changing the geographical contours of the Middle East set the stage for the growing radicalization of the Middle East as increasingly young men and women grew resentful of their leaders’ inability to change the political and social status quo both in their own countries and in their nations’ relations with Israel. The second oil shock in 1979 and 1980, following the overthrow of the Shah and the coming to power of Ayatollah Khomeini, led to a further radicalization of the region which further inflamed relations among Iran/Iraq, Shites/Sunnis, Christains/Druze/Palestinians in Lebanon and Iran and Iraq in their bilateral relations with various governments throughout the region. At the same time, accelerated settlements by Jewish immigrants in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem created a growing crescendo of radicalism. Then in 1982 the ill-conceived invasion of Lebanon in response to provocations by Palestinians and other radical forces led to the massacres of Palestinian and allied groups men, women and children at Sabra and Shatila by the Christian Phalanges while the IDF stood on the sidelines losing all pretense of a higher moral ground.

Since that time there have been provocations by both the Israelis and the Palestinians and their affiliated allies throughout the Middle East. There have been lost diplomatic opportunities, ill tempered rhetoric by leaders on both sides and a tragic loss of life. Indeed there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides and reasons for each side to be wary of any overture by the other. However, what has been lost during these decades throughout the Islamic world is the view of the man and woman on the street and children in the madrasahs that United States is an honest broker for peace. Having worked throughout the Islamic world for over 35 years, it is a tragedy that this has occurred, but when successive Presidents and other high ranking officials ask Israel not to expand settlements yet hardly voice a “public squeak” of opprobrium let alone some real expression of disapproval (such as a curtailment of military assistance, rescinding favorable trade provisions, etc.) when Israel continues to do so, what is the Islamic World to think about the even handedness of U.S. policy?

Nowhere was the failure of the U.S. to take strong action more visibly demonstrated than during Vice President’s Biden’s visit to Israel when Israel gave the green light for 1,600 new homes for Jewish settlers in annexed East Jerusalem in flagrant violation of international law. In response, both the Vice President and Secretary of State Clinton labeled the action “insulting” to the United States and destructive to the peace process while at the same time doing nothing visible to make Israel pay a price for such actions against the second highest official of our nation.

America, it is time to wake up and listen to the very few of our leaders such as General Petraeus, who even before the Vice President’s visit  warned that the stalled Middle East peace process is a direct threat to U.S. interests and prestige in the region and that the lack of progress in Palestine foments anti-Americanism, undermines Arab regimes, limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships, increases the influence of Iran, projects an image of U.S. weakness and serves as a potent recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. General Petraeus and his briefing team went on to say that the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian peace stalemate undermines the prospects for success in Afghanistan.

As we approach the anniversary of the attack on the Liberty, let us take a few minutes to reflect soberly on whether the time has not come to once again be a honest broker, to call our Israeli friends to account when necessary with sanctions that hurt and to make clear to one and all that acts such as the attack on the flotilla of humanitarian ships bound to alleviate the suffering of the men, women and children of Gaza will not occur with impunity.

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Iran: Can Russia Save the Day? (USS Liberty attack cited)

Iran: Can Russia Save the Day?

by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

March 8, 2012

You are my creator, but I am your master—obey!” So said the Monster to its creator Frankenstein.[1]   As with the monster and its creator, we witness once again Israel telling America to obey—to start yet another war of choice and massacre Iranians.

For over six decades,Israel has demanded full obedience from the United States.  Every  U.S. president, pressured by the pro-Israel lobbies in the United States and the Congressional members whose primary loyalty is to Israel at the expense of America’s national interest, have been forced to comply with the ever-increasing bellicose Israeli demands.  No wonder Benjamin Netanyahu imagines himself unstoppable.

Netanyahu, one of the most dangerous Israeli leaders, is demanding another war so that he may continue the aggressive usurpation of Palestinian and Arab lands uninterrupted by public opinion and disregard for international laws. The thuggish Netanyahu came to Washington to demand surrender from its puppet master, America, like every other Israeli politician before him. He demands sacrifice from Americans in the firm belief  that all sacrifice is justified having witnessed his own brother Yonatan Netanyahu get killed in a 1976 Israeli false flag operation in Entebbe, Uganda.

Lending support to his conviction is the American cover-up of US servicemen murdered by Israel. When the USS Liberty was attacked by Israelis and the servicemen deliberately massacred, the Johnson Administration’s cover-up of the tragic event send a clear message to Israel: American leaders have your back, even if you murder our citizens.

However, the  Soviet message to the Israelis and America was different—as one hopes Russia’s will be.


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International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence: The Attack on the Liberty: an “Accident”?

A request came in for the CI article so it is being re-posted again. -jd

International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence:

The Attack on the Liberty: an “Accident”?


by Reverdy S. Fishel,  International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence


International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence

The following appeared in the Fall, 1995 (Vol 8, No 3)
International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Although David Rodman’s review of The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, notes some of the serious flaws in that work, his critique contains its own serious flaw that should gall anyone who knows a few basic, uncomplicated facts about Israel’s 8 June 1967 attack on the electronic intelligence ship USS Liberty.

All serious scholarship on the subject accepts Israel’s assault as having been perpetrated quite deliberately, but Rodman says that the “most credible” explanation of the attack is that it was an “accident.” To see so flagrant a misstatement in IJIC, considering its standards of factuality, is startling. Assault on the Liberty (1980), by James Ennes, a lieutenant who was on the bridge during the attack, was a very big seller; so the facts of the case need not be out of anyone’s reach. In fact, Israel’s attack on the Liberty was as accidental as Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.


The U.S. Government had posted the Liberty off the coast of Gaza, in international waters, to monitor developments in the region during the Six-day War. (The Liberty’s mission will be discussed in detail below.) At dawn 8 June, Israeli aircraft began reconnoitering the ship, some flying so close that the pilots could clearly be seen, and as low as masthead height, obviously photographing it. This extensive observation lasted seven hours and involved eight separate observations, at about 0600, 0900, 1000, 1030, 1100, and 1130, 1200 and 1215 p.m. U.S. intercept stations twice overheard Israeli pilots reporting that the ship was American. The visibility conditions were perfect; the ship’s American flag was flying free and clear in a good breeze.

At 1400 a well coordinated attack by jet aircraft and torpedo boats began. Jets hammered the virtually unarmed ship with cannon and rockets, and napalmed it. Its forward machineguns were wiped out in the first firing pass, and whatever transmitting antennas survived that pass were disabled by the second. Nine minutes into the attack, crewmen jury-rigged a transmitter to an antenna. But the radiomen discovered that four out of five of the ship’s radio frequencies, including the international distress frequency, were being jammed.
Ironically, the only time Liberty could transmit was while the jets were firing their missiles. A frantic cry for help was sent to the Sixth Fleet, only 400 miles away and off Crete; despite the Israeli jamming, the Liberty’s plea for assistance was received. The patchwork transmitting arrangement ceased functioning soon afterward.

Torpedo boats soon arrived and continued the attack, firing five torpedoes, with one hitting and killing 25 men. They then leisurely circled the defenseless ship for 40 minutes, pumping hundreds of 40-mm, 20-mm, and 50-cal. rounds at wounded men on deck, stretcher bearers and fire fighters. Thinking the ship was about to sink, the crew threw life rafts over the side; the attackers machine gunned those too. With increased radio activity from the U.S. Sixth Fleet indicating an impending U.S. response (many of the Fleet’s messages bore “Flash” precedence), the Israelis suddenly contacted the U.S. embassy and informed it of this “accident.” It was probably the longest “accidental” attack in the history of naval warfare — an hour and 15 minutes.

Two separate flights of jets from the carriers America and Saratoga were recalled by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, the first flight probably because Washington was not absolutely certain of the attackers’ identity and was leery of starting a war with the Russians if they were the guilty party. The second flight was recalled after receipt of the Israeli explanation.


In addition to the above-mentioned circumstances which show that Israel’s attack was deliberate — the lengthy and careful surveillance, the radio jamming, etc. — numerous other details belie Israel’s professed innocence. They include:

* The Israelis initially claimed they had “mistaken” the Liberty for the Egyptian ship El Quseir. But the El Quseir was only 40 percent the size of Liberty (4000 vs. 10,400 tons). The El Quseir was an old, rusted-out horse transport that bore about as much resemblance to the Liberty as a rusty VW does to a new Cadillac. The Liberty was arrayed with numerous specialized antennas, and an ultra-modern (for 1967) 16-foot microwave dish, a device possessed by no other ship in the world except her sister ship Belmont. She bore standard U.S. Navy markings, which included a freshly painted 10-foot-high hull number, and Liberty on the stern.

* “The radio jamming is by itself damning evidence that the assailants knew exactly whom they were attacking. Such jamming requires intimate advance knowledge of the target being jammed, obtained by extended monitoring of its signals. And this was selective jamming; it struck Liberty’s frequencies and no others. Afterward, in one of their ever changing explanations, the Israelis claimed to have learned the ship’s identity when they heard its distress signals. But the attack continued for sixty- six minutes after the first distress signal, which the Israelis had jammed, was sent. Had this particular Israeli claim been true, they would have recalled the torpedo boats before they even reached the ship.”

* The Israelis claimed that the ship’s U.S. flag hung limp because there was no wind. Later, when presented with the fact that the flag had been perfectly visible, they claimed that they thought that the ship was an enemy vessel flying false colors. The extended radio monitoring, exposing considerable advance investigation of Liberty’s communication facilities, refutes this claim.

* The Israelis claimed that the torpedo boats, after first sighting the ship, had called in the aircraft to attack after the ship refused to identify itself. This is an obvious lie, because the attack was clearly a pre-planned and well coordinated one-two punch employing different branches of the Israeli Defense Forces. The jets were already intent on attacking the ship before the Liberty came into the torpedo boats’ radar range. Directly contradicting themselves, the Israelis later claimed that their aircraft had called in the torpedo boats.

* The Israelis eventually admitted that before the attack, their commanders had compared reconnaissance photos of the Liberty with Jane’s Fighting Ships. But they claimed that before the attack they twice telephoned the U.S. naval attache in Tel Aviv inquiring whether the Liberty was a U.S. ship and were told that there were no U.S. Navy ships in the area. They claimed that having received a negative reply, they decided that the ship had to be the El Quseir. However, the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, and later the naval attache, emphatically stated that no such inquiries were made. The Israelis not only knew the ship’s nationality and that she was an “ELINT” ship; they also knew she was the Liberty herself.

* Immediately preceding the attack, an Israeli pilot recognized Liberty as a U.S. ship and radioed this information to IDF headquarters. He was instructed to attack anyway. This dialogue was intercepted at the U.S. embassy in Beirut. Former U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter revealed the existence of this intercept in 1991.

* Finally, there is evidence, circumstantial but clear, of a relationship between the attack on the Liberty and a postponement of Israel’s planned attack on the Golan Heights. The Golan attack was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on 8 June; the Liberty was spotted by 6 a.m. or earlier; last-minute orders delayed the Golan attack; the Liberty was put out of commission; and the Golan attack occurred shortly thereafter. The vaunted IDF made very few mistakes in that war.

After the attack Secretary of State Dean Rusk recommended a strong response, and Presidential Counselor Clark Clifford advised President Johnson to treat Israel in the same manner as the U.S. would treat the Soviets or the Arabs if they had committed the atrocity. The U.S. would certainly not have taken this insult in silence had the offender been any country but Israel. But President Johnson stoically accepted Israel’s explanation. The Navy conducted a Court of Inquiry, which ignored and even suppressed testimony that the attack had been deliberate; it dealt only with the actions and performance of the Liberty crew. State Department legal advisor Carl Salans performed an assessment of Israel’s official explanation; with only the Navy’s highly incomplete and erroneous preliminary investigation to go on, he thoroughly discredited the Israeli Government’s claims of innocent error. The logical next step was to confront the Israelis with his findings, but that was not done. The U.S. Government’s inaction was completely out of keeping with the outrageousness of the attack.

What was Israel’s motive for this act? The scheduling of the Israeli assault on the Golan Heights for 8 June was a move to defeat an intense effort in the United Nations to halt the war, a cease-fire having been scheduled for 9 June. Such pressure was also being applied by the U.S. Government. The IDF leaders were under pressure to acquire the Golan before the cease-fire was imposed, preferably without being labeled the aggressor (as in 1956 when Israel had colluded with Britain and France to attack Egypt). But with all the pressure to attack Syria, and after all the hurried preparations to do so, the Golan attack was suddenly called off within hours of its scheduled commencement. Why? Obviously, someone in the IDF leadership feared the Liberty might intercept some of the many signals then filling the air that would expose Israel’s preparations for invasion. They might then be forced into a cease-fire before they conquered the coveted territory.


Loftus and Aarons’s book, the subject of Rodman’s critique, is a collection of preposterous and demonstrably false theories and allegations. With regard to the Liberty attack, the only significant detail they get right is that it was deliberate, but they actually make the ludicrous statement that Israel’s attack was justified because “the Liberty was gathering electronic information on Israeli troop movements and sending it to British intelligence, which in turn relayed it to the Arabs.” Not only does this statement lack any genuine authentication, it also betrays a conspiracy-mindedness that makes all their other concoctions suspicious. Another claim born of this same free- ranging inventiveness is that “U.S. intelligence attempted to curry favor with the Arab oil producers by giving the precise details of Israel’s order of battle to the Arabs during the war.” Other ridiculous claims:

* “Civilian `spies’ of the National Security Agency (NSA)” had wrested control of — i.e. hijacked — the Liberty from the U.S. military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff; “Commander McGonagle [Liberty's skipper] did not know it at the time, but the real masters of his ship were the civilian spies of the NSA.” That U.S. ELINT ships’ collection assignments were drawn up at NSA is well known; it is not the big secret that the authors make it. They state that only an individual known as an NSA “Major” and two others “had access to the supersensitive communications areas” on the ship, where in reality well over 100 men worked. The individual they refer to was Allan Blue, a 23-year-old Arabic linguist, who was killed. Blue was a GS-7 — a relatively low- level civilian NSA employee, not a “major”; and NSA certainly does not confer military rank.

* “The Israelis tried to jam the ship’s frequencies, to no effect. The Liberty’s equipment was much too sophisticated to be stopped in that fashion.” Anyone who wants to believe this statement should ask the American radiomen who were desperately trying to find an open frequency with which to alert their potential rescuers, while their comrades were falling dead around them.

* Liberty “was there to spy on the Jews. That was its only mission.” Had this been the case, Hebrew linguists would have been aboard; there were none. There were at least four Russian and three Arabic linguists aboard, however; that indicates the ship’s intelligence targeting. Additionally, Ennes has recently disclosed that a special tasking of the ship, apart from gathering all the information on every party it could, was to determine if TU-95 “BEAR” Bombers of the Egyptian Air Force were controlled and flown by Soviets. Ennes also says that “at least two men recall that their orders were to concentrate on Soviet intercepts and to ignore any Israeli signals they happened to hear. The order was `Note the signal and, if it is Israeli, drop it.’”

Loftus and Aarons’s other falsities concerning the Liberty incident — let alone those included in the rest of their work — are far too numerous to mention here. They continually cite unidentified sources — “confidential interviews” of “former CIA officer[s]” and “former NSA employee[s],” etc; thus they are free to invent whatever suits them. Yet Rodman says this work “deserves to be taken seriously.” They allege “a massive espionage campaign against Jewry and Israel by western intelligence agencies,” and claim that these agencies “aided Arab armies during the many Arab-Israeli wars.” Rodman terms this work “an important subject that has thus far not received its due.”


Rodman’s treatment of the Liberty attack resembles the accounts put forth by the Israeli Government. He repeats Israel’s obviously false initial explanation of mistaken identity, stating that the Liberty was “roughly the same size and shape” as the El Quseir. He admits to some knowledge of the arguments regarding the deliberateness of the attack mentioned above; therefore he cannot claim innocence, but he states that those who maintain that the attack was deliberate “are unable to present incontrovertible evidence” of their claim. He would have us believe that “Until proved otherwise, the official explanation remains the most credible.” The only official explanations, apart from the ever changing ones presented by Israel, are the seriously incomplete Navy inquiry and the Salans report, which fails to address much of the evidence described above. These lack authority because of those flaws. But while the U.S. Government has never officially examined most of the above circumstances or admitted that Israel’s attack was deliberate, it also has never accepted the Israeli claim that the attack was in error. Liberty survivors have presented voluminous evidence of Israel’s guilt to the U.S. Congress and have requested an investigation, but without success.

As to the motivation for the attack, Rodman omits the oft-mentioned theory concerning the Golan invasion presented above, which is plausible, probable, and damning. However, he states that “many unofficial accounts of the incident assert that the attack was deliberate, part of a devious Israeli plot.” The many “unofficial” accounts that assert Israel’s guilt have been provided by persons of such stature and reputation as Dr. Louis Tordella, NSA’s Deputy Director in 1967, who termed one of Israel’s explanations “a nice whitewash”; a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer; former Secretary of State Dean Rusk; and Liberty survivors.

One of Rodman’s errors is of a different nature: he frequently misuses the term anti-semitic. Semites are descendants of Shem — Jews and Arabs. Rodman even applies the term anti-semite to Saudi King Ibn Saud, himself a semite. Liberty survivors, some of them Jewish, have been given this label simply for calling attention to Israel’s attack, as are many other people who criticize the Israeli Government.

Rodman states that the Liberty attack caused “some” loss of life. Thirty-four Americans killed, 171 wounded — 205 purple hearts out of a crew of 293. Some casualties indeed.

Note on sources: Ennes’s Assault on the Liberty, available through the author, James Ennes, POB 789, Woodinville, WA, 98072, for $30 with an updating addendum.

A more recent study, also definitive, is John Borne’s book, The USS Liberty: Dissenting History vs. Official History. Borne’s work is especially valuable for findings that have turned up in the years since Ennes’s book came out. It is available by sending $20 to Dr. John Borne, 41 Eastern Parkway Apt 1-e, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Numerous survivors’accounts and official documents are in the author’s possession, such as the “Israeli Preliminary Inquiry 1/67,” otherwise known as the “Yerushalami Report”; the State Department’s “Salans Report;” the report of the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry, and State Department telegrams.

The Liberty literature also includes numerous articles in such periodicals as the Naval Law Review and Middle East Policy.

Two other books are devoted to the attack: Conspiracy of Silence and Pearl Harbour II; both contain many serious factual errors and outlandish claims, the latter being the source of the “NSA Major” myth that is repeated by Loftus and Aarons. Warriors For Jerusalem by Donald Neff, provides a good account of the UN proceedings dealing with the Six-day War and of the Israeli- Syrian conflict during that period.

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The Makings of History / Myth vs. plot

[The only thing this recent article proves is that the cover up has become more necessary to maintain than the crime itself. That's the real plot.]

The Makings of History / Myth vs. plot

“Over the years, various pieces of evidence have emerged that seem to support Israel’s claim that the USS Liberty was fired on by mistake in 1967. However, a number of questions still hover over the affair, and these nourish the conspiracy theories.”

By Tom Segev,

On June 8, 1967, Israeli air force planes and navy boats attacked the American spy ship USS Liberty in the waters opposite El Arish. Thirty-four crewmen were killed and 171 were wounded. Israel immediately claimed that the ship had been attacked by mistake and apologized. At the end of tough negotiations the Americans agreed to accept about $7 million from Israel in compensation.

The USS Liberty, riddled with holes after the attack.
Photo by: Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images


The affair was enveloped in deep secrecy, which was lifted gradually only many years later. As a consequence, the impression was created that Israel and the United States were hiding the real story. In the nature of things, innumerable conspiracy theories were born. In the meantime the Internet developed: Today Google directs to more than a million sites dealing with the affair.

There is no proof that Israel attacked the ship maliciously. No motive for this has been proven. None of the four people who could have ordered an attack on an American ship - Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, Mossad chief Meir Amit, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin - was daring and crazy to that extent.  Over the years, various pieces of evidence have emerged that seem to support Israel's claim that the ship was fired on by mistake. However, a number of questions still hover over the affair, and these nourish the conspiracy theories.

[The above paragraph like the article itself is journalistic dishonesty and obfuscation at its finest. "There is no proof" or "there is no motive" he states because the attack was never honestly and openly investigated by Israel or the US government. Hell, the Israelis involved were never even asked a single question of accountability by U.S. government officials and Mr. Segev presumes to know what the above people were thinking or their agendas of that day.  He says this as if implying certainty that none were "was daring and crazy to that extent."  Where's his proof? Spare us all your opinion Mr. Segev.  To this day no one really understands why the attack happened and Israel is not telling.  His statement:  "Over the years, various pieces of evidence have emerged that seem to support Israel's claim that the ship was fired on by mistake." is a deliberate falsehood and nothing more that a conscious effort to to perpetuate the cover up as if the US/Israeli official versions are sacrosanct. They are not, then or now. These facts are on the record and still ignored by both governments for obvious reason as they contradict their malleable ever changing versions over the years.  Never let the facts interrupt a good cover up.  As to various pieces of evidence that confirm which they never have these original facts remain.

-The USS Liberty Naval Court of Inquiry (NCOI) Finding of Fact No. 48 stated after the attack and witnessed by the crew involved and heard by the US Sixth Fleet as well and thus could not be ignored that radar jamming by IDF aircraft occurred during the attack itself.  If the Israelis  did not know that the USS Liberty was American, why were US naval radio frequencies known and then specifically jammed?  This issue was ignored by the US government.


“The radio jamming is by itself damning evidence that the assailants knew exactly whom they were attacking. Such jamming requires intimate advance knowledge of the target being jammed, obtained by extended monitoring of its signals. And this was selective jamming; it struck Liberty’s frequencies and no others. Afterward, in one of their ever changing explanations, the Israelis claimed to have learned the ship’s identity when they heard its distress signals. But the attack continued for sixty- six minutes after the first distress signal, which the Israelis had jammed, was sent. Had this particular Israeli claim been true, they would have recalled the torpedo boats before they even reached the ship.”

(25 crew members were killed by the torpedo that could have been easily been prevented and recalled  as the boats and planes were in constant radio communications with their controller. This isn't recent news either. Ignore that Mr. Segev.)

-The NCOI Lead Counsel Capt Ward Boston stated in a damning affidavit in 2004 that the Court was predetermined to exonerate Israel even before it convened.  Ignore that recent news Mr. Segev.

-The released NSA transcripts from the US EC-121 flying overhead so highly touted by the Liberty apologists as proof of Israel's lack of motive are disingenuous as the transcripts of the tapes DURING THE ATTACK are stilled classified and some say presumed missing. Ignore that recent news Mr. Segev.]

The affair is also the subject of the doctoral thesis that Orna Katz-Atar submitted to Bar-Ilan University, as well as an article she has published in the latest issue of the Hebrew journal Cathedra. She concentrates on the sources of the claim that Israel bombarded the ship maliciously. According to her, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson himself and a number of top officials in his administration were responsible for spreading that version of events. They did this in part to prove to the Arab countries that the United States was not a partner to Israel's victory in the Six-Day War, which was still raging as the incident took place, and to neutralize the pressure American Jews were applying on the White House.

Katz-Atar's conclusion: "The conduct of the White House in this incident could have been a transient episode had it not served top people in the American administration, [who were] anti-Israeli and even anti-Semitic. However, since the plot concocted by the administration served the interests of all of these - it has grown to this day."

President Johnson, Central Intelligence Agency head Richard Helms, Secretary of State Dean Rusk and the heads of the Defense Department indeed did not believe Israel's version - or at least they could not let go of the suspicion that the ship was attacked intentionally. The first Israeli investigation, which was conducted immediately after the incident, gave reason to suspect that Israel was trying to whitewash the truth. In accordance with the Americans' demand, a second investigation was conducted.

Contrary to Katz-Atar's thesis, there are documents that indicate that the Americans were inclined to bury the incident as quickly as possible. Her article is published under the Hebrew title "The Affair of the Sinking of the American Naval Ship USS Liberty - the Development of a Plot." In the English summary of the article, the word is "Myth" rather than "Plot." In any case, the ship did not sink. It sailed to Malta, where it was repaired.

[Ms. Orna Katz-Atar's doctoral thesis "Sinking of the American Naval Ship USS Liberty" demonstrates in a word inaccuracy and a predisposition rather that an honest adherence to true facts and history. Also the ship went to Malta to lessen its damning appearance for its return voyage home and PR/damage control. The 40 million dollar plus refitted USS Liberty never sailed again and was sold for scrap fora fraction of its cost which Israel took 13 years to pay a niggardly amount after exposure of the non-payment in Jim Ennes' book Assault on the USS Liberty in 1979.  US Undersecretary of State under Kennedy and Johnson  George Ball stated in his memoirs: 

"In the end, the Israelis tendered a reluctant and graceless apology; indemnities for the victims and damaged ship were both parsimonious and slow in coming."

The big dispute centers on the question of whether the air force pilots saw the American flag flown by the ship. Israel claims they did not. Later, Israeli navy vessels arrived at the scene. One of them signaled the Liberty and asked it to identify itself. The Liberty replied in code meaning "Identify yourself first."

If we are to accept Katz-Atar's version, the Israeli navy ship was apparently manned by an historian - or at any rate by someone who knew that the message "Identify yourself first" had also been dispatched from an Egyptian destroyer, the Ibrahim al Awwal, which attempted to bombard Haifa in 1956. "This fact was well known in the navy," writes Katz-Atar.

The commander of the Israeli naval force immediately referred to the "Arab Naval Fleets Identification Book" and for some reason decided that the Liberty was the Egyptian supply ship Al Kassir. In the meantime the Liberty fired at the Israeli navy ship, which fired back at the Liberty. Ten minutes later someone on the Israeli ship descried the Liberty's identification letters, which, according to Katz-Atar, the air force plane had already seen half an hour earlier. The navy decided for some reason that the Liberty was not Al Kassir but rather in fact a Russian ship. Katz-Atar does not say how they reached that conclusion.

[Cover up scholarship is so puzzling trying to make the pieces fit.]

This goes to show there is no need to be an anti-Semite in order to wonder how it could be possible for so many Israeli officers and soldiers to behave with such great stupidity - and all of them at the same time.

Never mind the all too many 'recent events' that Segev, Haaretz and the Israeli First media/USS Liberty apologists, Inc. always ignored concerning the USS Liberty.

The cover up continues....

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“The ‘Trust Gap’”…”A [USS] Liberty in reverse”

“How aggressive can Obama be in insisting to the Israelis that a military strike might be in America’s worst interest?

ZB: We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?

What if they fly over anyway?

ZB: Well, we have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a [USS] Liberty in reverse.”

Isreal isn’t worth it and if American service personnel are casualties in Southwest Asia from Israeli disloyalty and they attack Iran to perpetuate their illegal nuclear monoploy…the blood is on their hands these dusliyal untrustworthy rebrobates..remember the USS Liberty as an example of Israel’s self serving  duplicity . -jd

By Justin Raimondo, February 28, 2012

USS Liberty turning while under attack by Israel in international waters . Attacked without warning.

I had to laugh when I read the Associated Press piece on Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak’s message to a series of visiting US officials:

“Israeli officials say they won’t warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, according to one U.S. intelligence official familiar with the discussions. The pronouncement, delivered in a series of private, top-level conversations, sets a tense tone ahead of meetings in the coming days at the White House and Capitol Hill.”

The traffic between Washington and Tel Aviv has been crowded lately: top US officials, including the chairman of the joint chiefs, are traipsing to Israel, “all trying to close the trust gap between Israel and the U.S. over how to deal with Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” as the AP piece puts it.

While diplomats speak a language made up almost entirely of euphemisms, the reality is that the “trust gap” is a veritable chasm. For the Israelis to tell us – their chief benefactors and defenders – they have no intention of warning us before undertaking an action which will put US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire region in mortal danger, is beyond outrageous. It is an overtly hostile act. In effect, what they are threatening amounts to the Middle Eastern Pearl Harbor. The irony is that the means to launch such an attack were given to them by us.

In the second paragraph, the AP puts a polite face on the Israeli threat:

“Israeli officials said that if they eventually decide a strike is necessary, they would keep the Americans in the dark to decrease the likelihood that the U.S. would be held responsible for failing to stop Israel’s potential attack.”

One wonders if the Israelis managed to say this with a straight face. After all, how would anyone, including the Iranians, know what Washington knew and when they knew it? The Israelis know perfectly well the US will be blamed no matter what. Indeed, this is precisely what they are counting on to carry the day in favor of those arguing for a US strike: for if the US is going to be blamed in any event, then we might as well be the ones to take out Iran’s nuclear sites, a task the Israelis don’t have the capacity to accomplish cleanly and neatly. If Israel is seen as the main aggressor, then getting overt support for regime change from Iran’s Sunni neighbors is out of the question: indeed, an Israeli attack on Tehran will threaten those neighbors with serious destabilization and give impetus to Islamists already in the ascendant in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. In order to avoid these outcomes, US policymakers could be persuaded into attacking Iran in order to preempt an Israeli strike.

In short, the Israelis are pursing a policy that can only be described as blackmail sui generis. Usually, the blackmailer operates in the shadows, sneaking about delivering threatening missives to his victims, all the while taking great pains to cover his tracks. Not the Israelis: they’re doing it right out in the open.

If America were a normal country, this would provoke outrage in our lawmakers and in the media: they would want to know why a supposed “ally” would knowingly put American soldiers at risk – and openly boast about keeping us in the dark.

When it comes to Washington’s relationship with Israel, however, the US is very far from normality. The “special relationship” is one of the hallowed canons of American politics, the one issue that brings together San Francisco Democrats and Red State Republicans. The Israel lobby is a unique phenomenon, wielding extraordinary clout not only in the corridors of power but also in the newsrooms of the “mainstream” media, where a pro-Israel spin on anything relating to the Jewish state is de rigueur. As Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer exhaustively document in their book on the subject, the Israel lobby was instrumental in dragging us into war with Iraq – and long ago began the drumbeat for war with Iran.

Tensions with the Israelis have been on the rise ever since the midpoint of George W. Bush’s second term, when the Washington headquarters of AIPAC, the powerhouse organization at the Lobby’s core, was raided by the FBI on no less than two occasions. At the same time, two AIPAC officials, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, were indicted on charges of espionage in the infamous Larry Franklin case. Franklin, the Pentagon’s top Iran analyst and an off-the-rails neocon, was convicted of handing over top secret information to Rosen and Weissman, who promptly handed it over to Israeli embassy officials. The case dragged on for years, with the government insisting some portions of the trial had to be kept off the public record due to the highly sensitive nature of the evidence. The defense pursued a legal strategy of “greymail” all the way to the end: the case was eventually dropped, and yet the underlying issues undermining the “special relationship” continued to worsen as it became clear Bush wasn’t going to follow up his Iraq misadventure with “shock and awe” over Tehran.

This worsening of relations accelerated with the election of Barack Obama, who initially promised what seemed likely to be a more even-handed approach to the Middle East region, particularly regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Cairo speech, and the subsequent pressure on Israel to cease building “settlements” on disputed West Bank real estate had the Israel lobby up in arms. In a tacit alliance with the Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim loons and the Republican politicians who cater to that crowd, the Israel-Firsters raised a hue and cry: Obama is “selling out Israel!

The way these people howled one would have thought the President was committing treason against the United States. What’s important to understand, however, is that the Israel lobby doesn’t distinguish between American and Israeli interests. While this may seem like an extreme position, it fairly represents a distillation of the Washington consensus: the phrase “no daylight” is often heard when government officials in both Washington and Tel Aviv discuss Israel’s relationship with Uncle Sam.

Yet this official fiction is being stretched to the breaking point as the US and Israel square off over Iran – and the truth is that it was never a very convincing fiction to begin with. Every nation has interests unique to itself, which are perceived through the eyes of its own political leaders. An alliance, even a long-term strategic relationship, has limits. In denying this, the pro-Israel crowd is denying the very nature of nation-states, and indulging in a dangerous fantasy that can only end in disaster for the US.

A normal country would answer Israeli efforts to blackmail us into attacking Iran with a message short and sweet. I would send Zbigniew Brzezinski over there to tell them what he told the Daily Beast in an interview:

“How aggressive can Obama be in insisting to the Israelis that a military strike might be in America’s worst interest?

ZB: We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?

What if they fly over anyway?

ZB: Well, we have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a Liberty in reverse.”

That this scenario is not within the realm of the politically possible is our national shame. Our politicians preen and pose as great “patriots,” and yet the more “patriotic” they claim to be the more they seem to favor appeasing the Israelis at America’s expense.

The Israelis have been shielded by their nuclear monopoly since the early 1960s, when they stole the technology from us to make their own bomb: now that the Iranians are intent on pursuing the same policy of “nuclear ambiguity” the Israelis employed for many years, they are claiming Tehran poses an intolerable “existential threat.”

This is nonsense, as anyone who remembers a little incident known as the cold war will readily concede. For half a century we faced a Soviet Union armed with thousands of nuclear weapons aimed straight at our cities: on the other side of the Iron Curtain they confronted a similarly sobering array. The prospect of mutual assured destruction kept the threat of a nuclear conflagration at bay until the inner rot of the Soviet regime led to its downfall. That the mullahs of Tehran will not last half as long is a pretty good bet – unless war with the West fuses Persian nationalism with religiosity to give their sclerotic worldview new life.

The “trust gap” between the US and Israel is getting wider and more chasm-like by the minute. As we approach the climax to this international drama, it will be interesting to see who in the US winds up on which side of the growing divide.


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From John Gidusko’s USS Liberty Newsletter #571 2/28/12


This was big news when survivor Phil Tourney was interviewed by Ali
Jafari for Iran-Daily in May, 2011, but we feel it’s bigger now
that we have the COMPLETE interview!  We had thought the inter-
view was published in 3 parts but now we realize there was a
4th!  [[Read either the printed newspaper pages or the text ver-
sion following them -- press CTRL + keys together to
enlarge page../jg]]

The official translation of survivor Phil Tourney’s interview
with Ali Jafara as appeared in the newspaper IRAN DAILY for May 21, 22, 23, and 24 2011:
(Scroll down, enlarge if desired, by using [CTRL +])

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Don’t know how long the newspaper will carry and display the interviews above, but
should they not be there, they are available below in my copies:

(Plain text version follows newspaper versions)




Israeli Attack on American Ship The Forgotten Crisis Interview with Phillip F.Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor Interviewer: Ali A. Jafari Introduction: During the 1967 Arab-Israel war, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty entered the Mediterranean Sea to gather information. The Israeli regime, which was dissatisfied with the presence of USS Liberty in the region, decided to attack the USS Liberty. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. 34 people were killed and more than 171 were wounded in the Israeli attack. Israeli regime insists that they mistakenly attacked the USS Liberty. The survivors have been forbidden for some 44 years to tell their story under threat of imprisonment and/or death. One of the survivors, Phillip F. Tourney decided to tell the full story of the incident in a book titled ‘What I Saw That Day’. Iran Daily conducted an interview with him which will be published in several parts. Q: Greetings Mr. Tourney. We, at Iran Daily, thank you for giving us this great opportunity to present your side of the story of USS Liberty. When did you join the US Navy and USS Liberty and what was your motive? Phillip Tourney--I joined the US Navy as a young man of only 17 years old. Technically I was not even an adult yet, but they had a thing back then where you could join at 17 with your parent’s permission, so on my 17th birthday I went down and signed up. My reason for doing it was simple--I loved America. I loved America then and I love America now, just as much as I did the day I first set foot on that ill-fated ship. Now, at the age of 64 however, I understand things better. Back then I loved America because I believed America could do no wrong. Now, I love America because I see that she can do wrong, and nowhere is this more obvious than in our Middle East policy. More than anything else I want to see America saved and freed from this terrible sickness that plagues her. This is the place my wife, children, and grandchildren call home, and if she--America--goes down, everyone and everything that I love will go down with her, as well as all my fellow Americans who stand to lose just as much. We need to become the sovereign United States of America again, and not the slave to another foreign power that yanks us around like a dog on a leash. The day that this foreign power--Israel--attacked my ship for 2 hours, butchered 34 of my friends, and then colluded with my government to cover it up, that was the day we ceased being a sovereign country and instead became a slave to someone else. As a very popular saying here in America goes, and as many in the Middle East living under oppressive systems would say today, “I love my country, but I hate my government.” Q: Mr. Tourney, you have written a book titled ‘What I Saw That Day’. On second page you have: “To my friends, the brave men, both living and dead, who served aboard the good ship USS Liberty … Attacked by an ally, betrayed by their own government, forsaken by their country and forgotten in the hearts of their own fellow Americans, except those of us who were there that day and saw everything…”Very powerful statements indeed. What motivated you to pen this book 42 years later? We would like to know what you wish to achieve by writing this book. PT--What I wished to achieve, no, let me rephrase that--What I INSIST upon achieving in writing this book along with my co-author Mark Glenn is what I said before--to see America saved and returned to her former place of goodness and greatness, both in the eyes of God and of my fellow man. Our founding fathers had a vision of what a good nation was supposed to be. However, others who did not share the vision of our founding fathers had other plans, which we can plainly see taking place in the world today. Our sins as a nation are great, the suffering we have brought to millions of others did not have to be that way. We could have been a blessing upon mankind, but because of the poisonous influence of a small minority of people and the nation whose interests they serve--Israel--America was transformed from a blessing upon the world to a curse. It is my goal to reverse this magic spell and to have the goodness of America restored. Q: Acclaimed author Gore Vidal has called your country ‘The United States of Amnesia’ when you say ‘forgotten in the hearts of their fellow Americans’, one of the questions that comes to one’s mind is that, how does the press in the United States succeed in deviating the needle of the American people’s compass away from its natural direction? How did American people come to forget about your story, your plight, in particular when one considers its severity? PT-As brilliant a writer as Gore Vidal is, the fact is this--there is no ‘amnesia’ on the part of the American people as far as the USS LIBERTY story goes for the simple reason that they know nothing about it and never did. They were never given the opportunity of hearing about it for the simple reason that Israel failed in sinking us. Had we sunk and Egypt blamed, as Israel had planned, then every American today would know about the LIBERTY. There would have been a national holiday instituted to commemorate the event. Outside of the LIBERTY survivors themselves and their families, there is only a relatively small handful of people who know about it, and Israel knows that it better remain this way or her days are numbered. If the American people ever found out what happened that day when Israel deliberately murdered 34 of us and would have finished all of us off were it not for the grace of God, the Jewish state would go the way of Hiroshima. You use a very powerful image here, of the compass and the needle. What makes a compass so important is that it is driven by forces of nature, namely the magnetic pull of the earth. People have compasses, both as individuals and nations. They know what is in their best interests, where they need to go and what they need to do. Unless someone gets in there and tampers with those forces of nature. Then, we see people--again, both as individuals and as nations--not acting in their best interests, and clearly this is what has happened to America. Now, our needle only points in one direction and that is towards Israel. All of our policies--be they domestic or foreign, are geared towards benefiting the Zionist state, and even when it harms us. Perfect proof of this is what we are losing, both in blood and treasure, in fighting the wars on Israel’s behalf. We have people losing their homes, fathers unable to feed their children--many of them US servicemen who have served or are serving--because of the massive amount of expenditure going for Israel’s benefit. Are the American people up in arms about this? No. They continue to fork out everything they have down to the last penny and they won’t realize what they have lost until it is gone and can’t be brought back. Q: All right let’s get to the most important issue. Can you please talk about the run up to the actual attack? PT--Absolutely--the run up to the actual attack is a clashing of images. We had no idea what we were in for. We knew there was a war going on and we were all cheering for Israel and hoping she would beat the Arabs. Remember that we had all received a heavy dose of post-WWII propaganda about what the Jews of Europe had suffered through, so naturally we wanted to see them come out on top. We actually made small Israeli flags out of paper and had taped them in various parts of the ship in showing our solidarity with them. We had requested an armed escort but had been denied. The official answer from Washington was that we were an American-flag ship and no one was going to pick a fight with us. Israeli planes had started surveilling us early, flying low and slow about twice an hour for about 6 hours. We thought they were coming to check on us and to let us know they were looking out for our safety, since we were a defenseless ship. Little did we know that what they were actually doing was photographing every square inch of the ship so that they could map out to the smallest detail how they were going to attack and murder us all in the most expedient and expeditious manner. Like any mafia hit, it had to be quick so that the perpetrators got away clean. From where we were, 13 miles off the coast of the Sinai in international waters, we could see and hear the remnants of the war. Smoke, explosions, and, like I said, we all cheered because we figured that the Arabs were getting what was coming to them. Little did we know the real story. Q: And now could you please speak about the most terrible incident of your life. I mean the actual attack on USS Liberty? PT--Our Captain, McGonagle, was a stickler about drilling, and so, typical for him, he ordered a preparedness drill for washing down the ship in the event of an attack. After the drill was over I remained on deck to do some repairs as ordered by my superior officer. I stood on deck next to one of our only 4 guns designed to repel pirates talking with a friend of mine, David Skollack. We both remarked how this would be the one place we wouldn’t want to be in an attack. I left and stepped inside the ship. As soon as I closed the hatch door I heard a huge explosion just a few feet from me on the other side. I figured that an accident had taken place. Little did I know that we were under attack. I thought we must be in the middle of World War III. The bombardment was relentless. It seemed that our attackers would never run out of ammo. It was like being in a rainstorm and trying not to get hit by drops of water. Rockets, bullets, napalm, they threw everything they had at us in a hurry. Remember, as I said, they wanted this to be a quick job so that they could get out of there with no witnesses to tell any tales. I had seen war films when I was a kid but they are nothing like the real thing. No matter how hard Hollywood tries to capture the terror of being in combat--and worse, not being able to fight back--there is no way to describe what it is like. Being a stupid 20 year old, the first thing I did upon realizing we were under attack was to open the hatch door and run out on deck to see if any of my shipmates were hurt and needed help. I was joined by my good friend Rick Aimetti who obviously was just as dumb as I was, and so we darted out in between volleys to grab an arm, a leg, or whatever we could and drag a wounded servicemen someplace where he could get at least a little bit of protection from the hell that was raining down on all of us. Once I was sure we had recovered everyone off deck, I went below to see what I could do in keeping the ship afloat and helping the wounded. Remember at this time we thought it must be the Arabs who were attacking us, since the planes were unmarked and there was no way that Israel would do something like this. Once the planes had done everything they could and had failed in sinking us, we then saw a team of torpedo boats steaming in our direction at a high rate of speed, proudly flying their Star of David flag. We breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that our dear friend and ally Israel had scared off our attackers and was now coming to assist us. All of this changed however when we saw the torpedoes being dropped into the water and heading in our direction. At that point we knew we were dead, because no ship survives a torpedo blast. The captain’s voice came over the loudspeaker telling us to prepare for torpedo explosion. In total, 5 torpedoes had been launched. 4 passed us by and had missed the ship, which I account as being an act of God. The last one however hit us. Again, it is nothing like the movies. I was inside when the torpedo hit, just one deck above the point of impact, as a matter of fact. The noise from the explosion was like nothing I had ever experienced. My eardrums were immediately blown out, leaving me almost permanently deaf to this day. The blast completely picked the ship up out of the water and threw it in the air like a child’s toy. When it landed back on the water, it landed HARD. Next, with what hearing I still had, was the sound of metal creaking, ripping and folding, as the rush of sea water poured into the gaping hole in our side. Then came the vertigo of feeling the ship turning towards the side of the blast as if it were about to roll over and sink. Finally, it settled, listing considerably, but still afloat, thank God. Having run out of torpedoes, the Israeli torpedo boats then circled the wounded and dying ship like vultures, firing at anything that moved, including the firefighters and those trying to retrieve wounded men from the deck. We lowered the 3 remaining life rafts we had into the water in order to put our most seriously wounded in them, since it appeared we were going to sink. The gunners in the Israeli boats shot them out of the water, a war crime. Once they ran out of ammo and left, an Israeli helicopter approached the ship. It was loaded with commandos armed with submachine guns. They hovered above the ship for a minute, preparing to rappel down and kill us all off one by one. Then, for whatever reason, they took off in a hurry, another miracle that day. Estimates vary as to the length of the attack, but in general it was about 90 minutes, the same length of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 that brought America into World War II. Q: Several Israeli motivations for their attack on USS Liberty have been discussed over the years. The British said that, at least one Israeli objective was to keep the US from warning off Jordan, which in those days was the only Arab country that had reasonably good relations with the US, and the Israelis dearly wanted to sucker Jordan into the war so they could more easily take the West Bank and East Jerusalem. (The Brits thought the Israelis would have attacked Jordan anyway, but they wanted it the other way around if they could manage it.) The French said it was to impress on all Arab countries that even then, only a decade after their decision to put AIPAC & company into high gear, Israel had the US (or at least its government) so firmly under its influence that it could even attack a US Navy ship and kill Americans, and get away with it. There is an incentive behind any crime that a criminal commits. In your opinion could it be that Israelis really wanted to instill fear in the hearts of Arabs that ‘we are who we are and we even have the audacity to attack our ally’s ship’, knowing that they could get away with it? What do you believe was their incentive for attacking USS Liberty, knowing full well, as you claim, that this was an American ship? PT--I have heard all the theories concerning the ‘why’ of Israel’s attack, and all of them are very plausible. However, today we know a lot more than we did when we were just beginning to piece together exactly what took place that day, and one of the things we know beyond any doubt is that Israel did not act alone, but rather with the assistance of the US government, going all the way up to the President. We now know from having spoken to people who were in various positions of authority that in the early part of our attack when we were able to get a distress signal out and US rescue planes were launched in order to save us that they were then recalled by then-President Johnson who justified his decision by saying ‘I will not embarrass our ally’. Remember, this was in the early part of the attack when even we did not know it was Israel, so how would Johnson have known unless it was with pre-planning and collusion? My personal feeling is that the attack on the USS LIBERTY was meant to be blamed on Egypt, an ally of the Soviet Union at the time, that would then lead to the situation that took place following 9/11--meaning a permanent American military presence in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. The Soviets would have been driven out of the Middle East and America would remain as the sole protector of the region for the foreseeable future. Q: Generally speaking, as the recent history of the Middle East has shown, Israelis will not own up to anything unless they absolutely have to or there are absolutely undeniable or unassailable evidence linking them to their wrongdoing or crime. Likewise, in the case involving their attack on the USS Liberty, despite all the testimony of you and your shipmates to the contrary, they have claimed that attack on USS Liberty was a case of ‘friendly fire’, and that they misidentified Liberty for an Egyptian horse carrier EL Quseir. One of the reasons that they present for their argument is that, the attacking jets circled the ship three times looking for a flag, but no flag was flown. What is your answer to such claim? PT--The first thing we have to keep in mind when considering anything that Israel says is that it is the motto of her intelligence agency Mossad that ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’. With Israel, the very first order of business is to lie, lie, and then lie again. She understands the value of blinding your enemy by throwing sand in his eyes so that he cannot see the picture before him clearly. Our flag was as clear as day. It was literally as big as a truck. It was flying in the breeze. In fact, Israel made sure to shoot it down in the initial seconds of the attack. We replaced it, and that one was shot up as well. Furthermore, the El Quesir, a horse transport vessel, was ¼ the size and antiquated. The LIBERTY was the most sophisticated ship sailing on the seas at that time. We used to joke about the ship’s appearance, that it looked like a giant lobster with antennae everywhere. Mistaking the El Quesir for the LIBERTY is like confusing a donkey for a race car. We had English letters 10 feet tall on the ship’s hull. These words were written in the Latin alphabet, not Arabic, something the troops onboard the torpedo boats could see up close, as they were a mere 50 feet away at times. More than this though, I now know from personal experience that the ‘flag’ story just does not hold water because of personal testimony I received recently. I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who was in a US submarine very close to us when we were being attacked. The submarine’s job was to film the attack and our sinking so that the video footage could then be played on American news media to whip the American people up into going to war against Israel’s enemies. He told me, personally and specifically, that the flag was clearly visible through the periscope. Q: Mr. Tourney, we have read the attack on the USS Liberty was to serve as a pretext incident to justify an American attack on Egypt, a pretext to bomb Cairo and other Egyptian cities and add all of Egypt to the ‘Greater, or Eretz Israel’, as part of a plan called, ‘Operation Cyanide’. What can you tell us about that aspect of the attack on the USS Liberty and Operation Cyanide? PT--Yes, as I said, the plan was to sink our ship, blame it on Egypt as a pretext for the US going to war for Israel’s benefit and to drive the Soviets out of the region for good. We know that as an official operation, Cyanide was real, as some of the LIBERTY crew working with the US National Security Agency were briefed on it before we headed out to sea from Norfolk, Virginia, our home port. To my knowledge however they did not know the whole scope of the operation, obviously, as they would have been participating in their own deaths. Another thing that your readers, and indeed all persons around the globe need to realize is that there were US bombers in the air headed to Egypt with orders to drop nuclear weapons on Cairo. According to witnesses serving aboard the aircraft carriers from where the bombers were launched, they were a mere 3 minutes away from nuking Cairo. The only reason they did not is because we had not sunk yet, and the US and Israel would have some explaining to do if a nuke was dropped on a major city like Cairo when they were innocent of any wrongdoing. People would have figured out that Israel and America had colluded to sink a US ship and kill all 300 men on board. Q: Mr.Tourney, let’s talk about the media coverage and why the story of USS Liberty has not been and still is not newsworthy. On November 8, 1979, just 4 days after the Iran hostage crisis started, ABC News launched a new program called Nightline, only and specifically to present American viewers with the latest news about American hostages held in Iran on a nightly basis. After 444 days, American hostages came home unscratched, nonetheless, the news coverage and all the sensationalism that went along with it, continued unabated. Ted Koppel invited the hostages to the Nightline numerous times so that they could tell American people about their experience and what happened to them in American embassy in Tehran. In chapter 5 of your book entitled ‘Broken men, Broken hearts’ which deals with your nightmare immediately after the attack, you write: “It was a sea of casualties-bleeding head wounds…bones protruding from arms and legs…” On Sept. 26, 2006, former CIA analyst for 27 years, Ray McGovern, ‘gave a talk on Iraq to crowd of 400 people at National Avenue Christian Church in Springfield, Missouri… [regarding the Israel Lobby and its power] over your government and Congress’. When McGovern asked how many in the crowd of 400 had ever heard of the USS Liberty, only three hands went up. Don’t you think that you are living in a land of flagrant double standards? PT--We should change the name of our country from the US to ‘the land of double standards’. Everyone in America knows about the USS Cole that was attacked off the coast of Yemen where 17 American sailors were killed, a terrible loss to be sure, but NO ONE knows about the USS LIBERTY, and deliberately so. As I indicated earlier, if the American people were to learn the awful truth of what happened to us and the cover-up, it would result in a domino effect that would be deadly for Israel and her supporters here in the US. All the sudden, Americans, now overwhelmed with the heavy cost of fighting Israel’s wars for her in the Middle East would start asking questions about 9/11 and possible American/Israeli collusion in that. The next thing you know, the entire house of cards would come tumbling down. Q: And while we are on the subject of double standards, let me ask you another question. You have mentioned in your book that ‘Israel rules America’. You also talk about the very powerful Israeli lobby. I cannot think of a better example than John Demjanjuk, former United States citizen who was accused numerous times of Holocaust-related war crimes. The United States government, under relentless pressure from the pro-Israeli groups, once again kowtowed to the demand of the Israeli government and in 1986 deported him to Israel to stand trial. So here, some 45 years later, we have a man whose family went bankrupt in order to prove that this was a case of mistaken identity and that he was not ‘Ivan the Terrible’, the notorious prisoner/guard at the Treblinka and Sobibor extermination camps during the period 1942–1943. His conviction for crimes against humanity was later overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1993 due to a finding of reasonable doubt based on evidence suggesting that Demjanjuk was not ‘Ivan the Terrible’. Mr. Tourney, on pages 134 and 135 in your book, regarding the scheduled meeting between you and other survivors of the USS Liberty with President George Herbert Walker Bush which never took place, you go into details of the most tantalizing moments and how, after breathtaking moments, your president was ‘too busy to meet with you’. Then you blame all these on the Israelis. You have and I quote “It was obvious to me that the ‘fix’ had been put in.” So, once again the pro-Israeli groups had directed Bush not to meet with you. Again, here we have Israelis who destroy a and real wman’s life based on their ‘suspicion’ that he might be ‘Ivan the Terrible’, and you and the rest of the USS Liberty survivors, who were ‘live witnesses’ to Israel Holocaust of USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967, cannot even get a chance to see your president so that you could talk about your side of the story personally. How frustrating is this? PT--As I said in my book, we were crushed. We had thought amongst ourselves “This is it…Our day has finally come…Our president, sitting in the very White House, will hear our story, feel our pain and do what any leader of a country so grievously wounded would do. When he refused to even meet with us, we realized (or at least I did) that our country was gone and that there was little, if any, difference between the president who consigned us to our deaths many decades before and every president since who has participated in the cover-up of the murderous attack on our ship. Q: A.J. Cristol, a federal judge, a Navy captain, author, scholar, former Navy lawyer and apparently a combat fighter pilot who claims to have studied this matter for 15 years, with an open mind, has as his mantra, “Thirteen investigations have all exonerated Israel,” What is your reaction to his mantra? PT--Well, as I said earlier, remember that it is Israel’s motto that ‘by way of deception thou shalt do war.” Cristol is a liar. No one who has spent 5 minutes looking at the evidence walks away thinking it was a case of mistaken identity. Cristol, who is not only Jewish but a big supporter of the Jewish state, is no different than a lawyer hired to defend some Mafioso in court who knows his client is guilty of all the crimes he has been charged with but will still work his fingers to the bone in getting his client acquitted so that he can be set loose on society to continue on with his criminality and mayhem. In a better time in our country’s history, men like Cristol would have been tried for treason and upon conviction, executed. Q: The Israel Lobby instills fear in the heart of everyone in the United States. It tries to crush those who stand up against them; some suffer but persist, and the pragmatics survive by changing their tune. Nobody is immune; reporters, editors, columnists, professors, academics, politicians…. Everyone is labeled ‘anti-Semite’ when he/she criticizes the power of the Israel Lobby or talks about what happened to you and your shipmates on that day. With pusillanimous and spineless politicians and members of congress kowtowing to special interest groups such as AIPAC, how do you ever hope to get justice served, in other words, punish those who were responsible for attacking USS Liberty and killing 34 of its sailors? PT--As sure as I am here today having this conversation with you, I know there is a power higher than that of Israel, and it the God who saved me that day when we were under attack, because the fact is that we should have sunk that day. He saved us men of the LIBERTY for a reason, and I believe it was for us to warn the world about the danger it faces from this dangerous animal roaming our planet earth known as Israel. Israel plots but God is the wisest of plotters and I know as sure as I stand here today speaking to you that He will have the last say on this matter and justice will be served. I don’t know how or when, I simply know it is and I will leave it up for Him to decide the how and when. Q: With the advent of the Internet, it is obvious that the mainstream media monopoly has been broken. Some people say that the Internet has functioned like a double-edged sword. No wonder that here and there, we hear Liberals, conservatives, Democrats, and Republicans--all are united on the alleged necessity of reigning in the Internet. For and your shipmates who are tasked with penetrating the fog of lies and deception of the pro-Israeli apologists, Internet has offered a great opportunity to tell your story. Have you taken all the advantage that you could of the Internet? Where can our reader get the latest information about the latest developments on your story? PT--Well, I have certainly utilized the tools at my disposal to the best of my abilities. I write articles, I wrote a book, I have my own radio program. Yes, the Internet has given us a mighty tool to fight back against the lies. And as much as I hate to sound like I am promoting myself, the truth nevertheless is that I recommend people read my book if they want to find out what happened to us. It is not a difficult book to read in terms of being technical and tedious. It is the story of one man and what he saw that day and it is explained in easy to understand, very human terms. Q: President Ahmadinejad has been called to judgment, sentenced and pronounced guilty at the high court of the American media. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Iranian President, this negative publicity has produced exactly the opposite of the intended consequences; because at the end they turned him into a saint whom young Muslims world over would come to admire and cherish as a defender of Islam and the Arabs. His recent visit to Lebanon is a living testimony to that. He even had the audacity to tell Americans to ignore stories they were told long ago about the Holocaust, but rather to look at it from all sources not just from one point of view. As it was, in Ahmadinejad the world community saw an Iranian leader who eclipsed both the American President and the other leaders of the world. In the very heart of New York where the Jewish opponents of the Iranian leader could have embargoed or sabotaged his coverage they failed miserably to deny him the coverage and the attention. American reporters were racing for pictures and sound bites from the Iranian president and all their colleagues covering the White House and the United Nations joined in the pursuit. He owes a great part of his popularity in Iran and in the Islamic world to his bold behavior and performance at the United Nations. He is indeed the voice of the voiceless in a world which pays little to the oppressed. In the final pages of your book, you touch on the possibility of Iran’s president bringing up the issue of USS Liberty on the floor of UN. For some reasons things did not go as planned. Let me quote from your book. “The result would have been tsunamic. Iran’s leader getting up in front of literally the entire world and mentioning the unmentionable would have sent shock waves throughout the entire world.” Mr. Tourney, here is your opportunity to send your message to Iran’s president. Go ahead please: PT-- What I would tell the Honorable President of Iran and to all the leaders of all the world’s nations is this--you are in mortal danger. What Israel and America did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and elsewhere they will do to you if they are not stopped. You cannot fight this beast militarily, only with the truth, but you must be bold in doing so. Tell the truth, loudly and boldly, and you must do it soon, because time is running out. There is no telling what Israel and America will do next in feeding their lust for power. We already know that this 2-headed beast has no regard for human life. I believe firmly that the story of the USS LIBERTY is THE KEY to locking up this beast forever. Imagine if all the sudden it were being discussed in every public forum, including the U.N. Israel and America would be defeated before the eyes of the world Nothing they said or did would be credible. As I said earlier, God saved us for a reason, and I believe that it was so that our story could save the world. Q: Mr. Tourney, there is no doubt that the United States has paid a very hefty price for its blind and relentless support of Israel. A total of $114 billion dollars in direct military and economic aid since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1947, as well as other unquantifiable costs which include widespread hatred in the Islamic world and in fact non-Islamic world, attack on USS Liberty in 1967, assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on June 5, 1968 by a young Palestinian called Sirhan Sirhan, murder of Rachel Corrie on March 16, 2003, crushed to death in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defence Forces bulldozer, the list is endless. In your book, you try to persuade your readers that, following the attack on USS Liberty, “Had America dealt with Israel the way she dealt with Japan after December 7, 1941, the events of 9/11/2001 would never have occurred… “. But what about the military-industrial-congressional complex or what others have referred to the beast as the "Iron Triangle"? you know wars have always been good business for weapons manufacturers. You also know I am sure that, after 9/11 which you believe was the work of Israeli Mossad, that very "Iron Triangle" found a golden opportunity to increase its profits by leading the US into the ruinous Iraq adventure. The question is how could prevention of all these disasters, including wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which according to Professor Chalmers Johnson is going to bring American empire to its knees very soon, revolve around USS Liberty? PT-- Again, we must remember that criminals do their dirty work at night, away from watchful eyes. Like cockroaches that scurry for cover when the light is turned on or like sunlight on a vampire, the truth is poison to these creatures of the night. The story of the USS LIBERTY being broadcast far and wide around the world is the first step in turning on those lights and causing those cockroaches to scurry. Soon to follow are all the other crimes that have been committed by this syndicate, including the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11. After that, we leave the light on permanently so that they don’t come back. Q: Ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, with media sensationalism in full swing, the United States has been busy capitalizing on the slightest chance to demonize Iran. You might remember that on 20 January, 1981, minutes after the inauguration of the new U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Iranian released 52 American hostages that had spent 444 days in Iran. Jimmy Carter went to West Germany to greet them as President Reagan's special envoy. After entering the United States, they stayed at the Thayer Hotel at West Point for three days receiving a heroes' welcome all along the route. Ten days after their release, the former hostages were given a ticker tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes in New York City. Taking into consideration that 34 sailors of the USS Liberty killed and the 171 wounded as a result of Israel’s attack and your own heroic actions to save the ship, I am sure our readers would be interested to know how you were treated by your government when you returned to the United States? PT-- I was treated worse than if I had been a criminal convicted of a capital offence. I was warned that if I ever told anyone of what happened to us out there that I would be put in prison, or ‘worse,’ and we all knew what ‘worse’ meant--dead. We have been ignored, mocked, spat upon and treated the way that a nation’s enemies would be treated upon being conquered. Every step of the way my government has dealt with me with contempt, including a recent event where my life was threatened by someone claiming to be with Israel’s Mossad and my own government, in this case the FBI, was put out that time and resources had to be expended in protecting a citizen of the United States from a foreign terrorist organization. Q: Mr. Tourney, on June 22, 2009, in an interview with Harry Smith of CBS, President Obama, regarding the seditionist in Iran said, “...and we believe that the voices of people have to be heard, that that's a universal value that the American people stand for and this administration stands for.” I do not know exactly how many administrations have come to power in the Unites States since June 8th 1967. But I would like to know has there been any administration that has shown any meaningful illingness to hear the voice of USS Liberty survivors? PT-- Not one. As we already discussed, the closest we came was the meeting with George Bush Sr that was aborted at the last moment. I am sure that were I to make my way face to face with the president, tell him who I was and what had been done to us that more than likely he would pass out with raw, visceral fear. Q: Mr. Tourney, it is a reality that the Israel Lobby Juggernaut scares people to death. It tries to crush those who stand up against them; some suffer but persist, and the pragmatics survive by changing their tune. Nobody is immune; reporters, editors, columnists, professors, academics, politicians…. Everyone is labeled “anti-Semite” when s/he criticizes the power of the Israel Lobby. Ahmadinejad has been compared with Hitler for making statements that are welcomed by those who challenge your government.. Former president George w. Bush lies your nation into wars in the Middle East and then out he goes. Then comes President Obama with the promise of change and he continues with lies: “Israel’s quest for peace with its neighbors has stalled, despite the heavy burdens borne by the Israeli people.” With such an impotent political system are you optimistic that things will change for the better? Do you hope that this whole thing will someday take a U-turn and the truth will shine thru for you and your shipmates? PT-- Like I said, I know that someday the truth will win out over the lies. I don’t know when or how, but it will happen. Personally, from what I know of the American people and their present mindset, it is going to take something bad, and I mean REALLY bad, to snap them out of the trance that presently imprisons them. It will take the complete collapse of their way of life, which is happening as we speak, before they will start asking the difficult questions--who am I, why am I here, how did my world come crashing down the way it did and who is responsible for it?” The fact is, I want justice for my shipmates, but more important to me is justice for my country, because the past is the past, but the present and the future are what we have to deal with, and they are becoming more and more dangerous everyday. Q: The Middle East in recent months has been witnessing a wave of revolutions which obviously has Israelis shaking in their boots. People are happily talking about a Middle East without America. These revolutions may indeed be the beginning of the end for the Jewish state of Israel as well. The end of Zionism might in turn begin the international peace process. You have rightfully shown your deep resentment towards the Israel and its stooges inside your congress. How happy would you be to see that day, I mean the day that Israel and its powerful lobby, namely AIPAC, are once and for ever gone from the life of Americans? PT-- It would be like being born again, or hearing from your doctor that after a long and painful healing period that you are cancer-free, with an open road in front of you for a peaceful, productive life. Q: Do you have any message for Iranian nation? PT--Yes--stay cancer free. Do not let Zionism infect your country as it has ours. It is fatal. Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add? PT--May God bless all people of good will with peace, happiness and justice. Phillip F. Tourney, 3-Time President of the Liberty Veterans Association and author of the book "WHAT I SAW THAT DAY" available at
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OP-ED: “A military family member’s opinion”

Truth cannot be killed and the travesty and injustice of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in not going away. It is a scar and a open wound on American honor. It needs an honest and open accounting. -jd


Register Citizen: NW CT's Daily Newspaper

Sound Off for Feb. 26

A military family member’s opinion

As a person from a family of an extensive United States military background and including my military veteran friends, we are APPALLED by the insensitive arrogant pro-Israeli and anti-American writers in Sound Off concerning the U.S.S. Liberty.

These scoundrels are trying to change history and disrespect and dishonor the fallen sailors of the U.S.S. Liberty and all U.S. military members. The Liberty, which was unarmed, was purposely and viciously bombed by Israeli planes and was covered up by Israel and even more sadly the United States government and same top military brass. I believe the survivors of the Liberty who said Israel did that attack purposely.

They were there and not some clowns calling our brace U.S. Military survivors liars. These clowns no doubt were never in the U.S. armed forces so they should shut up.

The Israeli actions angered U.S. servicemen for years and many U.S. servicemen wanted retaliation for the vicious Israeli attack that was the worst attack on the U.S. in the 20th century after Pearl Harbor!

Yet it was covered up and U.S. Liberty survivors would have been arrested if they spoke about it. How dare those pro-Israeli writers dishonor the fallen sailors of the U.S.S. Liberty.

It’s time that the U.S., which is broke to the tune of $15,000,000,000 stop giving the wealthy nation of Israeli $3,000,000,000 every year. That money would be better spent for the education of the children and grandchildren or the U.S.S. Liberty survivors.

Also, I remember when the Israeli lobby fought and won to keep the words U.S.S. Liberty of the monument in Wisconsin sunk by the Israeli and had those worn replaced with ship sunk in the Middle East War. You pro-Israeli writers are un-American and should move to Israeli or somewhere else if you continue to dishonor American veterans. The U.S. only needs oil from Middle East, should leave Iran alone and get out of the 10 year war in Afghanistan. Maybe bring back the draft and let Israel defend itself.

USS Liberty: Who do you believe?

The USS Liberty Deniers continue their assault on the memory of the USS Liberty and her surviving crewmembers. The latest Denier, on Feb. 22, goes all out in his/her attempt to distort the truth by employing legalese hocus-pocus in a transparent attempt to discredit the sworn 2004 affidavit of Capt. Ward Boston, while also implying that Capt.Boston had “ulterior motives” that were “likely inspired” by the Liberty Veterans Association. The writer rants on to weave a disgracefully more outrageous, deceptive web, by using lies and innuendo, that the Liberty Veterans Association was in essence founded by the PLO, and, holocaust deniers….quite a stretch of the imagination, to put it politely.

First–In 2004, Capt. Boston swore that the original 1967 investigations’ final reports were significantly altered in order to whitewash the devastating truth, that the State of Israel did in fact deliberately attack the Liberty while certainly aware that it was a (basically) unarmed American reconnaissance ship, traveling in international waters. Capt. Boston made it quite clear that he did not want to take that truth to his death bed. In addition, he declared that he was outraged by the untimely release of a certain book that was intended to promote the bogus “mistaken identity” conspiracy theory. The Liberty Veterans Association did not factor into his decision to break his silence regarding the cover-up.

Second–The Liberty Veterans Association was not “founded by two congressman,” as the Liberty Denier claimed. It was founded by surviving crewmembers of the vicious, unprovoked Israeli attack. Despite being threatened and ordered to remain silent by the authorities, these heroic Americans came forward to alert the American public and call for a full and truthful investigation. Instead, they have been stifled and attacked by Liberty Deniers and Israel-Firsters, at every turn!

Third–I do NOT believe that the accounts of hebrew translator Marvin Nowicki were accurate, obtained from an aircraft. I DO believe the Liberty’s crewmembers’ eyewitness accounts. For example… Many crewmembers have spoken of actually waving to, and being acknowledged by, Israeli pilots in the cockpits of the Israeli low-and-slow flying surveillance planes (clearly displaying Israeli markings) that flew numerous sorties around the Liberty in the hours prior to the actual attack. The Liberty Deniers would have you believe that those Israeli experienced surveillance pilots were unable to identify the Liberty…that is absolutely preposterous!

Fourth– As for the motives of our Ally In Name Only, Israel, in perpetrating the attack… there are multiple probabilities. An in-depth, honest investigation could have disclosed and proved which ones, if not all, were evident. The 1967 sham inquiry merely served Israeli interests in obviating the unvarnished truth.

34 Americans killed, 174 Wounded. June 8,1967. Remember the USS Liberty

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Joe Wolverton writing about false flag operations, excerpt regarding the USS Liberty

Was Underwear Bomber a False Flag? A Fellow Passenger Testifies
Written by Joe Wolverton, II   
Friday, 24 February 2012

Phil Tourney's book

…….What Haskell is describing is known as a False Flag operation. For those unfamiliar with this concept, consider the case of the supposed enemy attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War in 1967.

The USS Liberty was an obsolete reconnaissance ship sailing in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. While thus underway, the ship was bombed by Israeli jets and the attack was subsequently blamed on the Egyptians in a ruse designed to draw the United States into the war. 
Ultimately, Israel confessed to the attack, claiming that it was a case of mistaken identity. The actions taken by the Israeli pilots evinced an intention to sink the boat and kill all those aboard. This assertion is supported by the fact that the jets machine-gunned the life rafts of American sailors abandoning the stricken vessel.
The government of the United States was complicit in the lie, foisting the story on a trusting American citizenry. The American government’s role was to refuse to send in nearby ships to the rescue of the Liberty and her crew while yet being fired upon. In fact, Admiral McCain (father of Arizona Senator John McCain) ordered planes to return to the carrier under his command, although those fighters could have returned fire and thwarted the Israeli assault. The ship and the crew were left seemingly hopeless and vulnerable.
The valiant men of the Liberty fashioned a crude antenna and were able to send an S.O.S. that was received by a Russian ship. Thus, the brunt of the attack was avoided as was a wider Middle Eastern war, with the Soviet Union as a belligerent. 
Those interested in reading a fuller account of the events of the USS Liberty should pick up the book What I Saw That Day, by Phillip Tourney, a sailor serving onboard the Liberty.
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U.S. Cover-Up of Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty


by Kawika Young on Sat, 02/18/2012


Adm. Thomas H. Moorer , fmr Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs

To his great credit, a four-star admiral, Thomas H. Moorer, went on the record in the military newspaper the Stars and Stripes in 2004, writing that the Israeli military deliberately attacked and tried to kill everyone aboard the American intelligence ship the USS Liberty during the Six-Day War (1967). The war was between Israel and three of its Arab neighbors — Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Admiral Moorer passed away a month after his article was published.

The details revealed in the article of what Israel, and much worse, what our own American government did, is shocking, outrageous, but at the same time, revealing of the arrogance and cold bloodedness found in the highest levels of government.

“On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked our proud naval ship — the USS Liberty — killing 34 American servicemen and wounding 172. Those men were then betrayed and left to die by our own government.”

“U.S. military rescue aircraft were recalled — not once, but twice — through direct intervention by the Johnson administration. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s cancellation of the Navy’s attempt to rescue the Liberty, which I confirmed from the commanders of the aircraft carriers America and Saratoga, was the most disgraceful act I witnessed in my entire military career.”

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who knew about the attack while it was going on, prevented American planes from going to the rescue of the Liberty. Rear Admiral Lawrence R. Geis, the Sixth Fleet carrier division commander, who tried twice to send planes to defend the Liberty, was countermanded by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara both times. The second time Geis asked for confirmation. President Johnson came on the line and said that he didn’t care who was killed or what was done to the ship, he wasn’t going to embarrass his allies by sending in American planes against them.

The American radio technician who connected a call between Geis and McNamara, and monitored it, testified that he heard McNamara say to Geis, who was refusing to obey orders to turn the planes back, that “we are not going to war over a bunch of dead sailors.”

Read more . . . []


Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty and the Subsequent Cover-Up [USS Liberty]

Navy Memorial Service for Admiral Thomas Moorer [USS Liberty]

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Declassified Israeli Documents Prove USS Liberty Attack Was Intentional

Declassified Israeli Documents Prove USS Liberty Attack Was Intentional

uss liberty attackFrom June 5 and June 10, 1967, Israel was at war with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in what is known as the Six-Day War.

During this war, the U.S. maintained a neutral status. However, a United States Navy technical research ship, the USS Liberty, was attacked by Israel on June 8th.

The USS Liberty attack was conducted by an Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and motor torpedo boats, which led to deaths of 34 crew members (including one civilian), wounded 170 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.

Because the ship was in international waters and the U.S. remained neutral in the conflict, many survivors, their families, and American politicians believed this was an intentional attack. The Israeli government maintained that the USS Liberty attack was only a mistake.
uss liberty attack

Both the Israeli and American governments conducted investigations into the affair and reported that the attack was a mistake due to Israeli confusion about the identity of the USS Liberty. However, a series of declassified Israeli documents prove that the survivors of the attack and their families were right; the USS Liberty attack was intentional.

The Chicago Tribune obtained and translated the declassified documents. In an article dated October 15, 2007 the Tribune stated:

“A source the Israelis code-named ‘Hamlet’ was reporting that the Americans had ‘clear proof that from a certain stage the pilot discovered the identity of the ship and continued the attack anyway.’”

What is even more concerning is that the Tribune goes on to report:

“The documents also suggest that the U.S. government, anxious to spare Israel’s reputation and preserve its alliance with the U.S., closed the case with what even some of its participants now say was a hasty and seriously flawed investigation.”

The case was officially closed in 1987; however, since the article’s debut 20 years later, many Americans are requesting for the case to be re-opened.

“There have been no official comments in regards to the request for more information about the USS Liberty attack from neither the U.S. nor Israeli governments.”

[There never wuill be with AIPAC in charge of Congress and every President pandering to Israel since LBJ. That's why there's been a cover up which surpasses the 34 murders of 1967 and why justice has been denied. Israel is not worthy nor deserving of such unconditional support, never has been.] -jd


Dennis Dufrene is the resident historian and technical writer. With this background, Dennis brings insight and accuracy to the stories published here at Top Secret Writers.

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Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty


Does Israel have America’s best intrest at heart?

The poll already expired.
(8) 12.5%
(49) 76.56%
Dont Care
(7) 10.94%
Total Votes 64
Expiration Date 2/12/2012

Israel is a untrustworty , exhorbitantly expensive, duplicitious ally.  Has been since June 8th, 1967 .


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Another Liberty missive

Thank the Register Citizen for at least addressing and allowing any discourse on this taboo forbidden subject…kudos. Very rare indeed.  -jd

Another Liberty missive

The Register Citizen: Northwest Connecticut's Daily Newspaper

Serving Litchfield County, CT


This is in response to the lengthy Sound-Off, Feb.5th entitled “Grasping at straws.” On it’s face, the writer makes a compelling, and almost believable, case that the attack by Israel upon the USS Liberty was “mistaken identity.” I suspect that the writer actually believes it, himself, based on misinformation gleened from the sources that, he claims, prove his conclusions. Unfortunately, and tragically as it relates to the gripping reality, his sources are based on lies. In actuality, the Israeli attack was, and always has been, unprovoked and intentional.

On the website, there is an extremely important document: “Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty, The Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft while the Ship was Under Attack, and the Subsequent Cover-Up by the U.S.Government.” This was presented on Capitol Hill, Wash. D.C. on Oct. 22, 2003. The document was signed by; Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, US Navy (ret.), Gen. Raymond G. Davis, USMC (ret.), Rear Adm. Merlin Staring, US Navy (ret.), and Ambassador James Atkins, (ret.), former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

The findings presented in that report unequivocally refute the (bogus) investigations that are referred to in “Grasping at straws” and other previous Sound-Offs. Please stop here and go back to the last paragraph. carefully re-read the title of that report!

The attack on the USS Liberty was intentional and deliberate. That’s why Israeli Air Forces spent 8-9 hours pre-surveilling the Liberty to make sure that they could do maximum damage ( especially destroying the Liberty’s communications systems) instantly, upon commencement of the attack!

Phil Tourney, USS Liberty survivor: “on the morning of June 8, while on sound and security watch, I felt safe because our good friend Israel was protecting us. In the distance, I could see black smoke rising from bombs being dropped, yet gave little thought to being attacked, especially since large U.S. flags flying from the Liberty gave us cover. “at 2 p.m., unmarked “Jet aircraft came in firing and strafing our ship. Within minutes they took out hundreds of antennae and all of our .450-caliber machine guns. We were defenseless.”

Does that sound like “mistaken identity” to you? There’s much, much, more.

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‘Israel luring US into war with Iran’

USS Liberty after being attacked by Israel Air Force June 8, 1967 (file photo)
An American political commentator says Israel may stage an attack against American ships in the Persian Gulf to draw the US into war with Iran.

In an interview with Press TV, James Morris said Israel may resort to a ploy similar to the USS Liberty incident and “stage an attack against an American ship to draw the US into war against Iran.”

In 1967, during the Six-Day War between Israel and some of the Arab states, the Israeli Air Force attacked the USS Liberty, an American technical research ship, north of the Sinai Peninsula, northwest from the Egyptian city of Arish.

The attack killed 34 crew members, wounded 170, and severely damaged the ship. After conducting inquiries, the Israeli and US government issued reports that concluded the attack was a mistake due to Israel’s confusion about the identity of the USS Liberty.

Morris said, “Israel tried to blame the attack on Egypt to get us into a war against Egypt which could have led to a world war as well back then. So we have to be on guard against that.”

“The bottom line here is that the Zionist lobby in America has pushed these sanctions against the Iranian regime and it is taking us to the brink of a war,” he added.

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McCain, Bachmann Confronted Over ‘Incident’

McCain, Bachmann Confronted Over ‘Incident’

Victor Thorn Special to

Yet again, the unprovoked attack by a foreign power on an American ship remained the 800-pound gorilla in the room…

James Morris
James Morris on Press TV – file photo

(WASHINGTON D.C. Nova News) – Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) knows the truth about what happened to the USS Liberty, because his father was directly involved in the cover-up.

USS Liberty after Israeli attack

During a Jan. 4 interview with AFP, James Morris, the editor of a news and commentary website entitled “America Hijacked,” referenced a monumentally historical event when Liberty survivor Capt. Ward Boston approached McCain at a political fundraiser and told him he’d worked with his father.

According to Morris, McCain’s face abruptly turned white before he ushered Boston away and moved on to the next person in line.

“McCain and his admiral father covered up the USS Liberty attack on orders that came down from the highest corridors of the U.S. government,” Morris said.

Liberty survivor Tourney agrees. “McCain has been part of the cover-up and knew exactly what happened to us,” Tourney said.

Fatal attack on US Navy ship left her dead in the water

“This fact has been documented since at least 1981. But his reaction leaves a lot to be desired. He claims: ‘It was a tragic mistake. Forget it. Get over it. Israel paid reparations.’. . . McCain won’t tell people that most of the crewmen only received $200 or $250 in compensation.”

On Dec. 29, 2011, during a national radio broadcast from DesMoines, Iowa that was simulcast on C-SPAN, host Jan Mickelson had as his guest Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who at the time was still vying for the Republican presidential nomination.

After a brief introduction and a few pleasantries, Mickelson took calls from his listeners. The first to dial in was Morris, who addressed the guest with a taboo subject.

“I suggest Michele Bachmann do a Google search for Cindy McCain and the USS Liberty,” Morris told listeners to the radio show.

Many Americans were killed, many more injured.

“Israel is not an ally of America. They deliberately murdered American sailors and Marines on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. Michele Bachmann is willing to overlook that. She’s also spreading lies about Ron Paul, who is not going to put our country at risk militarily. Michele Bachmann is a neocon Israel firster. She’s willing to get us into World War III by initiating a war with Iran. [Iran’s president Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad never threatened to wipe Israel off the map.”

At this point, Mickelson abruptly cut off Morris and snidely remarked, “He’s on a Ron Paul rant there.” He then asked Mrs. Bachmann if she had any comments.

Completely ignoring all references to the Liberty, Mrs. Bachmann instead repeated a mantra indicative of her slavish devotion to Israel. “I do believe Israel is our ally, and we need to stand for Israel,” she said.

Yet again, the unprovoked attack by a foreign power on an American ship remained the 800-pound gorilla in the room—ignored by the media and politicians that are supposed to stand with our servicemen against such hostilities.

Source: SHOAH The Palestine Holocaust

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USS Liberty: When Israel Murdered 34 Americans and U.S. Government Covered It Up

USS Liberty: When Israel Murdered 34 Americans and U.S. Government Covered It Up

Jan 29th, 2012


January 29, 2012

The U.S. government and its state-run media’s “official” story regarding the September 11, 2001 destruction of three skyscrapers in New York City, a missile-sized hole being blown into the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93 going down in Shanksville, PA is that 19 “Islamist terrorists” armed with box-cutters caused it all. Though fewer and fewer Americans are buying this ridiculous story, the USA’s 10-plus year global war on Islam, genocide of all Muslim people, and arbitrary hatred and detest for all things Muslim continues unabated as a result of these alleged “Muslim jihadist’s” acts.

Now let’s flashback to June 8, 1967…a date which should be just as familiar to Americans as “9/11,” but is unknown to the vast majority. The USS Liberty was an intelligence gathering U.S. Navy ship stationed off the coast of Abidjan, Ivory Coast (West Africa) in 1967. On May 24 of that year, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered the Liberty to head for the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with its final destination being off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Israel, on June 5, 1967, attacked and completely destroyed the air forces of Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt (then known as the United Arab Republic). This attack would be the beginning of what Israel, the USA and Britain call the “Six Days War,” and what Muslims refer to as the time they were removed from the Holy City. Israel had said Egypt attacked them first, but later admitted to the UN Security Council that they, in fact, launched the first strike because of their paranoid conspiracy theories about an “impending” Arab assault on the U.S./British colony.

Captain William McGonagle, the skipper for USS Liberty, requested a destroyer be sent their way as a result of the commencement of war.

Captain William McGonagle inspecting damage to USS Liberty. Photo from

USS Liberty was not a ship meant to engage in potential conflict, armed only with a few machine guns. The request for assistance was denied, however, by Admiral William Martin, who said Liberty was “a clearly marked United States ship in international waters” and was not a reasonable target for any of the war participants.

In the early morning hours of June 8, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Reconnaissance Center ordered Liberty to change its closest approach of the Sinai coast from 12 1/2 miles to 20 miles. This is after the NSA received a message from Tel-Aviv saying it will attack Liberty if its course is not changed. The NSA, an hour later, then ordered Liberty to move at least 100 miles off the Sinai coast. The first message never reached the Liberty due to “miss-routing”, while it took the second message more than 16 hours to reach the Liberty, which by then was too late.

Israeli reconnaissance planes began circling Liberty around 6 a.m. Not only was a large American flag raised from the ship, but the Israeli pilots reported to their naval commanders that “GTR-5″ (General Technological Research) was inscribed on the ship, also identifying it as American. According to a de-classified September 21, 1967 report by Carl L. Sagans, Legal Advisor for then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk, there were at least 8 of these reconnaissance flights by Israeli aircraft from 6 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

At about 2 p.m., unmarked Israeli planes began attacking Liberty with rockets, machine guns and napalm bombs. 8 unarmed sailors and civilians on the deck were killed and 75 more injured. Less than one hour later, three Israeli torpedo boats approached Liberty and fired six torpedoes at the American vessel, hitting it once. The blast killed 26 more Americans and injured an additional 96. And the lies commence from here.

After the initial attacks by Israeli warplanes on Liberty, Captain McGonagle sent distress signals to Captain Joe Tully of nearby USS Saratoga. Captain Tully dispatched four fighter jets in response, but Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered the planes back, saying, “tell the sixth fleet to get those aircraft back immediately.” It is reported that an admiral challenged McNamara’s order, which prompted President Lyndon Johnson to intercede, telling the admiral he “doesn’t give a damn” if Liberty sinks because he did not want to embarrass Israel. When interviewed three decades later, McNamara played dumb, saying he did not remember “anything” about the USS Liberty incident and would not talk about it anyway.

Most Americans have no idea how close the U.S. government was to launching nuclear war on Egypt as a result of the Liberty incident. McNamara had ordered USS America bombers to Cairo to execute the nuclear strike after Israel’s initial lie, saying Egypt attacked them first. Israel’s next lie (and official government position) was that it mistook the Liberty for the El Quseir, a very old, much smaller and obviously distinct Egyptian horse carrying vessel (we’ll forget for a moment the fact the Israeli navy had already identified Liberty as an American  vessel).

As mentioned, Israel termed the brutal attack on Americans as a “tragic accident.” The U.S. Navy, which did not allow testimony from any of the survivors, also concluded the attack was “an accident.” The only people who seem to believe the Israel/U.S. government accounts are those who choose to be Zionist apologists and willing subjects.

The Soviet Union, shortly after the attacks by Israel, introduced a resolution at the UN Security Council which determined Israel as the sole aggressor in the attacks. Of course, the U.S. and Britain blocked it, thus there is no official account by the UN. Virtually all of the survivors and many U.S. officials at the time believe Israel lied about the attacks to get the U.S. involved in yet another war for Israel’s interests. Just as, inter alia, “9/11″ and the Gulf of Tonkin incidents brought the U.S. into perpetual wars under false pretenses (which is golden for the central banking war profiteers), Israel’s attack on USS Liberty was meant to do the same.

“[Israel's] sustained attack to disable and sink Liberty precluded an assault by accident or some trigger-happy local commander. I didn’t believe them then, and I don’t believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous,” Secretary Rusk said in his memoirs.

“I have never believed that the attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity. That is ridiculous. Israel knew perfectly well that the ship was American,” Admiral Thomas Moorer (then-Chief of Naval Operations) said in a June 1997 “Americans For Middle East Understanding” article.

Fifteen years after the Liberty attack, a senior Israeli airman who piloted one of the planes told survivors that he informed his commanders that Liberty was an American vessel. When he refused to continue the attack, he returned to base and was arrested.

Captain McGonagle maintained silence until shortly before his death. In a speech at Arlington National Cemetery in 1997, McGonagle said he wanted all U.S. and Israeli officials involved in the cover-up held accountable. He also sent an open letter to President Bill Clinton that same year, asking him to force Israel to admit they deliberately and maliciously murdered Americans on that June 1967 afternoon. He died on March 3, 1999 as the only recipient of a Congressional Metal of Honor (1968) which was not presented to him by the President of the USA. The secret ceremony was intended to keep the story of Israel’s attack on America quiet. Almost all of the survivors have tried to get the U.S. government to hold Israel accountable, to no avail.

So instead of there now being a global, arbitrary war against everything Zionist, everything Jewish and everything Israel because of this brutal, Israeli-government sanctioned terror attack on America, the United States is instead now more subservient to Israel than it ever has been.

It’s almost as if Israel felt it needed to prove it can kill Americans whenever it feels like it, while still controlling America’s money (Federal Reserve), military and media. The fact that very few Americans are even aware of this terrorist attack by Israel on America further conveys Israel’s control of U.S. media and public schools. Unlike the Lockerbie Bombing back in 1988 being used by the U.S. military as part of the reason to invade and completely destroy Libya this past summer, Israel’s murder of American sailors and civilians has caused this government to worship Israel even more.

This article is dedicated to our fellow Americans who died at the hands of Israeli terrorists back on June 8, 1967.


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“I believe the [USS] Liberty’s survivors… so should you.”

Sound Off for Jan. 30 (OP-ED)

The Register Citizen: Northwest Connecticut's Daily Newspaper

Serving Litchfield County, CT

Published: Monday, January 30, 2012

USS Liberty…friendly fire or, false flag

Flag ?

There have been a series of contradictory sound-offs recently, concerning the the unprovoked attack on the American ship USS Liberty, by Israel, on June 8, 1967. The pro-Israeli writers are claiming that the whole event was a case of ‘’ friendly fire ‘’, or mistaken identity, because Israeli pilots supposedly identified the American- flag- waving Liberty as an Egyptian ‘’ supply ship.’’ ( If that was true, where was the supposed Egyptian destroyer that the supply ship was supposedly supporting? Hmm? ) Oddly enough, in it’s own right, the USS Liberty was totally unescorted that day. Hmmm? Why would the USA send a defenseless reconnaisance ship into the Six-Day War zone without any accompanying protective vessels? Double hmm?? The pro-Israeli writers believe that the numerous government investigations exonerated the Israeli forces and commanders, and even proved that the Americans were ‘’ culpable ‘’. Hmmm, again. The government investigating itself… Yikes.

Meanwhile, the pro-American writers believe that ( because their information is sourced from the surviving sailors and crewmembers who were actually on board the USS Liberty before, during and after the attack ) the whole event was a false-flag scenario, i.e. Israel was attempting to sink the Liberty, kill all survivors and blame it on Egypt thus drawing their American ally into their war against Egypt.

Full disclosure — I’ve seen video and written accounts by the Liberty survivors.

Let’s see — One of the pro-Israeli writers claims that the Israeli pilots didn’t see the first American flag because it was too small, and that ‘’ after the attack started the American captain took down the small flag and replaced it with a large prominent one. ‘’ Then the pilots spotted it and ‘’ the attack was instantly called off. ‘’ Hmmm.

I don’t get it… If the attack was instantly called off ( the crewmembers say that it lasted for two hours ), how did the Liberty have a 40’ x 40’ torpedo hole in it’s side? From Israeli torpedo boats! How’d the boats get there so fast? Why were they shooting machine gun fire at the Liberty and the life rafts? The attack was supposedly ‘’ called off. ‘’ NOT!

Friendly Fire? False Flag? Hmmm… I believe the Liberty’s survivors… so should you.

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Israel’s Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

Israel’s Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

USS Liberty website

War Crimes and Treason: Israel’s Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty (1967)
Script by Victor Thorn

Part One — The U.S.S. Liberty – an introduction

June 8th, 1967 was a clear, sunny day with unlimited visibility. It was such a nice day that as the U.S.S. Liberty floated in international waters 14 miles north of the Sinai Peninsula, sailors were sunbathing on the spy ship’s deck.

But all wasn’t as tranquil as the sunny day would convey, for June 8th also marked the 4th day of the 6-Day War, which involved Israel, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

Monitoring this situation was the U.S.S. Liberty, a World War II freighter that had been converted into a spy vessel by the NSA – the National Security Agency. In fact, the Liberty was the most sophisticated and identifiable intelligence ship in the world at the time with dozens of large antennae, state of the art electronic intercept equipment, moon bounce satellite dishes, massive aerials, plus a TRSSCOM system that sent real-time messages to the Pentagon. The Liberty also flew a large 5×8 foot American flag, was freshly painted with large white numbers and letters on its bow and hull, and contained no offensive weaponry except for four 50 caliber machine guns for defensive purposes.

These details are important to keep in mind, because at 8:00 am, as the Liberty floated in international waters at less than 5 knots – with a 5×8 foot American flag furling in the wind – a squadron of Israeli jets circled the ship at least a dozen times. These reconnaissance planes flew at such low levels – as close as 200 feet – that the sailors aboard the Liberty actually waved to the Israeli pilots. And, as we will show later in this documentary, those commanding these Israeli jets not only I.D.’d this ship as being of American origin, they also positively I.D.’d it as being the U.S.S. Liberty.

Part Two – The Attack

Despite being fully aware of its status, at 2:00 in the afternoon, three unmarked Israeli Mystere and Mirage III fighter jets pummeled the Liberty with rockets and cannon fire. These bombers initially went after the ship’s antennae and electronics dishes, in the process filling the American flag full of holes. As sailors fled for cover, Liberty crewmen hoisted a new, even larger 7×13 foot flag into the air. But this new, even larger flag didn’t stop the Israeli onslaught as they sprayed the Liberty with napalm – the highly incendiary substance burning the sailor’s flesh.

While this unprovoked act of war was taking place, radio operators aboard the Liberty tried to signal for help. But their SOS distress messages were not heard because the Israeli’s had deliberately jammed all five of the Liberty’s emergency radio channels – a phenomenon that shows quite clearly that the interfering party was aware of their target beforehand and had previously zeroed in on it, for to jam a stranger’s radio in such a rapid manner is virtually impossible.

Unable to get help, the U.S.S. Liberty, with eight sailors already dead and 100 wounded, including Commander William McGonagle, was a sitting duck for the Israeli’s who, at 2:24 pm, sent in three torpedo boats loaded with thousands of pounds of explosives. With their target already in flames, the Israeli’s bombed the Liberty with shells, quickly killing 25 more men.

As firefighters and medical personnel tried to put out fires and save their ship and crew, they were repeatedly machine gunned by Israeli aircraft. By 3:15 pm, after it was apparent that the Israeli’s didn’t want to leave a single man alive, the crew abandoned ship. But as the surviving crewmen fled for their lives, Israeli warships, at close range, sprayed those rafts aboard the ship with gunfire, along with those carrying the wounded that had already been lowered into the water. It was a sickening display of brutality and savage inhumanity – a total lack of regard for human life. The Israeli’s wanted NO survivors.

When word eventually reached the White House, President Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed that it was the Egyptians attacking our ship, so he immediately dispatched air support which would have reached the Liberty in 40 minutes. But then, when LBJ discovered that it was, in fact, the Israeli’s who were attacking our vessel, he immediately called off the rescue.

In other words, Phantom jets already en route from the Sixth Fleet were ordered to turn around and return to their point of origin. Try to let the seriousness of this situation sink in for a moment. Navy fighters launched from the aircraft carriers U.S.S. Saratoga and U.S.S. America were recalled by the White House!

But the blame doesn’t stop there. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and National Security Advisor Walt Rostow at first ordered instantaneous retaliation, but upon discovering that the attack originated from Israel’s Haifa Base, McNamara called off the exercise. In fact, it was reported later that Robert McNamara was so irate when discovering that Liberty radio men contacted the U.S.S. America that he barked, “Tell the Sixth Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately.” Due to this traitorous behavior, the U.S.S. Liberty had to wait 16 hours after the attacks stopped before they were rescued by our military forces. It is the ONLY instance in American naval history that a rescue mission was aborted while an American ship was under attack.

In all, the Israeli attack on America’s U.S.S. Liberty – a ship that sat almost motionless in the water with NO offensive weaponry while sailors sunbathed on its deck – lasted for two full hours, equaling the length of Japan’s infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. 821 holes were found in the ship resulting from aircraft rockets, cannon fire, and torpedo blasts, while over 3,000 holes from Israel’s machine gun fire were also counted.

Far more tragically, the Israeli’s killed 34 Americans that fateful day, wounded 171 more, and instigated the worst U.S. naval losses since World War II. And even though U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer called this attack deliberate, to this day not one guilty party in Israel or the U.S. has been brought to justice.

Part Three – Israeli Lies

Let us make one thing perfectly clear before we proceed. What occurred on June 8th, 1967 was an unmitigated WAR CRIME perpetrated by the nation of Israel against the United States. To make this event even more appalling, Israel continues to lie about it to this day; and even has the audacity to place the impetus of blame on us. A case in point is Brigadier General Yiftah Spector, who flew a Mirage III fighter jet code named “Kursa” and was the first pilot to reach the U.S.S. Liberty. He said, and these are his exact words, “As far as I know, the mistake was of the U.S.S. Liberty for being there in the first place.”

But this is only the first of many cowardly lies told by the Israelis to cover their tracks, for now, many years later it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that radio operators in Spain, Lebanon, and Germany heard the Israeli pilots report that they were indeed witnessing an American ship. This revelation was confirmed by U.S. Ambassador Dwight Porter, who had access to radio monitors at the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon.

The evidence is even more damning when we learn that Israel had been monitoring the Liberty for a full six month before the attack, while a CIA observer at the Tel Aviv U.S. Embassy revealed that Israeli leaders had already decided on June 7th – a day before the attacks – to sink the U.S.S. Liberty if it came into what they considered “the war zone” – i.e. international waters.

If you find all of this hard to swallow, then consider what Major Seth Mintz, who was in the Tel Aviv war room during the attacks, said. “Every person in that room knew without a doubt that it was an American ship and that it was the U.S.S. Liberty. There were many comments about the markings, about the extra large U.S. flag. There was never any discussion about the ship not being American. But General Dayan ordered the attack anyway. We Israelis were guilty of an outrage.” (Source – Jim Taylor in the American Free Press, August 4, 2003)

We will get to Moshe Dayan’s role in this sordid affair a little later, but first let’s weigh in with what senior Israeli pilot Evan Toni told Congressman Pete McCloskey. He said that while on air patrol that day, he immediately recognized the U.S.S. Liberty, informed headquarters of its status, and was told to ignore the American flag and attack. When he refused and returned to base, he was arrested on the spot for refusing to follow orders. Another pilot confirmed this report, stating that orders came directly from IDF – the Israeli Defense Force – to attack the Liberty, and when he said that he saw an American flag, they once again told him to “attack it.”

But the Israeli’s continued to tell lie after lie following the attacks, the first being that there had been only ONE aircraft involved in the attack, and that the Liberty was sailing at high speed. But please remember that the Liberty was floating at only 5 knots and that when it was dragged into port at Valleta, Malta it was filled with 821 rocket and cannon fire holes, plus over 3,000 machine gun blasts.

The Israeli’s also lied by saying that they mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian ship – the El Quseir. But let’s examine this obviously fabricated tale. First of all, there were no Egyptian naval exercises that day. Secondly, the Liberty was twice the El Quseir’s length, four-times its weight, and had a totally different appearance. Thirdly, Egyptian ships have their numbers painted in black and in Arabic, while U.S. ships paint their letters in white and in the English language. Finally, our life rafts clearly had U.S. Navy written on them. Any member of the Israeli Defense Force would be familiar with such distinctions, and to say otherwise is a bald-faced lie.

But the evidence doesn’t end there. Unbeknownst to the Israeli’s, on June 8th, 1967 the U.S. Navy had a top-secret EC-121 intelligence aircraft flying overhead the U.S.S. Liberty that recorded the entire affair. When the IDF discovered the whereabouts of this surveillance plane, they gave orders to shoot it from the sky! Think about the completely savage disregard for American lives displayed by the Israeli’s. Luckily the EC-121 evaded the Israeli missiles or we would have had even more casualties that day.

With all of this information in mind, the most obvious question is: who ordered these attacks on the Liberty? The answer, quite simply, is Israeli Defense Minister General Moshe Dayan, who served under Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. This explosive news has been confirmed by many different sources, including a CIA report which states uncategorically: “Dayan personally ordered the attack on the ship, and that one of his generals adamantly opposed the action, saying, ‘This is pure murder’.” But Moshe Dayan, in addition to being a cold-blooded murderer, was also a liar, for he said that he commanded the Israeli Air Force to cease and desist as soon as they saw U.S. lettering on the Liberty. But the fact of the matter is quite different: they kept firing well beyond that point, and only quit when hearing that American aircraft were on their way to rescue the ship. Moshe Dayan is, ladies and gentlemen, a truly despicable human being, and should go down in the annals of history as a war criminal on par with any Nazi butcher.

Part Four – U.S. Government Cover-up

In the aftermath of Israel’s lies and heinous behavior, Senator Barry Goldwater and Adlai Stevenson both called for full investigations, while a secret 1976 Naval Board of Inquiry report concluded that Israel’s attack upon the Liberty had been deliberate. In addition, a recent Independent Commission of Inquiry declared that Israel had committed “an act of war” against the U.S. Captain Ward Boston, in a signed affidavit, even went so far as to say that Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara told those heading a Navy inquiry to “conclude that the attack was a case of mistaken identity despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

Yet to this day, similar to the terrorist attacks on 9-11, no one has been held accountable, no one has stood up to take responsibility, and none of the guilty parties have been brought to justice. Why? What were LBJ and Robert McNamara trying to cover-up?

By law, Lyndon Johnson knew that he had to order an investigation of this attack. But he was mortally afraid that the public would learn about his orders NOT save the Liberty by calling back aircraft that were already en route to rescue our ship. Johnson’s actions were so unforgivable that he actually uttered at one point, “I don’t care how many Americans are attacked; I will not attack our friend and ally, Israel.” You know the old saying: with friends like that, who needs enemies?

Anyone who has read Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment already knows what a lackey and subservient boot-licker LBJ was to the nation of Israel; while a report in the Spotlight newspaper on November 21, 1977 pointed out that CIA counter-intelligence chief James J. Angleton also helped Israel in orchestrating this attack. In the end, LBJ brought in the ultimate Washington D.C. fixer – and later BCCI bank fraud criminal – Clark Clifford to help smooth over this mess, then pawned-off the investigation to a spineless Navy Admiral named John S. McCain Jr., father of current Arizona senator and one-time presidential candidate John McCain.

Part Five – The McCain Hearings

Since the U.S.S. Liberty was attacked by Israel on June 8th, 1967 there have been 13 quote-unquote “official” hearings into this matter, but not once has a surviving Liberty crewman been allowed to testify. Not only that, the first hearing presided over by John McCain Jr. was held in secret, the press was barred from attendance, and every soldier and NSA agent aboard the ship was told they would be court-martialed if they ever testified before any commission. The government’s cover-up was so heavy-handed that military officers even imprisoned certain sailors against their will in psychiatric wards, drugged them, and threatened them with electroshock to keep them from speaking.

As mentioned earlier, the first U.S.S. Liberty hearings were overseen by Admiral John S. McCain Jr., who was the European Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Navy, and were subsequently carried out by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Thomas Moorer. Despite the seriousness of these attacks, Admiral McCain only gave his investigators one week to gather evidence.

But Admiral McCain’s loathsome behavior didn’t end there, for he is quoted as telling those sailors who went against the official party line, “Shut up; we don’t want to hear that. If you ever tell the truth you’ll be court-martialed and spend the rest of your life in a military prison at Fort Leavenworth.”

Even more peculiar, it was later discovered that on June 6th, 1967 – two days before the Liberty’s attack – the Joint Chiefs of Staff sent Admiral McCain an urgent message telling him to move the Liberty at least a 100 miles off the Gaza Coast. John McCain Jr. never forwarded this message. Why?

To implicate himself even further, Admiral McCain’s instructions to Rear Admiral Kidd before the hearings were twofold: limit their damage to the Pentagon, and – get this – protect Israel’s reputation! As an aside, I have to ask one question: whatever happened to bringing the guilty parties to justice? With these ground rules firmly in place, even though Admirals Moorer and Kidd believed with certainty that Israel’s attack on the Liberty was deliberate – and that the Israeli pilots involved, as well as their superiors, knew it was an American ship – they still ruled it a case of mistaken identity.

Admiral McCain ultimately approved these conclusions even though Captain Merlin Staring, a Navy legal officer, said the 700-page report was flawed, incomplete, and contrary to the evidence. Worse, when Newsweek magazine ran an expose’ on the Liberty, Admiral McCain was enraged; so much so that he placed every surviving crewman under a gag order.

Years later, Arizona Senator John McCain penned a biography entitled Faith of My Fathers. On the book jacket it said, “John McCain learned about life and honor from his grandfather and father, both four-star admirals in the U.S. Navy. This is a memoir about their lives, their heroism, and the ways that sons are shaped and enriched by their fathers.” Senator McCain, I ask you now, what kind of honor is found in betraying your country? What kind of honor is found in selling-out the lives of those sailors who died aboard the U.S.S. Liberty? And Senator McCain, what kind of heroism is shaped from covering-up this matter for over 35 years? I think the only kind of honor and heroism that you – an influential U.S. Senator – can display right now is by immediately re-opening this investigation and shining the bright light of justice on those guilty parties who acted so reprehensibly and were responsible for this tragic, sickening event.

Part Six – Israel’s Motives

At this point, the utmost question on everyone’s mind should be: what were Israel’s motives in attacking the U.S.S. Liberty? We will provide those answers in a moment, but first, please remember that the Israeli leaders at that time only “admitted their mistake” after Lyndon Johnson made a half-hearted threat to cut off their undeniable lifeblood – U.S. financial aid. Only then did they come up with their cock-n-bull story that the attacks were due to “mistaken identity.”

So, what were Israel’s motives? First and foremost, Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in a blatant Pearl Harbor fashion; then absolutely tried to leave NO SURVIVORS and no trace of responsibility because they wanted to blame it on the Egyptians, thus drawing America into the Six Day War on Israel’s side. By turning U.S. sentiment against the Arab world, we would thus feel justified in invading the Middle East. Such a scenario is pertinent even today, especially in light of the many Israeli ties to the 9-11 terrorist attacks, our perpetual war in the Gulf, and the fact that Israel’s primary objective has been, and always will be, the primacy of the Jewish state.

Secondly, Israeli Ambassador Avraham Harmon assured President Lyndon Johnson that Israel would not attack Syria during their Six Day War. But the Israeli’s had already amassed troops along the West Bank and the Golan Heights, and were primed for further invasions. But with the U.S.S. Liberty positioned off the Sinai Peninsula, it would be readily able to send back reports that Israel had indeed lied and violated their agreement. Thus, similar to their Pearl Harbor-style attack on the Egyptians (who still had their fighter jets parked on the runway) to begin the Six Day War, the Israeli’s could only engage in a similar attack on Syria after they Pearl Harbored the U.S.S. Liberty and removed it from the picture.

Lastly, on the very day that the Liberty was sunk, the Israeli Defense Force, specifically Ariel “Bulldozer” Sharon, who was the commander of an armored division, was in the process of slaughtering and executing at least a thousand Egyptian and Palestinian prisoners of war, then burying them beneath the sands of the Sinai Desert. Israeli army officers admitted to this massacre years later – a clear and undeniable example of another war crime committed by the nation of Israel. Tragically, Ariel Sharon’s inhumane behavior hasn’t changed much since then, as can be seen from the way America’s Rachel Corrie was BULLDOZED to death by the Israeli military in 2003.

Part Seven – Conclusion

In the end, we must ask ourselves: why does the nation of Israel hold such a diabolical, hypnotic sway over the United States? After bombing the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8th, 1967, were the Israeli leaders apologetic for their heinous actions? No. Instead, they called the sailors who tried to reveal the truth anti-Semitic Israel haters.

Even worse, why is our own government acting in the same way? If ANY other country in the world would have acted in a similar fashion and committed this act of war, we would have retaliated with a vengeance. This can be seen from Lyndon Johnson’s initial reaction when he thought Egyptian forces had attacked the Liberty. He immediately dispatched fighter planes to bomb the hell out of them and rescue our ship. But upon discovering that in fact Israel was the guilty party, he called back our jets and allowed the Liberty to be further pummeled.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was an indisputable act of treason committed by Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara, and the subsequent kangaroo court cover-up hearings conducted by John McCain Jr. were clearly an obstruction of justice to the utmost degree. With that in mind, we need to ask ourselves another question: why is the U.S. government more concerned with covering for the Israelis, especially after they had been caught red-handed bombing the U.S.S. Liberty, than they are in getting justice for the families of those who were brutally killed? Plus, why weren’t the guilty Israeli’s brought to trial and convicted of war crimes? Finally, why hasn’t the Israeli government been publicly told in no uncertain terms to never everagain kill an American citizen?

Even more sickening is the case of a Wisconsin town that wanted to re-name its public library in honor of the U.S.S. Liberty. But instead of applauding this patriotic effort, pro-Israeli action groups campaigned to label this town anti-Semitic, while the U.S. government demanded that no Navy personnel was allowed to attend the ceremony. What truly despicable behavior.

Another point we would like to discuss is: after Israel blatantly betrayed America by attacking the Liberty, how much financial aid did we cut off to them? The answer: none. Not a red cent. Also, did you know that even though Israel is the world’s 16th wealthiest nation, and even though it only accounts for one-tenth of one-percent of the world’s total population, they still receive over 1/3 of all U.S. foreign aid? In fact, in 1997 alone, the total amount of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel, plus the interest costs associated with these payments, came to a whopping 8.7 billion dollars! That means we’re giving them nearly $24 million a day – every day. And when we say give, we mean precisely that, for our U.S. Congress has forgiven every single loan ever made to Israel and laid the entire cost of the principal and the interest in the laps of the American taxpayer. Worse, in 2002, a year of great economic peril in the U.S. where millions of our workers were losing jobs and the deficit was soaring through the roof, Israel had the audacity to ask for another $14 billion in annual aid. That comes to us giving them over $38 million a day. Folks, something is seriously wrong with this picture, and we need to start taking action to correct it.

In our opinion, the first step in regard to the U.S.S. Liberty is to expose the following men for their part in the attack and cover-up: Moshe Dayan, Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, John S. McCain Jr., and Ariel Sharon. These individuals are war criminals, traitors, and are guilty of either betrayal or treason. The pages of history should remember and recount their barbaric behavior.

The first step in bringing closure to this situation would be for current Arizona Senator John McCain to hold public, full-disclosure hearings to set the record straight instead of sidling up to the Israeli government and covering up these sordid actions. Senator McCain, as an influential U.S. Senator, you have the resources to accomplish this feat, and until you right the numerous wrongs committed against the Liberty on June 8, 1967, we feel you are one-in-the-same as the above-mentioned men.

To begin this process, we are reminded of some very powerful words spoken by Admiral Thomas Moorer, who said that to get at the truth, Congress must first overcome its fear of the pro-Israeli lobby. We can’t think of any truer words.



The mission of the Liberty Foundation is to raise donations in order to purchase newspaper space to tell the USS Liberty story. The USS Liberty Veterans Association (LVA) has tried for over 37 years to expose the true story of the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty to the American people through books, news media, movies, and letters to the President of the United States and congressmen. While we have encountered politicians and news media personnel who were willing to help, they have been unable to interest their superiors or others in supporting our cause. Many people believe it is just too politically risky or politically incorrect to confront the Israeli lobbyists and support groups. Please read on.


The Israelis do not want the truth to be told. It is obvious that they fear that America may be less of a supportive ally if the truth were known. The truth of their deeds and the Johnson Administration needs to be fully investigated. Congress has never officially investigated the attack and so the attack continues to be a cover-up of the worse magnitude. We believe the operational plans were FRONTLET 615 and Operation Cyanide. We have discovered that the USS Liberty was part of these plans. These documents should be declassified immediately and released to the American public for historic analytical purposes. The complicity of the Israelis and the Johnson Administration in starting the Six Day War alarmed the Soviet Union. The United States and the Soviet Union came closer to a nuclear confrontation than any other incident in history including the Cuban Missile crises. When the Soviets discovered that the U.S. was planning to enter the war militarily, they challenged President Johnson with a nuclear confrontation and President Johnson wisely backed down from any further military activities.

Note: Everything written heretofore and the remaining details are accurate and can be proven by corroborated individual witness testimony, logical deduction, and documentation.


On June 8, 1967, the Israeli Defense Forces murdered 34 Americans on the high seas (31 sailors, 2 marines, and a NSA civilian). Out of a total compliment of 294 men, 70% of the crew became casualties as 172 were wounded in addition to the 34 killed.

For 6 hours the morning before the attack, the ship was subjected to intense scrutiny by Israeli photo-reconnaissance aircraft flying as low as 200 feet. The USS Liberty had traditional American markings on her bow (GTR-5) and stern (USS LIBERTY) flying a large American Flag, which stood out in the breeze, and sailing in international waters on a clear and sunny day. The ship was a WWII victory hull cargo ship modified to monitor and record ambient radio transmission and lightly armed with four 50 caliber machine guns.

The Israelis began the attack with 3 fighter jets which strafed, rocketed, and bombed the Liberty. This was followed with 3 torpedo boats that fired 30mm canons and torpedoes. Since the Liberty was a virtually unarmed vessel and not a military threat, at no time did the torpedo boats request the Liberty to surrender as did the North Koreans regarding the USS Pueblo in 1968. Responding to our SOS which was about 15 minutes into the Israeli attack, the USS Saratoga launched conventionally armed fighter aircraft to assist the USS Liberty and the USS America launched nuclear armed jet aircraft to bomb Cairo. Why Cairo? Our SOS did not identify the attacker at the time as the identity of the attacker was unknown. Within minutes after the launch, the White House recalled all aircraft abandoning the USS Liberty subjecting us to an additional 2 hours of an Israeli turkey shoot. In disbelief, RADM Geis, Sixth Fleet Carrier Division Commander, challenged the order (as was his right and responsibility in this situation). Unbelievably, the White House again reaffirmed the order to recall all aircraft despite our plea for help. Israelis destroyed one of the most advanced intelligence ships.

The Liberty was riddled with 821 holes, sustained 2 napalm bombs, and a torpedo blowing a 22 by 39 foot hole in her starboard side killing 25 of the 34 murdered. Miraculously, the Liberty refused to sink and was able to get underway under her own power. The Israelis were observed machine gunning 3 life rafts. It was obvious to the Liberty crew that survivors were not to be taken. When hostilities ceased, helicopters were observed overhead with Israeli commandos at the ready to finish us off. Fortuitously, the Israelis picked up an invalid message that U.S. help was on the way. Israel was reluctantly forced to terminate its ongoing attack. Ironically help did not arrive until 18 hours after the attack when the Liberty was only 15 minutes away from USS Saratoga and USS America fighter jets.

The US Naval official inquiry was deliberately falsified to compliment the Israeli story (as testified by retired Navy Lawyer, Captain Ward Boston). Details acquired were either changed or dropped so that the Israeli version which became public was that the attack was a tragic mistake. The orders to falsify came directly from President Johnson for political reasons. The survivors of the USS Liberty were told never to talk about the incident under penalty of fine and/or imprisonment. Military orders that followed were in line with the White House which was not to indicate on any monuments and the like that Israel was the attacker. The USS Liberty skipper, Captain William McGonagle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions to keep the ship afloat and operational. His award was given to him not by President Johnson at the White House. There is no other explanation to believe other than the President did not want to jeopardize the Jewish vote in an upcoming presidential election. The Captain’s medal was presented to him by the Secretary of the Navy at a low level Washington Navy Yard ceremony.


What a crime it would be for historical reasons if the US Government continues to lie about details of the Six Day War. In the end, truth always wins out. What a shame for elected officials who will not stand up to be counted. For the sake of our fallen 34 shipmates, we will not give up. God bless America and may God give our officials the grace and courage to do the right thing and initiate a proper Congressional investigation.


After reading this article, if your American spirit is challenged, please write a tax deductible check or money order to the USS Liberty Veterans Association (LVA) so that we can continue to purchase additional newspaper space in other parts of the country. Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a free BBC film Dead in the Water DVD or VCR tape (your choice). It is the goal of the Liberty Foundation to publish this article in newspapers all over the country. This is the sole purpose of the funds. In addition, you should write to the President of the United States and your congressmen requesting an official investigation. If enough citizens demand to know the truth, the pressure may be too great for our distracters to stop us. Make no mistake, our society will be the winners when the complete truth of the attack on the USS Liberty and the Six Day War (June 67) are fully understood. Please help!

Please mail your donations to:
USS Liberty Veterans Association
4994 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 33
Marietta, GA 30067


Book: Assault on The Liberty; author, James Ennes, Jr.
Book: Operation Cyanide; author, Peter Hounam
Book: Body of Secrets; author, James Bamford
Film: Dead in the Water; BBC Films
Film: History Undercover, Cover Up: Attack on the USS Liberty, The History Channel
Film: Loss of Liberty; Howard Films
Web Site:
Web Site:
Web Site:
Web Site: (archives: Jim Ennes, Ernie Gallo, and crew member
Web Site:
List: Over 30 prominent US Officials, Admirals, and authors who believe the attack was deliberate. Among them are: Admiral Thomas Moorer (former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Richard Helms (former CIA Director), and Dean Rusk (former Secretary of State). A complete list will be provided upon request to

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at the above address or by email to

Ernest A. Gallo
Chairman, Liberty Foundation; Vice-President, USS Liberty Veterans Association

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Persian Gulf Option One: A False Flag

by Patrick Henningsen
Remember the Maine!”, was the cry back in 1898 from William Randolph Heart’s New York Journal – a forerunner the modern Murdoch press. Then, some 274 men lost their lives as a result of the explosion which sunk the USS Maine in Havana Harbor.
Hearst even told a story of how the enemy had planted a torpedo beneath the Maine and detonated it from shore. The only problem was – it never happened.
Nonetheless, the event used as the popular pretext for the United State’s entry into the Spanish-American War, and ultimately, the acquisition of Cuba itself by the US. This was now the modern blueprint for using propaganda in conjunction with, what is accepted by many historians, a type of false-flag event.
Some 70 years later, on June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War, a similar event took place off the coast of Egypt.
It could well have been, “Remember the Liberty!”, following an event which saw 34 US men killed and 170 wounded when the USS Liberty was attacked by both the Israeli Air Force and Israeli Navy torpedo boats. History now reveals that Israel’s slaughter of the USS Liberty crew was designed as a false flag event, but luckily Russia intervened at the last minute before Israel could sink the decorated American ship. Had it worked, it could have been used to drag the US and her allies into a new regional, or even a third world war - with who knows what consequences.

If a conflict is to ignite in the Persian Gulf in 2012, it is highly likely that the US or Israel will use the false flag option. Two reasons support this. Firstly, Iran lacks a motive to want to engage in a suicidal first strike against the axis powers – a move which would no doubt cost them thousands of innocent lives and billions in infrastructure. Frankly, it’s safe to say that it’s not at all in the Iranian national interest to start such a conflict. History does show however, that the US and Israel can – and will, employ the technique of the false flag attack, where they would engineer an incident and then blame it on the Iranians. By all accounts, this is also how the US was able to fake their way into the costly and bloody Vietnam War, via the infamous Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Recent weeks have seen a massive build-up of naval assets in the Persian Gulf by both the US and the British. The irony of surface naval power in the 21st century is that it is only good for one thing, and that is the ‘projection of force’. In fact, Naval Power ceased to be a major factor geopolitical power-play since the dawn of the 20th century, when it was usurped by Air Power.

As Great Britain learned in the Falklands War back in 1982, even a single French Exocet missile can sink a battleship, or aircraft carrier. Iran has more than this capability, so for all practical purposes, any American ships in the region are nothing more than bait – large, slow sitting targets. Which begs the obvious question: why would the US be sending its soon-to-be decommissioned, rusty chess piece – the 50 year old nuclear-powered USS Enterprise carrier into the line of fire in the Persian Gulf? A very large and expendable, floating museum, and one which, interestingly enough with its six on board nuclear reactors… would probably cost a fortune to dispose of.

If other sides are drawn in to a conflict, most experts agree that it has the danger of escalating into a WWIII situation, and both sides would surely be losers in such a scenario, not to mention the global economy.

However, we have the ideal set of conditions for a New Cold War to emerge in the early 21st Century – one where the Western Axis powers of the US, Europe, Israel and GCC countries sit on one side, and with Iran, Syria, Pakistan, China, and perhaps Russia sitting on the opposite side. This New Cold War will be more about the projection of power and securing sub-regional dominance in terms of economics – natural gas, mineral and trade relationships, as well as petroleum – than it will about the political ideologies that seemed to dominate the previous 20th Century Cold War.

On the surface, this latest spat between the US and Iran looks like a step closer to war, but on closer examination however, the present conditions are not at all ideal for a preemptive strike against Iran by the US, or Israel. Why? In a time when fuel consumption is down worldwide, and oil supplies are high, oil prices are defying economics and maintaining strength above $100 per barrel. It’s also worth noting that defense contracts – particularly in the GCC countries – are way up, meaning there is still much money to be made from this current crisis – on both sides, including Iran.

Still though, we must keep our eyes open for that false flag from the west.

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USS Liberty Veterans Association responds to US Naval Academy instructions NOT TO DISCUSS the deliberate Liberty attack with Israeli Ambassador

 USSLVA President responds to Foreign Policy news story just below.-jd

USS Liberty Veterans Association

Joseph L. Meadors


4322 Wood River Drive • Corpus Christi, TX 78410-5643

(361) 215-5213 • FAX (425) 675-5646


January 24, 2012



Public Affairs Officer

United States Naval Academy

121 Blake Road

Annapolis, MD 21402-1300


Dear Sir:


I have just read a blog article at that, if true, we find insulting to the officers and crew of the USS Liberty.


In that article we are told that, “When the Israeli ambassador visited the U.S. Naval Academy last week, students were instructed not to bring up the USS Liberty incident.”


Could you tell us if that statement is correct and, if it is, could you give me the fax number or email address of the Superintendent of the USNA to whom I can direct a more detailed response?




Joseph L. Meadors



from John Gidusko’s USS Liberty Newsletter #552  (1/24/12)

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Was there academic freedom at Annapolis during the Israeli ambassador’s visit?

Was there academic freedom at Annapolis during the Israeli ambassador’s visit?

“But it’s not okay to bring up grievances like the USS Liberty, if you are familiar with that incident.” (The USS Liberty cover up never stops even in 2012. The cover up is now more dangerous than the 34 murders and 1967 deliberate attack.  - jd)

By Thomas E. Ricks Monday, January 23, 2012

When the Israeli ambassador visited the U.S. Naval Academy last week, students were instructed not to bring up the USS Liberty incident, reports one midshipmen.

That may sound like simple courtesy — except that the diplomat’s subject apparently was the history of friendship between the American naval service and his country. “His speech was primarily aimed at convincing a group of young midshipmen that Israel was their eternal and greatest ally,” the midshipmen says. “Drawing on historical anecdotes, he was able to create a sense of kinship between not just America and Israel, but the U.S. Navy and Israel.” 

The midshipmen says the pre-visit instructions were along the lines of, “It is not appropriate, in a setting like this, to bring up any major points of contention during conversation, current or historical. It is okay to talk about issues like Iran or the two state solution, where our nations have a largely common view. But it’s not okay to bring up grievances like the USS Liberty, if you are familiar with that incident.”

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